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Avatar n tn Hi Generally penile discharge other than semen or urine is due to STD. However a STD is usually accompanied by rash or fever or burning in urine or swollen lympnodes. Did you have a complete STD panel done and also got your urine tested for pus cells. The discharge could also be ‘smegma’. Small glands in the surface of the head of the penis produce cheesy white material (called smegma) that may accumulate under the foreskin in males who have not been circumcised.
Avatar m tn - blood in urine near finishing - desire to urine more frequently even if it was a little amount - white discharge Sent in a urine test 4 days ago but dont get the results until next week. Nurse looked under the microscope after the swab test for gonorrhea but didnt see what she was looking for and diagnosed it as NGU for the time being. I looked online and see that the Zithromax should be able to cure the NGU.
Avatar n tn Probably not. Unfortunately it's not that easy to culture from urine, esp in males. I suppose in your case the self treatment might be the better way, though I hate saying that. And antibiotics are OTC? What a terrible idea. No wonder so many of the drug resistant strains of STDs come from that area. I'm not saying you are misusing them, I'm just thinking that a lot of people probably are. Remember Trich is specific antibiotics, Flagyl or Tindamax.
Avatar f tn Fungal infections, STIs, bacterial infections are few common causes of foul smelling vaginal discharge. STIs can cause foul smelling discharge in males too. See a doctor for clinical examination and discuss your queries and concerns. STIs can affect your fertility. Keep me posted on how you are doing. Best luck and regards!
Avatar m tn On Friday, August 27th, I had a large amount of white, milky discharge from my penis. I went to my walk in health clinic on Saturday afternoon where they took a urine sample and gave me a shot of anti-biotic. They presumed it was an STD. I received my results Monday, August 29th which said they were negative for gonorrhea and chlamydia. However it is now September 1st and I still have some discharge. The doctor thought it was odd that I had discharge but no discomfort.
Avatar n tn I never saw blood in my navel, but I did have a strange, off-white discharge with a foul odor. The infection always cleared up eventually but it was bothersome, uncomfortable, and embarrassing. I thought I was alone until I came across this posting. I wanted to share the best remedy I have found in my years of dealing with this inconvenient (but ultimately, not very serious) condition. Stop with all the harsh products.
Avatar f tn This afternoon, my partner had a burning sensation in his urethra, and says that he had some discharge. He described it as off-white/very slightly greenish. There is nothing on the skin of his penis currently, but his urethra still his a light burning sensation. When he had the discharge, it hurt. I'm very concerned about the possibility of him contracting herpes from me.
Avatar m tn The discharge is a bit sticky, so it makes the hole of my penis stick together. A few days later, I woke up and saw a white discharge. The white discharge only happened this one time. So, I went to the hospital the next day and did a urine test. The tests came back negative. The doctor said that it was probably some kind of bacteria, but it should go away. Well, I waited for about a week, and the tickling sensation and discharge was still there.
Avatar n tn When my doctor swabbed again in june he said everything was normal but there is white blood cells in my urine. There is no way it could be an STD. I can't stand this discharge. I can't wear a bathing suit for very long as the discharge is to heavy and having sex with my husband is embarassing and messy. I am 32 and I think I would know what is normal for my body and this isn't but my doctor seems to think it is normal. Does anyone have any ideas what it might be?
Avatar n tn Hi I am a 35yo white male and I got similar episodes of blood in urine during the last 3 years, averaging twice a year, total of 5 so far. In my case it started during masturbation where I held the ejaculate for (too) long time. After the second episode, I went to the doctor, she made me all the possible tests: PSA, blood and urine cultures, prosthate exploration and bladder x-rays and ultrasound. Everything was normal.
Avatar m tn I noticed i had some symptoms. Clear Discharge, itchy urethra, split stream urine, and low back pain. I went to a urologist and had a std screening. I tested positve for bacterial vaginosis, gardnerella. Yep thats right!! Got put on antibiotics. Some symptoms went away, gained many more over the last 2 years, which i'll get back too. Of all the doctors/urologists ive seen, nobodys done anything for me, except put me on antibiotics that dont work. Probobly a dozen or more times.
Avatar n tn The first and second occurrences came back negative each time for C and G but there was evidence of white blood cells in urine sample (infection). My partner did not show symptoms but was treated anyway for the same infections. Months after treatment and no sexual activity for either of us, I had unprotected oral sex with my partner and within days, had the same symptoms again and was treated.
Avatar n tn I have been urinating more frequently and was drinking water during the night because I could not sleep. My only symptoms are white/milky discharge that i have to milk to get to come out, very frequent urination, no burning urination, fever, and headache. My biggest concern is the validity of the test b/c of where had it performed and b/c I was drinking water through the night. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn It's weird that you developed a discharge and everything came back fine . Most males don't have a discharge. Check with your doctor and let me know what he say . But I think your fine . And no you can't check herpes though urine .
Avatar n tn Sometimes they are symptom less and symptoms if present consist of jock itch, severe itching and pain, burning sensation during intercourse and while passing urine, red color at the head of the penis, a clumpy, white discharge, soreness and itching at the head of the penis, red patches and blisters and a burning sensation at the tip of the penis and transient itch. Can you identify any of these symptoms?
Avatar n tn I have been retested and the results came back negaitve, as did the white blood cell urine test he gave me to see if there was another infection. That said, I still have an irritation at the opening of the urethra (feels scratchy sometimes as well), often times there is a clear-ish discharge that leaves stains (sometimes white and powdery) on my underwear and a slight irritation after urinating.
Avatar f tn But bottom line is getting a urethra infection from oral sex is really a low risk and urethra infections aften produce a white discharge and pain while urinating. A discharge can also be clear mucus and this would be associated with some type of inflamation post infection as the body is producing it to sooth the area. Either way if your having urethra symptoms do see a doctor as bacteria common in the mouth are not common in the urethra.
Avatar n tn I worry about herpes, you know this grace. And I know sometimes herpe's causes a discharge...does this sound like a herpes discharge? I've discharged or leaked before, but this had a different feeling, more of a gulping or splurging feeling. What would cause it to crust up and get thick and crystalized and chalky? I've compared it side by side to a semen stain, and they're nothing alike.
Avatar m tn I have had discharge but its been clear. When i first found them on my penis they looked like small spots. I saw one and started to try to pop it and it swoll up and i started to freak out and then next time i breathe i scrub all the bumps on my penis to hard. I started to put neosporin and peroxide and alchol on the pops and they have started healing and hav gone down. Any possible idea of what they are?
Avatar m tn She hads lots of fluids, more then a woman usually has when she is arroused. 2 Days later, my urine started to burn and a little white discharge was found in my underwear. Went to the doc, he gave me Azithromicyn 1g, single dose. Took it and after 3 or 4 days, no more burning, but, every morning a slight clear discharge on my underwear (i wear black underwear so it's easy to notice).
Avatar n tn I know this part is likely due to anxiety over the event. Two days ago, however, I noticed a slight discharge - very miniute amount - when I woke up in the morning, it was clear/white but it may have had a slightly green/yellow too. I wiped it off and it did not return. On two occasions in the last three days or so I also had a sharp pain inside my penis near the tip. The pain went away by itself after maybe an hour or so.
Avatar f tn On a side note, when males have Gono, most all of the time they have a big time white puss discharge with very painful burning while urinating but with chlamydia its more subtle with less urethra discharge and more of a urethra itching instead of burning. What to do now? Retest if you have doubts or trust him.
Avatar m tn Most males don't have symptoms but the ones that do have discharge mainly and some discomfort, right? * Herpes - If I had it in the urethra it would be painful on urination from what I have read, I don't have urination pain. Also I wouldn't think the sensation would have stuck around for 7+ weeks. Thanks again.
Avatar f tn Also I get a bit of discharge once and awhile out of penis, it is usually a clear sticky substance not alot just a little bit, I have read that discharge is a symptom of herpes as well, what kind of discharge do males usually get with Herpes? is white, milky or clear? and what sort of frequency does it usually occur. I'm quite concerned, if you could please answer my questions it would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn It sounds like you have been checked for signs of inflammation in your urine or a smear from your penis, is this correct? This would be a check for white blood cells (WBCs). If not done, it should be. If this is negative, there is little chance that there is persistent inflammation. 4. That brings me to the last possibility which is that having been through tis evaluation, you may be simply focusing on the experience of urination more than you did in the past.
Avatar n tn Day 21--- more volume in discharge in morning, difficulty emptying urethra of urine. More regular discharge during day. No burning during urination. Day 22- Went to male health clinic, got swabbed,diagnosed NGU. Took blood to test for Syphylis, and for the first time raised the spectre of HIV. Told the results for Chlamydia, Syphillis,and HIV would take 3 weeks. Gave me one week course Doxycycline, 2 a day.
Avatar m tn 6-7 days later got the burning after/before peeing, yellowish discharge, feeling as if something is there, white flakes in urine, frequent urination feeling, urethral itching/burning, same on tip of penis. No marks, lesions, spots, rash visible. STD clinic did swab, said I have high WBC, urine sample neg for Gon - Chlam Told its NGU. 2g of Zithromax, 400 mg suprax given. 2-3 weeks symptoms ebb off ALMOST totally, antibiotics seemed to do nothing, discharge went away in 2 days.
Avatar f tn A day or so later I felt my penis was moist and slight clear discharge inside the urethra. Went to clinic and confirmed I had White cells and nsu. I was given azithromycin to take which I did. Swabs were taken and all stds came back as negative. I was still getting symptoms so went back to clinic. Dr took swab and said no sign of infection and all clear of STD. Female I had encounter with also got checked and was negative for all STD.