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Avatar f tn Hi,my upper lip has white dots under the skin and know it is starting on my bottom lip.They are not raised or thick skinned.You can not feel them ,I can just see them when I stretch out my lips in the mirror.Is there a condition for this and what can I do about it?
Avatar n tn i try all the dry skin shampoos and treatments nothing gets rid of the flakes i have to force myself to let my skin build up to a white sheet not red raw to go get my hair cut then warn hairdresser to be careful with comb as i dont want my head to bleed.why????i do this daily but feel ashamed for the hairdresser to see what happpens!please help how do i stop this?i am worse if i am watching tv on my own cos i can sit with my comb licking and combing.
Avatar n tn I recently contracted the same thing some how. I did google search for white patches on the skin. I believe mine to be the following, Tinea Versicolor. Here is a website you can check out. It's very useful. Hope this helps, Ken http://www.medicinenet.com/tinea_versicolor/article.
Avatar m tn I'm having the same symptoms as most of those who have commented. Coincidentally, some have mentioned specific similarities to my case that I have found extremely relevant resulting in "ah-ha" moments. First, helpedhappy mentioned "spreaders". I've come to call them "runners". I will pick at one of the small lesions that I swear is some sort of very small cyst, or nest, or bite. I half expect a small, ugly insect to come barreling out.
Avatar f tn I Have White Dots In The Skin ...Under My Chin.....My Mom Thinks It Is Where I Have Drank Sodas....(I Have Sensitive Skin) Ive Tried cocoa buuter , vitamin e , and cocoa butter lotion.....ive even tried drinking water.......i was going to try apple cider vineagar......what should i do.....i have to go somewhere in the next week or two and i don't want people to see me.....they arent that bad but you can see them......
Avatar n tn It feels like a rock under my skin. It also moves with my skin as if it is only attached to the skin from the inside. No color change really on the bump except it seems a little darker. No pain and nothing comes out. It cant be squeezed or nothing. I dont want to squeeze to hard causing more problems. Looks a little larger wit erection.
Avatar f tn After I masturbated the next day (Not often for me to do so,but it is on a daily basis sometimes) I noticed that the white bead had come off,then another appeared,1-2 days later,it scabbed up.The scab was already peeling and when I lifted it up,I saw the bead that was under my skin,but it left a red spot that was fairly moist,so I put a wash rag and rapped up my penis lightly.I am a little more relived now but I wonder if this can get infected and spread.I've never had any sex what so ever.
Avatar f tn Recently I've had unprotected sex and within a week or two, the penis skin had two scabs - It seemed like a cut and it scabbed up, then peeled off leaving no scarring. I got scared with that but it happend again a week later after it had healed, within a week - they're back in the same location.(nothing was done to cause these) They aren't scary looking, no ozzing or rising of skin, just normal scabs. Its been 3 weeks since that and they havn't returned. Now.
Avatar n tn Some were white heads and others were flesh colored and under the skin. Anyway, i picked the pimples and they turned very red and irritated. I was told to put apple cider vinegar on the spots, but that spread the redness while making my skin very dry, scaly, and rough. It's been a day and the spot is pretty big (probably and 1.5 in by 1 in). A day later, the spot now is rough, dry, flaking. Its flat, reddish brown and tight.
Avatar f tn Two days ago I felt this white blister raise up on my right third finger, painful and now it has turned to be what looks like a scab under the first few layers of skin. Today, I am experiencing the same thing again only on the left hand. Can you tell me what this sounds like?
Avatar n tn They cannot be popped, they are relatively painless and they look a lot like a small skin bubble. First I got one on my neck which I removed gradually over about month by doing the things you're not supposed to do. Picking, scratching and squeezing. It wasn't a pretty process. I found that when squeezed there tended to be a little hole where some white would excrete but almost immediately the bubble will fill with blood. They cannot be removed by being emptied it seems.
Avatar n tn culture came back negative. this third area i have beem leaving alone. the area is swollen and yellowish under the skin. i have been doing warm compresses and it leaks a clearish yellowish stuff that makes a very ugly scab. so another hot compress and the skin comes off. i have these things that look like white heads but they wont come out. there are like 7 in a concentrated area all painful and gross.
Avatar f tn If it were serious, would the black return or could something just be happening under the skin now? The skin all around is healthy - no infection or itching with the black spots. They are so small - but a friend said they had a pinhead sized black mark and had to have half the skin from his chest removed because it was melanoma.
Avatar n tn I only have one and there appears to be some dry skin on the edge of the spot a tiny flake of white skin. This is an odd description but the darker ring just below the head of the penis on the shaft where the skin folds appears when flaccid to have irregular shaped pieces of skin folds I supose that almost looks like some sort of armor. The spot looks like one of those that has gotten red and sore but its not sore, the area only gets any sensation when i pick and look and manipulate it.
Avatar f tn If it were serious, would the black return or could something just be happening under the skin now? The skin all around is healthy - no infection or itching with the black spots. They are not pimples, hair follicles or inflamed in any way. It is the black color that worries me the most. They are so small - but a friend said he had a pinhead sized black mark and had to have half the skin from his chest removed because it was melanoma.
Avatar f tn If this is the same thing I have, white are what feel like rough patches of skin, with little white things sticking out of the pores. They look like white heads, but they dont squeeze out quite as well or as easily as white heads can. I notice they go away for a few days if I do hot yoga, where I am sweating for 90 minutes, or after a long run. So cleaning from the inside out seems to be the case. To be entirely honest i think its the body trying to detox.
Avatar m tn Hi there, In October of last year I scratched myself under my eye putting in a contact lens. Though the scratch healed, I now have a strange, chronic rash under my eye. Occasionally it will itch, though I'm not sure it's related to the actual rash. It appears as red bumps, occasionally with a white pustule, though none have festered like a pimple. The bumps are not painful, nor do they crust or scab, but they are very red.
Avatar m tn ( Funny thing is I'm not depressed, my life was quite good until this bug showed up. I can feel them crawling under my skin, they hang out in my ear (not sure if under the skin or just in the canal) all day, it's gross. No one in the house (my wife and 3 kids) can feel them. My wife has bites all up and down her legs and even a protruded ring looking this on her forearm. As you might have imagined I'm loosing my mind and life, nothing is the same.
Avatar n tn About 5 month ago after some aggressive sex, I had a slight redness on the tender area under my head. I also noticed a single white bump with some redness around it in the loose skin below. The redness in the tender area went away on its own in a couple days but the white bump remained. It tingles and the redness comes and goes. I had a series of blood tests ran a month later and the only thing that turned up was Herpes type 1 which I had since I was 12. (im 40 btw).
18759983 tn?1467671744 When it get popped, It usually breaks the skin open enough to need a scab...and then that small scab won't heal cause there are these rice grain like plugs (clear as day) in my pores that inhibit the healing process. These plugs are white and of a semi hard consistency. Kind of like Dots candy or dry silicone. They aren't usually as big as a rice grain, but can get that big. I notice after I pluck them out they dry out a shrink in size.
Avatar m tn when i peel back the foreskin(i was circumcised as a baby) I notice that there is a scar like mark maybe 2-3mm in lenght and 1mm in width and not round just ,slightly raised.IT is the same color as the rest of the skin until I pull the skin tight and then it is a lighter color and quite noticeble.It causes no discomfort I would not know it was there unless I looked.Under magnifying lens it does not have a cauliflower appearence its texture is the same as the other skin.
Avatar n tn I also tried soaking it in hydrogen peroxide and watch it fizz until my skin turned white. This method did not sting as much, but didn't prove to help so I stopped. I also wonder if it's a food allergy or weather related. Since lately we had a batch of fresh tomatoes, and I ate about 3 or 4 of them per day for about a week. And now my fingers are peeling. I also think it could be stress related since it the worst symptoms have been when I am going thru some major life changes.
Avatar m tn It simply went away for a few days and then it came back, but this time it was getting a bit itchy. I also noticed at another time the white dry skin also had some reddish scab-like skin in there too, which I could also rub off. This goes on and off. However, the area seems to be wrinkly all the time. I have some serious concerns about this, and it really annoys me and I don't want to scare my girlfriend with this issue. Now I have noticed that the area seems to be a bit bigger then usual.
Avatar n tn I have tiny white bumps that have appeared on both the left and right side of my top lip and skin coloured on the corners of mouth. Occassionally the lip where the white dots are will burn & tingle. They appeared around 4 weeks ago when I had a bad case of oral thrush The oral thrush was treated and has cleared but the white dots have stayed. I have been tested for hpv-1 (oral herpes) and tests have come back negative. My Dr.
Avatar f tn Now it looks like a brown dot in the middle (small about the size of a few pin heads) with a white circle around that with some discoloration of the skin around the white circle. Also, the bump seems to have gone down but not completely. Is that just the way the skin healed? Is it a scar? Could this be melanoma?
Avatar m tn They usually don't rise above the skin, go away in a few days, white scab form over. The skin looks transparent. When they do rise above the skin, they are itchy and sometime sore. They are usually filled with clear liquid, then go away a few day, many layer of white scab form over. When i accidently pop it, usually from itching, I see the blister created a hole in the skin, but no blood. Occassionally, they get bigger, forming white runny pus inside and a bigger gauge/hole inside the skin.
Avatar n tn I read of people who had problems for years and they are pulling out lengths of something with black balls attached to them. I believe it's a build up from the under the skin of sebum. keratin, dead skin, etc. in a trapped follicle.