White discharge that wont go away

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Avatar f tn If your discharge has changed to a cottage cheese or clumpy, white discharge, then that may be what it is.
Avatar n tn i had a uti that wouldnt go away for a few months i went to the doctor, got a prescription, felt like it went away then felt like it came back all within a month. went back to the doc, said i had a yeast infection from taking anitbiotics for my mouth. gave me a three day prescription, used vagisil, used monistat, didnt feel better.
Avatar n tn For those of you who have tried evrything and nothing is working, ecspecially if you have been taking probiotics and putting them up there after tons of research i found out that you can have too much good bacteria which also gives you the cottage cheese currdles and wont go away with regular yeast infec treatments! LACTOBACILLOSIS AND CYTOLYTIC VAGINOSIS! PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS. http://nurse-practitioners-and-physician-assistants.advanceweb.com/Article/Cytolytic-Vaginosis-And-Lactobacillosis.
Avatar f tn I have had a cough that will not go away too!! There is something up here and I wonder why we aren't hearing anything about this in the media. I feel great, I have energy, but I have a cough that will not end. It has been going on for a month now and I am never sick like this. I have been taking an inhaler given by a doctor (Albuterol Sulfate), Mucinex, but I refuse to get anitbiotics. My concern increases reading what you are all taking about. What's up doc?
Avatar f tn Today, after 2 weeks, I went to a clinic here in SF, and they took a sample of my urine, where they looked for white cells. He said that he that no white cells were present in my urine. So I was not treated for STDs, however my urine was sent to be tested for gonorrhea and Chlamydia. Today I also noticed, a little white discharge when going to urinate. This happend a few hours after they told me there were no white cells present in my urine.
Avatar n tn and after i healed up i been having a build up of white thick discharge in my vaginal, that want go away.my doctor say its some kind of linig i for got what kind.it does not run out it say in the wall.it smell fishy when i have sex.i have taken med but it want go away.what can i do hellllllp.
Avatar n tn sorry ladies I am not uneducated - the minute he said formula I got two more opinions they all said the extra fat in formula will get rid of teh billirubin faster - she had extremely high numbers I am a huge breast feed fan - I wouldn't go down that easy - but our childrens hospital here is world reknowned so I did ask 2 more people my home health nurse then carefully explaioned why!!! for those of you who think you know it all - I guess thats why we come to a forum - to hear DIFFERENT stories!
Avatar f tn Im 32 and having daily white discharge for years now. I know that discharge is normal and everytime I go for my yearly pap they say its normal but Im thinking that everyones AMOUNT of normal is different and Im thinking it even varies among doctors. My question is to the doctor, how MUCH is normal if you KNOW you are NOT being sexually aroused but STILL having excessive white discharge. How do my doctors know or I know how much is too much its not like we are measuring it.
Avatar n tn i've been using that for weeks (and am now using nothing hoping it will go away by itself). Has anybody ever had trouble getting rid of an external itch? I can even feel it when I'm walking around, it seems as though my clothes are irritating the problem (Even though their really lose!! and 100% cotton!!!) I'm not sure what to do!! ps- I am not sexually active ...........
Avatar n tn For 7 months now I have been seeing problems with my right breast. At first it was a small rash on the nipple. Then about 2 months later it started to coverd the nipple and the areola area. It looked very dry and was extremly itchy. When I scratch it I could see the skin flaking off. There would be cuts around my nipple (it looked like it would peel off at times) and it would bleed sometimes.
Avatar f tn Wow...kick that dentist to the curb! You need antibiotics right away, it's good that the infection drained but it sounds like the infection is still there. You need to see someone to get a second opinion and antibiotics. You can try you GP or if you have insurance go to the ER. Then I would file a complaint with the BBB about all of this and get reimbursed for any extra costs you have due to his refusal to help you! I wish you all the best...you shouldn't have to be going through this!
Avatar f tn ive had some verry strong and nasty smell for the last 4 months ive tryed dush and vagesile but it wont go away, i have sum discharge but its clear and the smell gets stronger right after intercorse what can it be?
Avatar n tn i am only 16 and have never had sex so i dont understand why i have this problem... i understand being embarassed to tell your mom but trust me its the best thing you can do she will really be able to help you... i know from going to the doctors and everything that your problem might be bacterial so it can be taken care with you doing sports bacteria can easily get in there and so you should def. see a doctor seriously dont be embarassed to go to your mom its the best thing you can do...
Avatar f tn Ive been having thick white vaginal discharge for almost a year. It does not come out of my underwear but just clings to the walls of my vagina and I can scroop it out. I have been tested negative for all STDs including herpes,and negative for BV (and all other related infections) and yeast. I have had abbraisons appear on the exterior of my vagina and big red spots on my exterior that lasted for a month and then went away. What could this be?
Avatar m tn Eight days ago I also went to a clinic and got a swap test she said she saw white blood cells I am guessing that means infection. The symptoms I am having is discomfort in my testicales and i had a discharge maybe onces when I peed but it wasnt a lot. At first I thought I pulled something down there because I left weights and I have had a sore back since this happened. I was wondering when will the testicale pain will go away? the pain is mostly in my left testicale but sometimes its in both.
Avatar n tn I played with it then squeezed and their it was something clear and white coming out. I thought that it would go away but still to this very day it is there, I seen my DR. about this and she being a OBGYN stated that it is because of a Hormonal Imbalance. I was on BC at a young age and this may have started this situation.
Avatar n tn Thinking will retest at the end of the week, however I'm nervous that maybe my period will get here soon. Hoping that the white creamy oderless discharge might be a pregnancy sign. Any comments wld be greatly appreciated!
Avatar m tn I am now 26 and it is still the and rough and no one can tell me why it wont go away even the 6 doctors the just give me this cream that doesnt do anything. Next is i have 5-6 zit looking things, they were white heads now they got scab on the tops. next to scar and for the first time ever the scar had green puss coming out. Could this be due to and infection becuase the cut got repopened? Not to mention about painfull.
Avatar n tn I felt nauseous, sore breasts, cramps. I also had clear/white discharge. I think it is possible that if you are so wanting to have a baby that you almost convince your body you are pregnant and it can mimic the symptoms. Don't get worked up over it all, just relax and if you are pregnant time will tell and if you are not then your period will come and you can try again next month.
Avatar n tn I have not had any luck getting this discharge to go away!!! I too have been to the dr many times and have tests come back normal for the most part. When did this start for you? Was it after some major change or event? Mine started when I had a minor in office surgical procedure done then got an infection and was treated with antibiotics. Have you ever had a culture done? I have had a couple cultures done and both times it showed positive for strep.
Avatar n tn i drink water like crazy and the thirst still wont go away. is thirst a sign of af? if so ive never had it b4.. :( any advice on what all this could be would be nice..
Avatar f tn i also tested negative for everything else (gon/trich etc) however i have this on going yellowish discharge that just wont go away. ive tried monistat yeast infection to see if it would clear up and it didnt. i also get it alot more after i have sex (it is safe sex) ive been to the doctor numerous times and they tell me the same thing over again. I am just wondering if this is or has happen to someone else, and what could it be?
Avatar n tn if it hurts when you pee, its definately a infection.. easy to fix, just see the doctor!!! it wont go away unless you get it checked out....