Why are my breasts not round

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Avatar f tn The only thing that confuses is me is the weird noises I hear in my stomach, my itchy bellybutton, and my breasts for which on the past month have been terribly sore- and the past week extremely painful. The past month I also noticed my nipples look bigger, and there is what looks like bruising around them, and also a very small white lump on the tip of my areola. I may be paranoid but I also feel that they have become more inverted the past month.
Avatar m tn Can someone please tell me why my Dr is not concerned about these things that have me totally freaked out and why even to this date no one has done an ultrasound or mammogram on my breasts.
Avatar f tn I noticed today that my aerolas are no longer dark brown, and are now the same color as my skin. I also noticed both nipples have basically disappeared, like they are completely flush with my breast, nothing protrudes out anymore. My right breast feels smooth all over, while all you can feel on my left breast is the on-going itchy dry skin patch next to my nipple. I've tried antifungal creams and pills, hydrocortisone, etc. but it still itches like mad and won't go away.
Avatar f tn Most women have different size and even shape breasts, they are never perfectly matched. I am sorry you do not love the way your breasts look! I will say that while this is important and I don't minimize it but your breasts are going to change over and over again. My breasts no are totally different than they were in my teens which were different than my 20's which were different than my weight gain in thirties, during pregnancy and nursing and where they are now.
Avatar f tn Anyone else NOT having sore breasts? I'm worried that I'm not having this symptom at 5 weeks.
Avatar f tn My boys are 17 14 and 6 and I too feel like its just as exciting as my first , without giving u too much info I breast fed all after my second I lost weight and my blobs were just flat and empty then they seemed to improve after bfeeding my youngest but this time they seem enormous I can't imagine how they'll be when my milk comes lol I too thought that I wasn't having anymore my other half is ill and in treatment for it he's finding it tough and a nightmare to live with at the m
Avatar n tn (. Even my bf said the felt very firm n full. I am on no contraception and do have unprotected sex. Have been since November 2012. What's going on with my body? Please help.
Avatar f tn I’m a 17 year old female and ever since I was 13 or so I started noticing my nipples were cracked. The cracks are very deep, not just on the surface of the skin, and are on both breasts. They divide my nipples into several little sections and the sections are hard and dry and brown. I never really had much breast growth as they are still quite small, and I wonder if they’re growth was stunted due to an underlying issue like breast cancer.
Avatar n tn i feel all the sypmtoms of pregnancy and tummy is all fatty but not round and hard am scared of confirming from a doctor is there any other way of knowing that im pregnant -second child
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone could help me out, my breasts have been very sore for the last week or so and I'm starting to worry. I'm 16 years old, I wear 34D/DD, and I'm 100% positive I'm not pregnant as I'm a virgin. My breasts are always very sore when I lie down to sleep and I basically have to hold them when I don't have a bra on. I haven't gotten my period since the beginning of June, but being late is actually pretty normal for me.
Avatar f tn Honestly every women is different. For some it can happen right away, 20 weeks, 30 weeks or 40 weeks. It just depends. For me, I started at 28 weeks & then at 34 weeks, it sorta stopped & were just really sore. 37 weeks now & it came back & I leak all the time now. & waking up with 'crusts' is not weird. Lol I had the same thing at the very beginning! Good luck!
Avatar f tn My question is does the mastitis go away from the antibiotics or do i need to pump, I was hopn by me not pumping my supply would dry up and the mastitis would clear up from the antibiotics. What should i be doing so they other breast dont get mastitis, I have on 2 bras to keep boobs snug.
505857 tn?1329681517 My last Period was 28th december i think my period is between a 26 and 28 day cycle which means af is not due until 22nd Jan. I normally have light cramps round about when i think i am ovulating and seriously painful 2 days before AF is due. But at the moment it's my breasts that are killing me. I normally get a slight pain but this is agony also i have had slight cramps all month since and before my last period.
2012920 tn?1328787300 I not think one is pregnant because breasts are sore. My mothers breasts bothered her and were leaking off white discharge. Then she found out she had breast cancer. Of course pregnancy would better our of those two options. My breasts did the same thing last year. I'm holding off doing anything for cancer because I'm now pregnant with our 2nd daughter. Also I'm 22 yrs old and my husband is military. I suggest getting fully examined. They can even do ultrasound on your breasts.
1475238 tn?1288133496 I noticed my right boob is realy sore and it makes me wanna cry all the time also I can't be pregnant coz am on the control birth pill so yy do they Hurt can any1 tell me plz xx
1496064 tn?1290643968 I have pubic hair, discharge, and underarm hair, but what i wanna know if my breasts are very tender when i touch them. They hurt right on the nipples. Is this ok?? What is it?
Avatar f tn Hello moms to be...please put me at ease ...is there any one experiencing leaking breasts already... my breasts are dripping an off-white liquid which I beleive is milk...bt shouldn't it wait for my baby? Am 31+6 weeks!
Avatar m tn The CDC recently recommended that we double mask, wearing a disposable mask under a cloth mask. They say it can help improve the fit of masks and block more viral particles, assuming they cover both your mouth and nose. How many of you are doing this? If you aren't, why not? What are your thoughts? For more on this - https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/70/wr/mm7007e1.htm https://www.nbcnews.
Avatar f tn I have now had this problem with no relief for 22 days. My breasts are both still swollen and red almost all over, my armpits ache, my head hurts, and I have what I would call a crippling amount of fatigue. Any thoughts?
Avatar n tn I remember that my breasts did not reach their full size untill I was in college. It is also normal to have tenderness before your period. As I said, you should talk to your doctor about any concerns that you have. You may also be able to talk to a school nurse if you have one.
Avatar f tn Ever since i can remember there has been the tiniest bump in my right breast. As my breasts have grown so has the lump. I can feel it very easily in my breast and it is mainly round (about 3cms) but with what feels like a bit of an uneven shape at the top. Its very hard. It doesn't cause me any pain. I have read alot about breast fibroadenomas which sound quite common for someone my age? But could this also be cancer? Both my breasts have never been soft and fatty.