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Avatar n tn I am a male in my twenties. For as long as I can remember I've had several skin tags on my neck and one in my armpit. They were small but still made me self-conscious. I recently took to the internet for ways to get rid of skin tags at home, as I'm unemployed and without health insurance. One method utilized an apple cider vinegar application three times daily for three weeks.
Avatar m tn You may discuss this with your dermatologist. Flat warts usually occur on the face and they may readily spread through shaving or frequent skin to skin contact. I suggest that you try to minimize shaving. However, doing so may not readily stop them from spreading. Treatment with the therapies mentioned above may be the best way to prevent their spread. .
Avatar m tn I understand that the presence of any growths on the face is quite discomforting. This may be a skin tag. Skin tags may sometimes be mistaken as warts, although a wart may still be a differential. Skin tags are benign and are not contagious unlike warts which are viral in origin. Skin tags may fall off in the long run. Just refrain from touching them as they may irritate the skin and may only cause further irritation. I suggest that you just continue to observe the bump.
Avatar n tn The mole is a concentration of skin pigmentation, which appear elevated from the skin. On the other hand, a skin tag is a mass of skin cells that seem to hang from the skin, connected by a thin stem. When located on exposed parts like the neck, hands and face, these skin blemishes can be embarrassing. This is why people do mole skin tag removal. Moles and skin tags can be removed surgically through cutting tools or laser.
Avatar n tn I've noticed these skin growths at the top of my clitoris and I'm worried they may be warts. I put the a vinegar solution on them, but they didn't turn white. How effective is the vinegar test? they don't itch and they are flesh colored and there are about 4 of them and you can only see them if I pull my clitoris. They look like a raised mole or skin tags. i can't seem to find any pictures of them online.
Avatar n tn Your skin does change a lot during pregnancy. I have a small handful of freckles and not many moles. But with my first all of a sudden I had a million skin tags. i had so many at one point I went to my primary to have the larger ones removed because it was out of control around my bra strap line. With this pregnancy I've noticed my skin tone change (skin around my breast is darker, and along my arms). they said that's normal and can even happen to my face. But luckily it hasn't.
Avatar m tn I do have skin tags, I have a grouping of them on the back of my neck since birth. These almost resemble that flesh color but they are a bit lighter, and do not have a stalk so to speak as skin tags usually do. Once again there is no discharge, and also I have mild sebaceous glands, little tiny white bumps that are close to these 3 dots, however the bumps are not white like the sebaceous they are skin colored. Can someone please advise?
Avatar f tn There are other symptoms you could have that point to that are not so obvious. . Skin tags, your hormones being out of wack, ovarian cysts you may not be aware of some of these things unless you go for testing. Birth control is helpful with pcos regulating cycles and to help clear up cysts. Pcos is also sometimes hard to detect. Vainiqua is a cream you can use on your face. If you go to their website you can get coupons for the product. The cheapest place I've found it was Costco.
9703753 tn?1414464488 ve noticed I have gotten skin tags and some freckles as well. Also some skin tags I had before I got pregnant got bigger. It's weird!
Avatar n tn Anal skin tags are similar to skin tags in other parts of the body. They are usually skin colored and may appear to have a stalk. Anal skin tags are benign and they are not contagious. They may get irritated .During this time, it is best to keep the area clean and dry. Infections may be a likely complication. I suggest you have this assessed by your physician. Your physician may help you differentiate between anal skin tags and hemorrhoids which are also likely differentials.
Avatar m tn In May of this year I lost my job and insurance so I stopped using the medication regularly. The skin tags have come back. I have had skin tags before appear on my face and have been removed, they came from the irritation of shaving and tanning but were benign. I think this is what the re-appearing skin tags on my anus have come from since I do shave the area and they look completely different from the Venereal Warts.
Avatar f tn Hi, It does sound a lot like skin tags; inner thighs are one of the most common places for skin tags to appear. To be honest, the best person to diagnose the spots that look like skin tags, would be your GP or health care provider. They can be removed, once you been examined by a doctor. Here's my suggestion: if it's possible, you should find another GP that you would be more comfortable with.
Avatar m tn Fibroma Durum is a hard fibroma that consists of many fibres and few cells. If seen on the skin it is known as a dermatofibroma and a special form is the keloid. dermatofibroma look like a round, brownish to purple growth commonly found on the legs and arms. Dermatofibromas contain scar tissue and feel like hard lumps in the skin. It is unknown why people grow dermatofibromas. Some may be caused by insect bites or other disruptions of the skin.
Avatar n tn I have had these small white bumps on the inside of my labia for quite some time now. They don't hurt or itch. I'm afraid it might me an std but I had them before I started having sexual intercourse. I have also never had someone preform oral on me.
Avatar f tn Im experiencing some itching around my vaginal opening and feeling like peeing more often than usual. I and have noticed a cluster of white small white skin tags inside my vaginal opening, and very tiny bits of white stuff coming out from that area. The bits are really really tiny. The tags are rough to touch but feel just like skin. They weren't there until 3 days ago.
Avatar n tn it also has a fishy smell and white creamy stuff. i also have dots on the penis skin head. nothing hurts,everything its normal i have no discharge but i am really scared it might be a infection or a std?? i have four pictures for u and if u can take a look and let mi own what it could be. thank you soo much.
Avatar f tn No. Did u contact ur doctor. Never heard of warts during pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Thanks for you information. These spots are no Itchy and they are not bumps just white spots on the skin. Have you ever heard of putting dandurff shampoo on these spots or tree tea oil?
Avatar m tn I am 20 years old and have begun to develope some white patches on areas of my face and even some areas where hair used to grow (mustache/beard/outer edge of eye-brows) I have only seen a family doctor and am being referred to a dermatologist which I will see in Februrary. However the white patches are continoulsy coming up, and I am begining to get worried. I am positive it is not vitilogo, as was my doctor.
Avatar m tn I just hate to talk to a Receptionist and say that I need some ummm..., bumps, skin tags, or warts on my ummm... lower stomach looked at. And I'd even have to see the Receptionist face-to-face when I check in. Uggg.
968736 tn?1247676206 but, it would go away when its winter, when its summer time his skin started to have white spot around his mouth and face and middle of the arm inside. what should i do? i've been going to doctor and they just told me to put lotrimin cream and i dont think it helps so i stop. i only put moisturiser on face and aveeno lotion on his body. i need help pls. i need more info about what should i do?