Why are my breasts leaking

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7551604 tn?1392934011 BUT don't worry that you won't have a supply if you aren't leaking. I didn't leak a single drop until after my colostrum was gone and my milk finally came in. I ended up with such an overabundance that every time my daughter would pull off to breathe, I'd spray her in the face. For like four to six months. I also had to use breast pads around the clock for a year or I'd soak through my clothes.
Avatar f tn My breasts leaked from about 15 weeks on. It got really bad when I was about 21 weeks along and didn't stop! I feel for you, but I was able to pump about 8 ounces from each breast after giving birth. It's a good sign --that's why my OB-GYN said.
Avatar f tn yayyyyyyyy my breasts started leaking..!! m 32+4 wks.. wat more do i hav to go thru this pregnancy?? hav each nd every symptom i hav evr read! sooooo over this thinggg!!!! due May 22nd but m gonnaa start natural ways for labor the day i finish my 36 weeks!! exhaustedddddddd to the last last bit!
Avatar f tn Me and my husband are on baby #4 and he's never been a fan of my boobs leaking and he usually loves my boobs he lives that they are getting bigger But hates that I start losing so soon. And since he doesn't like it I think it's funny to write it on him when they leak its just milk its not gonna get him.
Avatar f tn My daughter is 10 weeks tomorrow and my breasts are still leaking both milk and colostrum. She is bottle fed btw. Is this normal?!
Avatar n tn Ladies, I was in a friend of mine's wedding on Saturday and at the reception I noticed my breasts were leaking. It wasn't milky (hope this isn't tmi) it kinda reminded me of honeysuckle - one little drop at a time from each nipple that was clear and looked a little thicker than water. I'm only 17 weeks and it kinda freaked me out. My mom was there and I told her. She said it was no big deal, that they'll stop and then obviously start again closer to time.
503882 tn?1288846637 Okay, this is probably going to be kind of long and dragged out but its weird and I want to know whats going on. So my breasts have been I wouldn't really say "leaking" but I guess "producing" this whitish yellowish cholosteum<sp?? or whatever for about 2 months now.. It was never bad before.. Just when I would take off my bra I would notice some whitish yellow staining.. So on Saturday night I was at my boyfriends house hanging out with him and some other people.
2012920 tn?1328790900 I not think one is pregnant because breasts are sore. My mothers breasts bothered her and were leaking off white discharge. Then she found out she had breast cancer. Of course pregnancy would better our of those two options. My breasts did the same thing last year. I'm holding off doing anything for cancer because I'm now pregnant with our 2nd daughter. Also I'm 22 yrs old and my husband is military. I suggest getting fully examined. They can even do ultrasound on your breasts.
Avatar f tn My boobs have been hurting since i found out i was pregnant im 36+1. I talked to my doc she said it because my boobs are trying to produce milk. A women can produce milk at 14weeks. I have to wear breast pads cause they are leaking and they hurt to even have my bra rub on them.
Avatar f tn My mom and grandma did the same thing! Eventually I just quit asking them, so now they think I'm shutting them out. Like my breasts started leaking last week and they were like "it's way too early for that" when obviously it's not.
123128 tn?1189759427 Thank you all very much for your comments i didn't think anything was wrong but most of my friends are asking me if my breasts are leaking and i feel stupid saying NO i feel like they should be but i also heard that once the baby is born thats when it starts... and i did hear it hurts and that kinda scares me BUT i think its worth it so we shall see... but again thank you all very very much i appreciate it.
Avatar n tn Hi. I don't think the leaking breasts are anything to worry about. Women who previously breastfed can relactate even a year after stopping breastfeeding. Any kind of nipple stimuli can induce prolactin production. This is a hormone which induces the secretion of milk in women. It's possible that you accidentally received stimuli which caused your breasts to produce milk again.
Avatar f tn my breasts are sore they hurt and i usually find white stuff on it fluidy like inside the nipples p.s. i am a teenage virgin and i am only allergic to chocolate ! answer me please i am panicking !
Avatar f tn When checking I found that they were coming from my right breast nipple. When I pinched the nipple more blood leaked out. Why does this happen and what is my next step?
Avatar n tn I'm on a lot of medicines and from that own my own decision I deciced not to be actived or dating at the this time or even get pregant. Please help me see why my breast leaking for a day.
Avatar n tn my breasts are sore and i just had my period on 7/4 and ended 7/9. usually they get sore before my period but they just started hurting again. i took a home pregnancy test but it was negative. i'm only an a cup and a young adult what should i think about my situation?
Avatar f tn I never leaked until AFTER I had my baby. I would contact your doctor because leaking from your breasts isn't normal if you are in early pregnancy/maybe not pregnant at all and something could be wrong.
Avatar n tn Some women leak early, some late, some never, some out of one breast, and some out of two. It's all normal. I leaked out of both breasts, but out of my right more than my left. I leaked early on, like you, and it was enough to wear breast pads otherwise I'd soak through my bra and shirt. You'll just have to keep watching it to see how much you actually leak. It'd be a good idea to buy some breast pads now.
676912 tn?1332816151 This is very normal its called your "let down" reflex. Your breasts are full and you need to try feeding your baby. If you dont feed your baby your hormones will think they dont need to keep producing milk, so you will dry up. This is especialy important at night time!!
284738 tn?1283110419 You don't want to put cold ice packs on your breasts... That will prevent milk from coming in.....My sister in law did that .. She was breastfeeding my nephew, and she put ice packs on her boobs, and her milk dried up......
Avatar f tn I'm 35 weeks pregnant. Lately, my breasts feel as if they're filling up with milk even though they don't look fuller and nothing's leaking. Is it possible for me to be producing milk already? Does my body know what it's going through the second time around and that's why it's doing that? Or is the pain related to something else? Anyone experience that with their second pregnancy? Thank you for your replies.
Avatar f tn I squeazed the nipple and a lot of milk came out. Does anybody know why I would have my milk again? I haven't been feeling well lately. Sick to my stomach, tired, etc. Could some condition make me feel that way and make my milk come back? My breasts also feel really full like they did when I first started to breastfeed. And yesterday I swear that I felt letdown, but no milk came out then. I thought that it might have been my imagination, but now I'm not so sure. Anybody have any idea's?
Avatar f tn I know everyone is different but ill be 28 weeks as of friday and I feel something is wrong since my boobs an nipples arent sore at all anymore like they were in beginning of pregnancyn but my main question is if they randomly start to leak which they can at any time.. would my breasts or nipples hurt prior to that? Next question is how can someone prepare to make nipples stronger for breastfeeding? My sister said she scrubbed hers with a lufa during pregnancy to make them tougher.
730826 tn?1317946934 Your body is just preparing for your baby's arrival. Colostrum is the name of the substance leaking from your breasts. If you choose to breastfeed, it will be your baby's first food before your real milk comes in. It is the perfect food for your baby just like your milk.
167 tn?1374177417 Hi ladies, I have been wondering if there is anything special I should do to get my breasts and nipples ready for baby to feed? I wasn't successful in my attempts to feed my daughters and I am very adamant about making it work for this baby this time. I have heard lanolin can be used beforehand. Have any of you used it? Any suggestions? I had such sore nipples that was one of the problems I failed last time. Not to mention, they were so engorged they were flat and baby couldn't latch properly.
290867 tn?1333572878 I am really concerned as to why my doctor took me off my Procardia on Wednesday but on Tuesday they stopped my labor? I have been on Procardia since week 24 and have been doing well with it. Ever since they took me off it I have had contractions, pressure in my abdomen and back and my breasts have been leaking, but not a small amount but enough to soak my shirt. My husband thinks I will be having this baby soon but I am not so sure. Should I pack my bags or what? Oh I am so confused.
Avatar f tn This is my first also, I first noticed at 12 /13 weeks that I was leaking :)