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Avatar n tn After about only 5 minutes we stopped, and he never ejaculated in my mouth. Now, I have a sore throat, and white spots on my tonsils. About two weeks ago I visited the doctor and was treated for an ear infection. I am wondering if I should be worried that I contracted gonorrhea, or if the sore throat is just conincidental? Would gonorrhea cause white spots on my tonsils?
Avatar n tn I have a big white spot in the back of my throat in front of the uvula and a small white spot on one of my tonsils. Very sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, no fever, no runny nose at least presently, some sneezing. I have had about a dozen of these episodes in my life. It's always the same thing the strep test is either negative or inconclusive but I get prescribed antibiotics and the spots clear up in a day or two and everything is fine. I'm 38 and have had throat and ear problems forever.
Avatar f tn Hi im a 17 year old female i first started having sex with my boyfriend who im still with in the month of august since then when i first gave him oral sex and we had unprotected sex two days later i got a sore throat when i looked down there i saw white stuff on my tonsils so i went to the doctor and come to find out i was gonorrhea/chlamydia positive i got treated with a shot and pills the day after i gave him oral sex again i know it was dumb but i was 16 at the time i got retreated this time
Avatar f tn 3 Days ago I noticed white spots on throat around my tonsils at first my throat would just hhurt not the pain has somewhat gone away but the spots are still there, it sometimes hurt when I swollow but nothing serious.
Avatar m tn hi all, I have sore throat for 9 months and 2 white spots on my tonsil. I had a protected encounter with a CSW. I kissed her (no exchange of salive) for few seconds. I had a break in my lips and after 30 mins from kissing her i had a very strange feeling on my lower lip. After a week, i saw an ulcer inside my mouth along with 4 pinhead red dots which was healed in 2-3 days time. Please tell me what it is? I was tested NEGATIVE for hiv 1&2, hsv 1 &2 (IGG), Syphillis and Hep B.
Avatar n tn There are white spots on my tonsils, and they are enlarged, more so than usual. I was wondering is there anything that I need to worry about, or is this just a bad seasonal attack on my sinuses? Please help thank you!
Avatar f tn I never had a fever, I did lose my appetite so therefore I lost some weight but after anxiety meds I got it back. But seriously the sore throat with on and off white spots for 3 months has got to be something.... does this sound like an ars symptom?
Avatar m tn I've posted in you forum before I had a possible exposer on OCT 22 07. I had a sore throat since about a mounth after with possible swollen lymps groin and neck with a pain in my lower right abs. I have been tested viral and rapid and blood since and rapid twice after the 90 day deal. The pain in my neck and sore troat will not subside . At over 100 days since possible exposer if the sore throat was due to acute HIV would I get a positive test for sure.
Avatar n tn I have had Strep a few times before so I looked at the back of my throat and found the white spots, but they were more in patches than spots. I called the doctor to see if she could do the strep test so I could find out earlier if I had it to start the treatment and whatnot. by the middle of the day my throat was no longer sore (still swollen though) and the white patches went away.
Avatar n tn Hello All. About 4 week's ago I had a swollen red sore throat with some white spots that would normally disappear as the day went on, but I still had the sore throat and nasal congestion , no coughing but I was spitting up mucus.
Avatar n tn I have been exposed to strep, but assumed I shouldn't have picked it up while on antibiotics. The medical information with the Flagyl said that sore throat and white spots could be a side effect. What does it mean if it *is* a side effect from the Flagyl? How serious is this?
Avatar m tn safe anal and unprotected oral few short time.. I looked at my tonsills and i saw white spots on my right tonsills. Should i be worried about it?can it be std?
Avatar n tn I woke up four days ago with flu like symptoms everything has gotten back to normal however I still have a severe sore throat with three white spots on them that hurt when anything touches them any idea what I might have. My dr. this morning thinks that it is just a viral infection not bacterial. Any thoughts?
Avatar n tn 2 weeks ago I saw 2 little white spots on the muscle when you open you mouth. I went to the doctor and he said that it was prob. some bacterial thing so he gave me Biaxin XL 500mg which i took for 7 days. It didn't help so he prescribed me Omnicef 300mg that I just now started 2 days ago. But before he gave me Omnicef, I took a flash light and looked in that back of my throat and notice that on the right side it was kinda red (to the right of the ulva the thing that sticks down from the mouth).
Avatar n tn I don't have a cold or any sort of nasal thing going on. There are white spots in the back of my mouth, but the tests came back negative for strep and mono. Any idea as to what this could be? Thanks!
Avatar m tn But I woke up with an extreme hangover and vomited which led to a sore throat. I have had a sore throat all week and today I visually inspected my throat and found white spots on my tonsils. I am really starting to freak out because I had unprotected vaginal intercourse with her as well. No symptoms down there and I will probably get checked out but.. any ideas? Besides always have safe sex!!!
Avatar f tn Hi, Just looking for some advice. I've had this sore throat on and off for over 6 months now. Sometimes it flares up and I have pain in the back of my nose and it is painful to swallow etc, but most of the time its just there in the background and I just have pain when I yawn and sometimes when I breathe in through my nose. Its at the back on either side of my throat. (is that the tonsils?) I always seem to have mucus at the back of my nose/ in my throat.
Avatar n tn I plan to get tested, but appointments for those take over a month to get here, and I could use some tough love or reassurance NOW because when I research these symptoms, everything points to HIV (sore neck, muscles, sores in back of throat with white spots, throwing up and shakes, and everything below as well, though I don't have any rashes to my knowledge or itching anywhere, and I wasn't bedridden with a fever, though I did have one that first day and I think I've had a small one on and off
Avatar m tn When I check it, it looks red, some days worse than others, and I'm not sure but it sometimes there appeared to be white spots (possibly pus) on my tonsils. There's also been a mild cough that it sometimes productive and sometimes not. What could it be? I'm going to the doctor tomorrow, but in the meantime I'm worrying myself sick(er). I'm really worried it might be std-related because it showed up three days after an encounter where I gave him unprotected oral.
Avatar n tn All my symptoms cleared up for a bit but now my sore throat is back, little white sore bumps on the sides of my tonuge, underneath my tongue is sore. There is also white spots on the back of my throat. It's not strep been tested.
Avatar n tn Then on Tuesday, they got bigger to a point of making swallowing difficult yet painless. A few tiny white spots could be seen on them also. This lasted through Wednesday. Today, Thursday, my tonsils are still swollen but seem to have decreased in size and it looks like the condition could clear on its own. My questions are: 1. Does throat gonorrhea does this? I mean, first exhibit sore throat symptoms, then seemingly heals on its own while still being in my system? 2.
Avatar m tn ok so i have just looked in my mouth...
Avatar f tn A sore throat. Take a look at your tonsils and see if there are any white spots on or near them. If so, you will need to get swabbed. But do not panic. It could be strep, or tonsillitis, or some other throat infection that we would "normally" get. Relax and if it causes you this much worry, then I would advise you use something for oral sex as well.
Avatar n tn Contrary to popular understanding, the most common symptoms or mono are sore throat, often with white spots, and fever--usually none of the profound fatigue people talk about. Could it be HIV? Theoretically yes, but exceedingly unlikely given your exposures--unless your partners also have male partners or are injection drug users. If you want to be tested to be sure, you don't need to wait on getting insurance coverage; free HIV testing probably is available at your local health department.
Avatar n tn My throat has gotten progressively worse and my tonsils are now swollen and exhibiting white pus spots, and my throat is extremely painful and red. My glands on my neck are also very swollen and I have had a fever for the last day and a half. Is it possible that these symptoms are a result of the oral sex, or just a coincidence? Is it an STD or some other bacterial infection? Will penicillin cure what I have even if it's an STD and not strep throat? Thanks for your help.
525485 tn?1314364901 if so try the neti pot mucinex d , honey and lemon(works like robintussin) but if its scrathcy and beefy red and looks like a strawberry then most likely it's strep throat with white pus or whiite spots on the tonsils or back of throat. then you will need to be seen by the doctor or np hope i helped.
Avatar f tn i have a blotch of white spots on the back of my throat. im not sure if it is caused by oral sex or kissing my boyfriend. ive researched and researched so much about it but im not sure of anything is related to hpv. Nothing is sore...nothing hurt but its just odd and i need a possible answer. i had strep throat as a child and i read that it doesnt re occur in adults.