Why are my breasts not round

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Avatar n tn Also, because I just had a period and am not due for my next one yet, I'm doubting my sore breasts are due to pregnancy symptoms. The only possible explanations I've come up with for myself are: a) that the swimsuit top I wore last week was too tight-fitting (I wore it all day at the lake), or b) my breasts are sore because of intercourse. (Because of school, a new job, a new cat, my period, and my boyfriend's work/financial problems, he and I hadn't had sex for almost a month.
Avatar f tn I had not had any horrible nausea and absolutely no vomiting. Somedays I get sick in my stomach but not that much. My breasts are tender but not horrible. I am a little over 7 weeks and thought I would be getting more symptoms. I don't know whether to be worried or not. I did have an ultrasound last week which showed a heartbeat of 143 so I think that's the only thing that makes me feel ok with everything.
Avatar f tn I read that high prolactin usually occurs with hypothyroidism, but my symptoms are more linked to hyperthyroidism, so I'm not sure it's that! My thyroid results are normal but they lean more towards hyperthyroidism at TSH 1.22. Even though, my mom had thyroid symptoms for years, and eventually developed a goitre. But I don't want to be waiting for 20 years before something is done about this!
Avatar n tn For the past two weeks my breasts were severally sore...When A/F started they were still sore and they are currently still swollen & Sore!! ANY THOUGHTS???
Avatar n tn I just know I have to go see my kids principal today and TRY not to scratch my boob's off!!! the other bad part is now, they are swelling and hard!! I am not supposed to start for like 2wks! I'm gonna try aloe on one and the alcohol on the other. I'll let ya'll know which one works. thanks again. ya'll have a nice mornin. I gotta go work out so I can torture myself jumping and these huge bazooka's flopping around everywhere!! Aaaaaaaaaaah being a woman is just great sometimes.
Avatar n tn Ok, so I guess it could still go either way. I have the same problem, I've posted on earlier days...I am still trucking along increasing about 20% every 2 days...what does this mean for the rest of the pregnancy if it does stick?
Avatar f tn I will say that while this is important and I don't minimize it but your breasts are going to change over and over again. My breasts no are totally different than they were in my teens which were different than my 20's which were different than my weight gain in thirties, during pregnancy and nursing and where they are now. including nipple changes. Men judge FAR less than you think and porn is fake . . . so real breasts are each unique and just fine as they are.
Avatar f tn Also, I was getting some week and shaky spells every morning just about for the last two weeks or so, along with being more tired than normal, a bit hungrier, my breasts are slightly sore and I'm slightly crampy as well. I took four HPT's and they all have shown a line sooooo light that I feel as though I'm really straining to see it there. Any advice or knowledge is appreciated!
Avatar n tn I am sorry to hear you are not only facing some testing on yourself, but also on your husband. My husband actually had kidney cancer 6 yers ago. His was an encapsulated tumor on his right kidney, so his treatment was to remove the kidney. Painful surgery to go through, but I am happy to say he is fine now--still gets scanned every 6 months, so I am happy he is being watched. Good luck on Tuesday with your Xray.
2020005 tn?1476662562 Okay good, so I DO have a few symptoms, haha, I'm also tired more, swollen veiny breasts, but not sore anymore, and I can feel my uterus when I touch it, on the inside, it feels like a water balloon, if that makes sense. I'm a little freaked out I don't feel pregnant, so I have to scrutinize everything!
483733 tn?1326802046 My family needs me and I sit here not able to do anything. My house is a mess and the guys are doing nothing to help. I am still waiting for my GI work up. I'm sure my GP didn't update the referral requests. The local Gastro doc still hasn't been able to fit me in and I can't see my surgeon at Mt. Sinai until November. The rehumatologist won't see me until it is done so looks like I have to cancel next week's appointment. I'm learning to not be so paranoid, just scared and annoyed.
Avatar f tn I am 15 and I noticed white spots on my upper back, shoulders, and my upper chest. Also they are moving down my arms now. I have not gotten them checked out and I'm wondering what they could be.
Avatar n tn My skin - mostly my legs have been itching the past two days. There are small bumps. But not always. It seems to happen mostly in the afternoon or evening. I took a bath when I got home today and they got very bad. Any suggestions??
310017 tn?1198089509 also, if im having the symptoms of a pregnancy why wouldnt my HCG levels not be detectable -- isn't HCG hormone what starts these crazy symptoms??? has anybody experienced this?? were you pregnant or just that late?? what do you suggest I do???
Avatar n tn Hello, I mentioned a few signs like montgomery turbecles and maybe implantation bleeding, but now my face is broke out,and i never had a problem with acne, my breasts are starting to feel heavier and they are so hot.
Avatar f tn She said most of the microcalcifications are round and my breasts are not dense so she doesn't think there is a hidden mass. Plus, she said if it is cancer, it is usually so slow growing it won't hurt to wait. Her reasons for reccomending a biopsy were Some microcalcificaions were not round, there were 2 clusters, and there were no other mamms to compare it with.
Avatar f tn ) and I realized you both did 3DT's. I did a 5, so I am hoping that is why my tests are still negative. Whew, I'm reading 3DTs result in quicker returns. Still waiting.... we'll see what happens tomorrow for my beta....
Avatar n tn i am 6 weeks late for my period and test is still negative ive had 4 kids so i know how it feels and i feel prego i am ready to pull my hair out not having a positive so hang in there you are not alone
967168 tn?1477588089 Sometimes benign calcification do disappear and that's why it was not mentioned in your latest mammogram?. Calcifications are not lumps and lumps are not calcifications.They are two different things. When clustered calcifications are seen on a mammogram,they could indicate that there might be an underlying problem.
Avatar f tn From there its all labor pain syptoms (feel like I have to go to the bathroom, but can't, terrible back pain, and contractions so bad, my legs wont let me walk). I had a laparoscopy done to look for endometriosis and was told my female parts are heathly. Three weeks later I had an MRI done and was told I have a large amount of fluid on uterus and cysts on both ovaries. My ovaries feel sick most of the time.
Avatar n tn This is very serious. Even if you are not pregnant and you think you were raped, you should not ignore that. Im not sure if you have gotten your questions answered or not. But please talk to an adult you trust about this ok.
10804823 tn?1412927133 I discussed using a naturopath along with traditional medicine with my doctor. She said it wouldn't hurt and why not go for it, but for me to keep an open mind to what sounded suspicious and overpriced. Also, that it doesn't hurt to build up the immune system with supplements. I'm still on the fence about it though. Also glad to hear that you too are doing great.
Avatar f tn I have no shame in feeding my baby in public. As long as none of my body parts are hanging out people can look all they want. Why should i hide my baby when she/he gets hungry yet stuff my face in front of people? That would be like taking your meal to the bathroom to eat, or hide in a corner. Not me. Alot of people are just ignorant to the whole breastfeed in public thing and they need to wake up because there is nothing wrong with nurturing your baby.
279234 tn?1363108849 They gave me Vicodin for the pain of the cyst and it is helping, somewhat, but it's doing nothing for my increase in neuro symptoms. I'm not sure why my neuro symptoms are out of control, except for the increase in temp, but they are sometimes worse then the cyst pain. Stephanie- I use to have have the milder form too, but something changed. Sometime after my hysterectomy, I started making big cyst that didn't go away and they would continue to grow.
Avatar n tn i'm having the same problem, i was on my period when we had intercourse, after my cycle we had intercourse again and i just kept on bleeding as if i'm still on my cycle...it's not heavy but its been almost a month already. please help....
568659 tn?1256143582 My breasts are still tender, I have had weird pains, sometimes cramping and I have been feeling almost flu-like. I'm just dragging, am queezy, a little headachy, and find that just thinking about certain foods makes me feel really sick. I'm already starting cravings because tonight I absolutely had to have perogies with pasta sauce and chocolate pudding for dessert, so I ran out to the grocery store to buy both items. I also seem to want cheese and eggs and english muffins with cream cheese!
Avatar f tn My question is does the mastitis go away from the antibiotics or do i need to pump, I was hopn by me not pumping my supply would dry up and the mastitis would clear up from the antibiotics. What should i be doing so they other breast dont get mastitis, I have on 2 bras to keep boobs snug.
Avatar f tn Ever since i can remember there has been the tiniest bump in my right breast. As my breasts have grown so has the lump. I can feel it very easily in my breast and it is mainly round (about 3cms) but with what feels like a bit of an uneven shape at the top. Its very hard. It doesn't cause me any pain. I have read alot about breast fibroadenomas which sound quite common for someone my age? But could this also be cancer? Both my breasts have never been soft and fatty.
Avatar n tn since then ive not had my period, my periods are not very regular anyway. i had a blood test on the 21st day and there was no sign of ovulation was a dissappointment but i thought its okay its only the first cycle. since then ive not had a period and i cant even take anymore clomiphene untill i get a period and its been more than 70 days. dont know what to do, can anyone hel;p or give some advice? ive been trying to contact my gyno but he doesnt get back to me which is even more stressing!
Avatar n tn well i went to the doc and its not a uti the test was negative for that he gave me a blood test reguisition and said if af hasnt come in 2 weeks to do it in the mean time my cervix is now closed and soft and still no period but hpt are neg still so im not sure what is goin on but now my breasts have been sore still frequent urination and its just really starting to bother me more then anything cause i dont know what it is lol i have a doc appt tomorrow so hopefully i will find out then what it i