White discharge one week before period

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Avatar f tn I would definitely take a test!
Avatar n tn If it occurs before your period then it is normal. One thing I noticed that was happening to me was the deodorant in my pantyliners was contributing to the itching. So, I use only unscented now. The itching isn't as severe. Also, right before a woman begins her period, she gets a white to yellowish discharge, which is also normal. This can also itch some. If there is a smell associated with the discharge, then you do have a yeast infection.
Avatar f tn m 4 days late and the day my period was supposed to come i had period pains but just been seeing white discharge yesterday and the day before i felt i started my period then i run to the bathroom and nothing help should i be concerned?
Avatar f tn it was more like little drops of brownish blood of sort along with some white discharge. Today was supposed to be the day I start my period, yet I haven't had it yet. I also experience cramps. Last time I had sex was last week, friday. should I be concerned??
Avatar f tn Hi all. I'm 17 years old and I've been on birth control for a little more than a year and a half. I've had brown discharge before but not the week before my period, but during my ovulation. I'm a little confused as to what this means because it's never happened to me before and if I should go see a doctor about it. As of right now, it seems that the discharge is slowing or stopping I can't figure out which one at this point in time.
Avatar m tn m going too soon though, I have been getting white/clear discharge for a few months now and 2 days ago I got browny discharge, is this normal? And I'm also really worried that I'm going to come on, because today it's Thursday and on Monday I'm going swimming with dolphins.
1123378 tn?1261267761 I got the same thing before my period, during my period and about a week after my period. Panic attack, shortness of breath, exhaustion feeling like going to ER all the time. My doctor did about 30 tests and everything came out fine. I hate to be a woman so much during this time.
Avatar f tn I ovulated two weeks ago then last week my period was due but never came. I am now two weeks late and having white discharge. I've taken a pregnancy test and it came back negative? Am I taking it too soon, and could I still be pregnant?
Avatar f tn t even finish but now a week before my period i am having brown discharge, no a lot tho. Also i have been stressed this week but im not spotting. i am very concerned. Can someone please help!
Avatar f tn I must admit this month before I had the poor excuse of a period I had a lot of white discharge and constantly felt really wet! (sorry for tmi), it was that bad i had to wear a pad for extra comfort. im just so confused. shall i use tomorrows first urine?
1775890 tn?1317601233 She said she has some cramping and bloating. And she has a yellowish white discharge today that she noticed. Her breasts have been slightly sore, her nipples have been tender and sensitive. She can tell that her cervix is down from when she inserted a finger (sorry if too much info). And no she has not taken a pregnancy test, she is going to wait till she feels it it is a must. Can an illness or z-pack delay your period for that long? Or does it sound more like pregnacy?
Avatar f tn White discharge is a sign of pregnancy. Before I found out I was pregnant I had white discharge, sore boobs, & I was spotting. Try taking a home pregnancy test.
1810212 tn?1316457901 I'm thinkin back to this week Tuesday and Wednesday I was feeling kinda sick to my stomach in a way and a little dizzy. Thursday I had little red spots when I wiped barely noticeable and cramps. Wednesday Thursday and today I'm havin I guess vaginal discharge white/cleary stringy stuff coming out. Wednesday I really noticed it because My underwear was wet like I peed and the discharge was there sooo need some suggestions..
Avatar f tn I thought alot of this was in my head. But now i have this milky white discharge i have never had before. Not even in my first pregnancy. I read online that it is a pregnancy symptom that occurs pretty early in pregnancy. Is this happening to anyone else?
Avatar f tn i am starting to get scared thinking maybe i cant...i have been having a milky white watery discharge for a couple months now can this discharge be bad? can this be why i havnt gotten pregnant?
Avatar f tn Twice this has happened where i bleed at the start of intercourse. Each time it has happened its about one week before my period. Then i spot until i get my period. Its tyically light spotting or more of a brown discharge. I dont have any pain or any other symptoms. So far when we've had sex once my period is over i dont bleed. Before i met him i had protected sex about a month before him one time.
Avatar f tn I have noticed a thick white discharge from my vagina for over a week now, with my bowel movements. The discharge is like white mucus but it does not pain, smell, nor is there any irritation on my vagina. I am fairly regular with my menstruation, but it is over a week and I still have not got it. I however have been experiences the symptoms (tender nipples, stomach cramps, mood swings) for over a week. I have done a pregnancy test and it is negative. I am 31 years of age.
Avatar n tn My mother told me before when i was younger that when she was pregent with me she had her period for a couple of weeks. Well i finally just got off my period for the 3rd week, and the white stuff is bad again, and smells. I havent really been feeling good, some foods, that i like, i dont know more. i have had people come up o me and say i look a little puggy. I dont knwo if i am sick or pregent. and i dont have the money for a test to se what do i do?
Avatar f tn I been looking stuff up on the internet n I been have discharge like white milky stuff n that's wats making me again cus in the symthom is has the discharge
Avatar f tn It means you had discharge. White discharge is common in women pregnant or not, and the amount will vary depending on the female and where she is in her cycle. In regards to your other question, it can feel like your cycle will start but it doesn't mean it will. Watch and see what happens and if it does, more than likely it is due to the EC. Overall, you're still looking way too much into this. Most of all these are just everyday usual bodily functions.