White discharge one week before period

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Avatar f tn So I'm usually regular on my period and about 3 days before my expected period date which is today I had white milky discharge that smells sweet. And today I didn't get my period, last night I had a crampy feeling in my pelvis area so I thought I was getting my period today and no period. Could I be pregnant?
Avatar f tn My period is one week late. Before my period should have started in 4 days my boyfriend and I fooled around a little (he moved his thing a little over my thing), I was wearing pajama pants, a light pad, and underwear. He was wearing boxers and jeans. I felt myself a little wet so I went to the bathroom splashed some water down there and changed the pad. He told me he had ejaculated. Later on I got very worried and now my period is late. Since that day I am having white discharge.
Avatar f tn I'm still late on my period and I've been getting a milky white discharge and bloating a lot. When should I take a test to get correct results?
Avatar m tn Hello everybody, My wife's periods is one week late and she's having white creamy discharge. About one month ago I stupidly came inside her, not too much but that's not important probably. She was in the last days her periods at the time *actually last days of bleeding which I suppose is the start of the new cycle.) The day after that happened, she got a -day after pill- she didn't get it earlier because we did have it so we bought it the next day.
Avatar f tn I thought alot of this was in my head. But now i have this milky white discharge i have never had before. Not even in my first pregnancy. I read online that it is a pregnancy symptom that occurs pretty early in pregnancy. Is this happening to anyone else?
Avatar f tn My fiance and I have been TTC since June and my last period ended Oct 2 and now I am starting to have a thicker, white, scentless discharge that I have never had before. I looked it up online and found sites that say this is a possible sign of pregnancy. Could I be pregnant?
Avatar n tn My period is not due for a week but yesturday I started with some on and off light cramping and this morning when i wiped i had brown discharge. Is it normal to have this brownish spotting one week before your period when on clomid or could i finally be pregnant?
Avatar f tn I do not know if that this has anything to do with being pregnant either. I am at a total loss I have actually missed my period by a week. So anything you may have to offer would be great I just do not know what to do.. I havent had this happen before.
Avatar n tn Hi I m in week 4 tested positive today and just saw a brown discharge when I wiped is this normal or I m getting miss carriage
Avatar f tn then i got called up from our clinic cuz in my urine sample found out i have an UTI, so they give me a week medication, aside from taking these antibiotic, my mom suggests me to drink fresh coconut juice to cleanse me inside and lots of clean water, and u know even until i finished of a week medication for my UTI, honestly i still drink a lot of water and a coconut juice every morning, until i noticed, gurls, that i havent got any problem with these white discharge, it just sudden.. as in non!.
Avatar f tn In December my period was the 25th and January it was the 27, it would be 25th one month and the next 27th. On April 25th (last Saturday) I should have received my period for that month. So far it's a week late, usually I wouldn't be worried that it's a week late because I had a cyst that caused irregular periods. But I had that cyst removed January 13th. I know other reasons for a late period is because of stress or poor diet.
Avatar f tn Is this normal for birth control ? I've only had sex once before my last period , about a week and a half ago. We did not use condoms as we are both regular with our check up and not intimate with anyone else currently, and , as mentioned above , I'm religious with my birth control. Please help! It's majorly stressing me out , and have this irrational fear of being pregnant. Doing a huge move soon and cannot see a doctor for atleast another 2-3 weeks !
2032002 tn?1331678229 but i think iv been taking them way too early, im prob going to try and take another one at the end of this week because i shouuld be starting my period in a week so hopefully ill get a positive result next time. Now latley iv been getting a white, thick colored discharge every once in a while.
631715 tn?1222392546 do you get clear discharge or white discharge? just curious, because i have been also having white discharge and the right side of my stomach has been hurting during sex.
Avatar n tn you had your period a week ago! You have normal discharge after a menstural..nothing to worry about! Why would you think your pregnant after just having your period?
1123378 tn?1261271361 I got the same thing before my period, during my period and about a week after my period. Panic attack, shortness of breath, exhaustion feeling like going to ER all the time. My doctor did about 30 tests and everything came out fine. I hate to be a woman so much during this time.
Avatar f tn Hi I had sex (march) took postinor 2 period came for 4 days (april) it was heavy about 1 weeks on the 6th day when my period was suppose to ended I had oral sex but he just fingered me about 2 weeks after that I started to get a clear disharge then a few days I saw it white (milky not bad oder) not plenty it itches an burns but I think that's from a cut I have down there which I got from a shaver (sry to be so graphic) I not sure tho so I an taking medz to clean it out cause some how I think it
Avatar f tn I also have this problem (age 31)-- watery discharge with my period and gushes of it! Only recently have I noticed the watery discharge mid cyle -- or about 10 days before my period started. My obgyn has no clue as to what the fluid might be. I've been pretty exhausted lately and after a recent series of blood tests, was diagnosed as very anemic. I don't know if the two are related -- possibly fibroids? I've also been plagued with yeast infections for the last 5 or so years.
Avatar f tn With your expeiernce would it be possible that i coukd be pregnant if i have missed my period by 1 week and i have a large amount of white discharge but it isnt oderd or my vigina isnt itchy, but i mostly scared because i am only 14 and there could be a possible way i may be pregnant due to unprotected sex
Avatar n tn I had a mild case of BV and was prescribed cream which cleared up the infection (that I didn't know I had) right away. The white discharge was present before and is still, weeks after finishing the prescription. I do not think the discharge and the BV are related. I do trust my doctor. I'm not a fan of douching either, but I may try this. I'm willing to try anything at this point!
Avatar n tn cool will get one end of week, sorry to be gross but still havent got my period but today i noticed some creamy white discharge what is that does that mean my period maybe coming
Avatar n tn but i started noticing brownish discharge about 11 days before my period was due and then it got a little heavier for a few hours.. and now it's just a clear discharge that's slightly pink..this has lasted for about 5 days..it's been very light and usually only when i wipe...and i havn't really had any cramping. i'm not due to get my period for another five days..could this be implatation bleeding or is it somthing else?
285848 tn?1219095913 The increase in CM is totally normal before your period starts, I get that too. But as a side note, I had some early pregnancy symptoms several days before I expected my period, then they totally went away... then on the day I expected my period I got a BFP!! The symptoms didn't come back until the start of week 6. So keep the faith... and best wishes!
Avatar f tn We were having intercourse during those 4 days as well as the days before and after. I didn't think much of it, until I started having a large amount of discharge. Its pretty much clear, doesn't smell and very mucus-y if that makes any sense. I have read that it could possibly be due to ovulation, but I am in the middle of my pack, and my period is not expected for another 7-10 days.
Avatar f tn hi, me and my partner are trying first baby, its my third cyclez and did ovulation test for this one and had intercourse at the time.... i am 2 days late and since a week i have xhite dischare back and stomachache as well as sore breast but i did a test this morning negative. my partner said that it was too early.... do u think? does enyone has an idea?
Avatar n tn I have had a thick creme discharge a week before my period was due. Then after that i had a clear discharge. i am 2 days late and NOT a virgin. The last time i had sex was about a week before all this started happening. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!
Avatar f tn this is my first month of TTC, I know when I was fertile due to my discharge and dates. I am now having milky white discharge when I wipe.. Is this a early sign of pregnant? Im not soppused to have my period untill Sept 2nd. So I am now 7 days past ovulation date.
Avatar n tn im just about to finish my second pack of birth control and my period came a week before it was supposed too along with this brown discharge. I started having this discharge once i started the birth control last month when my period ended last time but it only lasted about 2 or 3 days longer then my period. This time i have had it for about 4 days, and still have it. I start a new pack of pills on Sunday. Anyone got any ideas? Is it just old blood?