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Avatar m tn Definition By Mayo Clinic staff White tongue is a coating of debris, bacteria and dead cells on your tongue that makes it look white. Although the appearance of white tongue may be alarming, the condition is usually harmless and temporary.
Avatar n tn Someone must know more about those white spots that look like inflamed taste buds that HURT! They erupt periodically and are SOOOO PAINFUL. I was in so much pain today that I took sharp clippers and niped a couple off. I could not stand the pain. I figured if the things hurt to touch they would not hurt if they were not there. They appear out of no where and seem to last forever. The kids and I get them all the time. It is driving us crazy. Other people must get them.
Avatar n tn It was a large mass on the back of her tongue that turned colors. from white to black. It was non cancerous, benign and now at the age of 14 it is back. It has been back for awhile. It is large white tumor like on the back of her tongue. The doctors want to remove it again. I cannot find anything on this that is not sexually related. It looks similar to a large wart. The doctors are always perplexed. Have you ever seen anything like this before.
Avatar n tn I’ve had dry cracks in the corners of my lips, a hard white plaque on the top of my tongue, and a couple of minor ulcers on the side of the tongue. My doc prescribed Nyoxin (sp?) for the white plaque, thinking it was a thrush thing, but to no avail. Everything else I’ve just learned to live with for the last couple of years. I hear Magic Mouthwash provides relief, but I keep forgetting to ask for it :).
Avatar m tn I have sore tongue for 2 months, tongue looks normal (no white or red patches). Parts of the tongue feels asif you just burnt your tongue drinking not coffee. Months also feels dry. I have seen doctors & Dentists and they have no answer . all the blood tests are normal.
Avatar n tn The couging has subsided, but there's still phelm in my throat. Yesterday I noticed that my tongue was coated in an yellowy/orange color!! I scraped it, and brushed it, but to no avail. Is this a common ailment? Anybody??? Thanks.
1179332 tn?1297482590 Last night, it just drove me nuts so I took a flashlight and looked in there...I can't tell for sure how white it is in the back but there were definitely blisters back there. Plus, my tongue looks swollen to me. I want to go to the walk in clinic or something but I still have one child home with the flu and my DH couldn't get out of work today. For some reason I am getting scared about this which is probably ridiculous but it is now making my throat feel raw and raspy when I swallow.
Avatar n tn Things had subsided until yesterday when I found yellow stains in my underwear and thick white discharge in my penis. It was as bad as it first was, and now, there's a vague itching sensation in my urethra (I don't know whether its my mind playing tricks on me or something worht being worried about). The thing that gets me is that I haven't had any sexual contact for three full years. So, I know that it can't be a SEXUALLY transmitted disease. WHat else could it be?
2065676 tn?1331426040 During tx I noticed I sometimes had a white tongue and used a mouthwash without alcohol and brushed my tongue every night. I had a few minor sores, but they weren't a problem. It's possible this could be thrush, so I'd discuss with the doctor if it persists. Several on the forum have had this problem and used Magic Mouthwash (with Nystantin) with success. I hope some cue in to relay their experience. Good luck. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/magic-mouthwash/AN02024 http://www.drugs.
Avatar m tn I did wear a condom, but did receive orval without a condom. My problem is I have started to see red small dots on the tip of my tongue and also a funny tingling feeling around my mouth. I also my noticed my testicule are red and ichty and theres a white shinny mark on the shaft of my penis. The tip of my penis also feels funny. I also am experancing the rest of my body seems to be ichty. My head is all over the place with worry.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing a tongue that is like sandpaper with tiny white furry type dots on the right side of my tongue. Not many, just a few but they are there. My tongue also looks like there are little gaps or what looks like cuts..(no bleeding though). Seems to irritate with coffee or spice. Has me worried. First trip to the doc's office says it could be a sign of weak immune system (possibly HIV) which I find next to impossible as my wife and I are very very low risk.
Avatar n tn An allergic reaction could quickly affect your ability to breathe, so call 911 or go to an emergency room immediately if you have hives accompanied by hoarseness or wheezing, swelling in your tongue or face, tightness in your throat, fainting, or if you develop hives on your tongue. If you have a life-threatening allergy to a food, medication, or insect sting, wear a medical identification bracelet that describes your allergy.
Avatar m tn I did wear a condom, but did receive orval without a condom. My problem is I have started to see red small dots on the tip of my tongue and also a funny tingling feeling around my mouth. I also my noticed my testicule are red and ichty and theres a white shinny mark on the shaft of my penis. The tip of my penis also feels funny. I also am experancing the rest of my body seems to be ichty. My head is all over the place with worry.
Avatar m tn Ever since that point i've been feeling dizzy, very very tired all the time like i can fall asleep instantly, stuffy whenever i'm somewhere inside with no open windows, feeling very weak and my tongue seems to have some sort of white rash (doesn't hurt just weird white huge spots like a world map). I offcourse went to the doc, he took blood samples and had them checked (for nearly everything) and they came back perfect, healthy as a person can be !
Avatar n tn I noticed for the past couple of months a very bad taste in my mouth, but not coughing up little white smelly balls. I know about those thingys....lol My family experience those every now & then...strep throat, but never these stones people have been talking about. This one I noticed last night is actually pasted in a pocket in the back of my mouth & I can't get it out because I begin to gag if I keep trying.
Avatar f tn Hi Berry55. The most common cause of white coating on the tongue is Candida, a fungal overgrowth condition, which most of the time is the result of antibiotic treatments. The brown coating experienced at first, is consistent with bacterial overgrowth, which would also explain the ear & throat issues. A left ear infection because of its inter-connection with the throat through the Eustachian tube, would make a lot of sense.
342585 tn?1211994706 After you have done all that I say here for a solid 2 weeks white pooh will be in your past, BUT if you find white poop again, go to doctor after doctor dont stop until you find an answer. Then its usually infection or gallbladder, maybe liver.
Avatar n tn The only problem is fordyce isn't contagious although my lips do look similar to the fordyce pics. Along with the white bumps on my lips I started getting little white ulcers in my mouth and muscle twitches all over my body that are worse during my time of the month. They all came at the same time and that was when I trusted and tried to work things out with the idiot I was with.
Avatar n tn I was so worried since now I'm pregnant and want to breastfeed and wasn't sure what the puss was from . . . I'm glad to know I'm not the only one in the white pus boat after piercing. Thanks!
Avatar n tn About a week ago I started noticing a really different discharge. Kind of thick, white/creamy, it lasted for about 3 days. I have also had some cramping in my lower belly and feel really full at the bottom, kind of like I am bloated. My breast are not sore, so I am not sure what to think of the mixed signals. I took a hpt and it said negative, but I don't know what else it could be. I am not due for my cycle until the 28th of August. Any thoughts???
Avatar f tn One of these lumps, always the same one, sometimes becomes inflammed and enlarged and goes back to normal size after 2-3 day, also on some of those lumps there is a white spot in size of a pinpoint Other than that I have sometimes a burning sensation in my throat, constant mucous in my nose and some bumps over my pharynx. I have already seen my GP she said it's a normal thing... but how could it be since I have these symptoms lol. I did oral swab for bacterias and it came back as neg.
Avatar n tn 7 ratio with the mucous), and a thick white mucous (no infection), I just had surgery so they could remove a lot of the colerless gunk from my sinuses, I was on mucous thiners, allergy medication, neti pot, antibiotics (all free because my dad's a doctor), and I drank nearly 1 and a half gallons of water a day. So I was thinking all of these things are to relieve symptoms and not actually solve the problem of this thick white mucous that was still happening even after all these things I did.
82861 tn?1333457511 We took Mom to the ER Saturday night as she was in extreme back and leg pain. She couldn't even stand to go to the bathroom, feed herself or dress herself. The day before she was positively diagnosed with blood in her stool. We had to pull a whole lot of strings to get her admitted as nobody believed she was sick enough for admission. All hell broke loose when they got the intial blood work in. Mom's hemoglobin was a 6. Yes, a six. That's not a typo.
Avatar n tn It started with the 2 or 3 swollen papillae which hurt, then the burning, then irritated papillae all over the tongue which could be seen, white coating, and then 2 or 3 concentrated spots that were more irritated than the rest. Again no sores on the lips or gums. I spoke with a clinician on the phone as we were out of town at a friends wedding, and she said without seeing it they couldn't really give me any advice.
192055 tn?1263559137 I may have it? My tongue is a lil white in the back... constant bad breath... and im not sure but I think I have had a few yeast infections (vaginal) Sound like it? If so, can it get worse if not treated? From what I read... it can get bad... true? Thanks!
Avatar n tn Next, my kids went to the animal shelter to look for a companion dog for their retriever, Jax, but came home,not with another large breed dog, but a precious little white Maltese male named Sammy. He was in line to be put down, scruffy, half his normal body weight, etc. but had a very loving, endearing disposition and these big black eyes peeking out from all that hair. Needless to say, it wasn't Jax who got the companion. My granddaughter got a bedmate.
Avatar n tn 5ys) also has lymphangioma in her tongue. Would love to chat, hear if you have learnt anything else that can help.
Avatar m tn Don't feel sorry for yourself because of the mutilations of kids in northern Uganda, is so much worse, get a wider perspective and realise you're much better off than some others. I love reading harry potter!!
Avatar f tn Don't let someones tongue curse your child and make you feel any different about them. God is good, and just pray about it. Either way, your baby will be your everything! You have to learn to speak life!
Avatar n tn The next day I did not experienced blood in my saliva, just felt 2 times a taste of blood, but when I spitted out, the saliva was white. Today I saw a little blood (too bright) in my saliva, but just once. I heard that its better water + chestnuts and to inhale the steam from the water. I am going to try it tomorrow. From 3 days I feel some weak pain in my stomach from time to time, last night I woke up at 4 a.m. and for about 10 minutes I felt the pain. But suddenly disappeared.