White tongue and red spots

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Avatar n tn Over a time period of about 3 days they slowly expanded so that the spots grew and now look like a circle with a red border and a slightly white or pink colored middle. With the first time, i seemed to lose some taste on the tip of my tongue. I went to the doctor who thought it was some sort of fungal infection. and confirmed i had a fungal infection in my throat.i took an anit-fungal topical gel for 7-10 days and slowly they went away.
Avatar f tn I have a white coated tongue with red spots on the back and linda the middle i looked in my mouth and it is greenish or yellowish i dont know what it is but i supposely had a urethea infection and one day i think i woke up with anxeity disorder i dont know whats up with my mouth but im scared please help
Avatar m tn Can you help me. I have red spots on my tongue - they look like spots. Some of them are sourrounded by thin white rings. They are painful. I've had them for 3 months. They seem to get better and then come back. I noticed them after having oral sex with a new partner. Don't know if tha tis related.
Avatar n tn I have been getting small white spots on my tongue for about a month now. At first it is a small white spot that over a a few days gets larger. it seems to get larger as the days go by. I always get it in the same spot and it goes away after about a week. It seems to come back within a two week period. i not sure what to do or if i have an disease. Also as the spot gets bigger, it turns red in the middle. I do have asthma and use an inhaler but this has never happened to me before.
Avatar m tn they seem to change in position and size on a daily basis, except for 2 or three of them that mostly change in size... the white around the spots seem to come and go.
Avatar f tn A few weeks after being on the antibiotics, I got a really foul taste in my mouth and noticed my tongue is coated in white that won't scrape off, with red spots (not sores). There's no pain, just like a weird feeling on my tongue. I have read this can be a side effect of the antibiotic, but when I googled the symptom of white coated tongue and bad breath, I saw all these hsv1 pages pop up, and of course, got paranoid once again, because I kissed someone a few days prior.
Avatar n tn I just recently got red spots on my tongue and that was after I was taking antibiotics for what they thought was strep well it got worse... the DR gage me Nystatin I have taken it for aboutfour days now and the coating on the back of my tongue is still there thoat does feeel better but I also have white spots on my toncils???? I was tested four HIV about three years ago and it was OK and have not been with any one for about five months what cold it be ????
Avatar f tn my tongue is like white and like patchy with red little spots/pimples at the back and it like stings/burning sensation? can a doctor check it?
Avatar m tn Hi, nice to hear from you. I had been thinking about how you have been getting on. Sorry, I do not know the the difference between a white coated and white hairy tongue. I was prescibred with Daktarin gel on 1 March, my tongue is much improved, but it still feels slimy. I only used the Daktarin for a couple of days. I put the tube down somewhere and I can't find it now. I was prescribed with amoxycillin for my sinus infection of Saturday, so really could do with finding that Daktarin.
Avatar n tn Some of them are red and raised with a little yellow/White centre while others are pink and flat. I have never sufferd with spots before especially over the body. Can anyone tell me what this is?
Avatar n tn I have a white velvety coat on my tongue with red spots on it. They are not sores and I am not in pain. What is this? Just to add my right side of my mouth has been bothering me because of my wisdom teeth growing in. Am I ok?
Avatar n tn Hi Everyone I had a exposure of unprotected cunnilingus in January of this year and tested negative on May 1st. But I have had white spots on my cheek and tongue since 2 days after this incident. Do I have need to worry about HIV still or does anyone know what it could be?? All the websites point to HIV but I tested way after the amount of time with a OraSure test and it came back negative, so Im just confused and a little scared.
Avatar n tn He is now 7 1/2mths old and they are still there, and 1 is a little red on the tip. I made a Doctors appt. for next week with our family Doc, but I have to wait until August to get in with the Pediatrician. I know I have had swollen tastebuds in the past but they go away within a few days. I would love to know what this is, because there really isn't any info that I can find on the net except for thrush. I don't believe it's thrush because it's ONLY on his tongue.
Avatar n tn Right now, I have got tiny red spots on my tonuge and my tongue is very sensitive to food and touch. Also I have got tiny pimples with white center on my inner thighs close to my testicles. At times they itch. Could you please advise if these symptoms could be because of any STD? Thanks.
Avatar n tn i also have raised red bumps on the back of my tongue that hurt when i eat and tingle when i'm not eating, and there's white/red spots on the roof of my mouth in the back, and on my uvulla/tonsils. i'm very concerned about this being an STD becuz i'm also experiencing vaginal discharge. the discharge has been occuring for about a month now, but it has no odor and there's no burning or itching.
Avatar n tn did comment on the whiteness surrounding the red patches, so perhaps my red spots do start with the white dry color as well and have not noticed that as part of the process. One thing that strikes me is that I have been taking a drug that is designed for epilepsy but I take it for anxiety. Perhaps this may be a drug reaction? I know that my issue is not geographic tongue, it does not match up so I am looking for a solution. Please keep in contact if you find out any info that would be helpful.
Avatar n tn I have some spots on my tongue that are very painful. They are white with a red outline, about the size of the old plastic pin heads. I do not smoke or drink. I do have my tongue pierced but have had it pierced for almost 8 years now and have never had these spots before. The spots started out as just one, now there are 2 bigger ones and 3-4 tiny ones, just little specks. The bigger ones are the ones that hurt, hurts to eat and talk because the bumps rub on my teeth.
Avatar n tn I have red spots all along the bottom sides of my tongue and the bottom of my lower lip, and under my tongue. I also have what looks like skin colored tiny spots under my tongue. And just this am I found what looks like reddish lumps under the tongue, at the side. I have no pain. But I'm terrifed this is cancer. Could cancer develope so fast? All these changes have been with the last 10 days?
Avatar f tn Also if I scrape my tongue I notice little red spots which most likely are taste buds. I just recently had a sinus infection/ear infection and took antibiotics. Could this be the reason for the white coating?
Avatar m tn Friday 17th August 2018- • Had encounter • Felt sick couple hours later • Lost appetite • Burning sensation front of tongue and got spot Saturday 18th August- • Felt nauseas all day • Got a fever as the day progressed • Still lost appetite Sunday 19th August- • Really bad fever and fatigue • More spots in front of tongue • Still no appetite • Went to A and E, they said looks like infection and nothing serious, should pass Monday 20th August- • Still fever and ill but not as bad • Fatigu
Avatar m tn Hi, I have a pale tongue with small red spots around the tip and sides. what can be the cause? I also have a loss of appetit as I m currently vey stressed and who should I consult please?
Avatar f tn //www.medhelp.org/user_photos/show/159241 That is my tongue. I have geographic tongue and the annoying white coating alot. But yet, I'm HIV negative and STD free, and I do not have thrush.
Avatar m tn Mine is complete white furry tongue with white pin like dots on it and when i brush it i can scrap some part of it but not all.after 2 hours it is again completely coated.is it OHL???????/ I am using good brushing with tongue cleaner and mouth wash but it is not going........ Now i am completely lost with this and just wondering what is this. is it a sign of ARS??
Avatar f tn My tongue has had a white coating in the back and red 'goosebump-like' shape in the front. At first I has a couple of bloated in my mouth with this so I went to the dr. He put me on niostatin and thought it was hand foot and mouth disease. Now 7 weeks later it's still here. I went again, he's not sure what it is now, but gave me a heavy duty steroid prescription paste to apply to the red area. Any ideas of what it can be. He seemed concerned it was cancer because my lymph glands were animism.
Avatar n tn About 1 month after the test I develop white streaks along the border of my tongue that get really bad and thick and then go away and then come back off and on for about a month. Then my cheeks turn whiteish and feel rough. I haven't noticed anything on my tongue really for a couple of months now but the cheek thing is still there. THe problem is ALWAYS way worse in the morning. I sleep with life savers in my mouth (2-4 of them) to promote saliva during the night.