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Avatar m tn AASLD is an organization of liver disease specialists who publish annual treatment guidelines. Google AASLD 2009 hepatitis C treatment guidelines to find a copy. The mouth sores are a sign that the main drug, interferon, is reducing his white blood cell level. There are medications to counteract that but they are very very expensive and that may have had a role in their decision.
Avatar f tn I forgot to include the text found at the Wayback Machine: "14. Lyme Disease Treatment Guidelines - International Lyme And Associated Diseases Society Treatment Guidelines for Lyme Disease, Babesia, Erlichia, Bartonella and other lyme associate... ... of Lyme may occur at a rate five times higher than the number of new AIDS cases. Chronic Lyme is reported in up to half of patients treated for ... Terms matched: 1 - Score: 11 - 16 Sep 2009 - URL: http://www.ilads.
Avatar m tn LOL, until the guidelines are changed by the manufacture and the FDA. The guidelines will stay at 3 months. It doesn't matter what Dr. H or Moneyflower or anyone else states.
Avatar f tn I had sex with 2 boys 8 months back who were good friend of mine ....but we din't use condom ....now suddenly it came in my mind and i am little worried ....is there chances to get HIV positive?????please let me know....I am married now....but I have no problem .....I am absolutely fine health wise...
Avatar m tn Treatment is recommended for adults with CHB who do not have clinical evidence of cirrhosis (or based on APRI score ≤2 in adults), but are aged more than 30 years (in particular), and have persistently abnormal ALT levels and evidence of highlevel HBV replication (HBV DNA >20 000 IU/mL), regardless of HBeAg status.
Avatar m tn Researchers have tried various drugs on people who do no need treatment (according to the latest guidelines) and discovered that the drugs do not help at all. That is why the latest guidelines recommend "no treatment" in many cases.
Avatar m tn Follow the guidelines of this forum. You're no different than anyone else. "This is a forum for individuals who are HIV positive or have AIDS to connect and support each other." It not for people that are negative to come into this forum. If you don't agree with the guidelines then go to another forum. These guidelines where put in place for a reason.
Avatar f tn is there anyone who can tell us more about the new ATA guidelines ? according to their research, they are saying the standard treatment for hypo thyroid should be synthroid drugs, that they found none of the others work... well I was on synthroid for two years, it was not converting to t3... I felt horrible... then I asked my Dr. to put me on armour, and WOW it was like somebody turned on a light switch.. my thyroid panel levels all normal, feel like a million bucks....
Avatar n tn You have HIV specialist Doctors on here telling people 4 weeks depending on the risk is ok and you could live with that---and then you guys over here telling people that 4 weeks is ****---well I trust someone who is actually doing the test on me to give me the right info----I am done with this site. AIDSMEDS is fantastic--this place create anxiety!
Avatar m tn Your CD4 is below 350 which means you should start meds. Todays guidelines are starting meds before that get down to 350.
Avatar n tn I keep telling myself that the risk is small but then I feel like I am playing Russian roulette with my life (even with all the advancements with HIV therapy). Id like to find out your thoughts on continuing the treatment? I go to see the doctor who will be administering the remainder of treatments on Tuesday. She told me that she didnt have anything but.......this is a prostitute after all (though im just as bad as her for participating, and wont do this again.
1893294 tn?1321217150 Sofosbuvir, given in combination with ribavirin with or without pegylated interferon (depending on the HCV genotype), is recommended in genotypes 1, 2, 3 and 4 HCV infection rather than pegylated interferon and ribavirin alone (or no treatment for persons who cannot tolerate interferon). (Strong recommendation, high quality of evidence) 9.
Avatar m tn As opposed to European (EASL) 2012, Asian-Pacific (APASL) 2012, American (AASLD) 2009, and World Health Organisation (WHO) 2015 major guidelines for the treatment of chronic Hepatitis B, the following 3 guidelines are more strict on the conditions leading to necessity of treatment for Hepatitis B, HBeAg negative carriers: Canadian 2009, Japanese (JSH) 2013, and UK/British (NICE) 2013 guidelines are more "strict" when it comes to treatment of negative HBsAg patients, especially in the
907968 tn?1292622204 For some insight, there are AAH/AAC guidelines for CAD treatment. If medication cannot successfully treat symptoms, then a stent implant. If a stent implant is not appropriate such as occlusion too long, location prohibits, etc. then CABG. If an occlusion is less than 70% do not stent, etc....usually that degree of occlusion presents no problems. As the good Doctor from the Cleveland Clinc stated treatment (medication, stents, CABG) only treats the symoptoms not the disease.
148588 tn?1465778809 on December 6, 2013 and Gilead immediately announced that it would price the drug at $84,000 for a twelve-week course of treatment—or $1,000 per tablet—making it one of the most expensive drugs ever marketed. Suggested treatment guidelines also require that Sovaldi be used with another drug, ribavirin (a nucleoside inhibitor), further adding to the cost of the prohibitively expensive course of treatment. “When is enough, enough?
428506 tn?1296557399 The controversial treatment guidelines recommend against re-treatment of Lyme patients who fail the recommended treatment, despite a lack of research supporting their claim that additional treatment is ineffective. Two studies (Fallon et al. 2008 Krupp et al. 2003) found that Lyme patients benefited from additional treatment. NatCapLyme is disappointed with the result of the IDSA's review of its treatment guidelines.
Avatar m tn From my (non-medically trained) reading, there is a difference of opinion about the alleged auto-immune reaction after treatment for Lyme. IDSA holds the view that after the relatively short treatment regimen their guidelines recommend, any continued symptoms are due not to persistent and uncured infection but instead to the immune system continuing to react to phantom bacteria.
Avatar f tn Available for iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad™, Android™, and BlackBerry® Learn more June 7, 2011 (Boston, Massachusetts) — The Endocrine Society today unveiled a Clinical Practice Guideline on the evaluation, treatment, and prevention of vitamin D deficiency, with an emphasis on the care of patients who are at risk for vitamin D deficiency. Michael F.
Avatar m tn Yes according to most national guidelines, I know. However not in France where the labs, docs and the Aids Organisation gives you a conclusive result after 6 weeks. They told me I was negative and don't need do further testings, unless I had another unsafe event since. The french have discovered the virus, so they seem to have good science on HIV/Aids there.
784382 tn?1376931040 my grandpa has recently been diagnosed with alzheimers , i wanna say with in the last year. last week he thought he was at work talking to my dad ( who was NOT there)...i mean he told us the whole conversation that he "had with my dad at the shop"... he still knows how we are, if he doesnt he is good at putting on a smile and giving kisses. i feel so bad and im scared to see whats going to happen. i dont want him to forget who his kids, grandkids and wife are.
Avatar m tn You all strictly follow the testing at 3 months only conclusive for unprotected sex as per CDC guidelines. But you wont accept as CDC says "Unprotected oral sex can also be a risk for HIV transmission, but it is a much lower risk than anal or vaginal sex." Even though low risk, testing is essential or not?
Avatar n tn t use odds on this forum and we go strictly by the guidelines. The 3 month guidelines are set by the manufacture of the tests.