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Avatar n tn I thought that was strange and then within the last couple of days more flesh colored bumps appeared under my tongue. (I'm not sure how to describe the area right.. Not ON the tongue but in the area under it behind the teeth and gums). Only one small area feels sore and the others don't. There were like one or two that appeared a little white. I have no idea what these bumps could be or what I should do. I have never had anything like these before and it scares me a little.
Avatar m tn I have white bumps under my tongue and on the side of my tongue they hurt and i have white sours on the inside of my cheek that hurt to can not really eat what can i do
Avatar n tn I woke up this morning and found small white bumps under my tongue. I have no idea as to what they could be? They don't hurt or anything, they are just annoying when I rub my tongue against them. I just started seeing someone new though, as far as I know she is clean, but could it be some sort of STD? Hopefully not!
Avatar n tn I finally took a good look at it two days ago to find small white spots about the size of a pencil lead under my tongue where it meets the jaw. I looked again yesterday and today to find the spots are now the same color as the rest of the tongue but still visible. There were also flesh colored bumps on the top of my tongue that didn't irritate and have also left completely.
Avatar n tn I have these small bumps under my tongue that have little white centres but are painless I also have a large bump under the skin of my tongue on the floor and it hurts when I apply pressure to it, it's not visible the underside of my tongue is also whitish in color
Avatar n tn Can you think of anything else that may cause this, I also have developed a white tongue and have a cancor sore under my tongue. I don't know if I should have posted this in the STD forum but that was full. Would it at all be possible for me to get herpes from work, I am a waitress, I touch peoples dirty silverware and glasses, but I wash my hands all the time. Help, I really don't feel like this is an std.
Avatar f tn Also, I looked inside of my mouth because I had been feeling bumpy things but I just thought it was from my braces. There are these little white bumps in the inside of my bottom lip. Also, at the top of my top lip there is something that looks like skin is coming off of the inside of my lip. It's completely white and when I went to pull on my lip, it came off. My top and bottom left side of my lips are also very puffy. Usually, if it was from braces it'd be gone by now.
Avatar m tn A male friend of mine has a red little bump with a white tip under his tongue, it does look like a canker sore but it has been there for over 8 months now and constantly stays there... Also, the left side of his neck gets swollen, like you can see a bump (maybe a lymph node) inside of his neck that swells up right after he eats ONLY. After he eats, his neck gets big AND the red bump gets big under his tongue..
Avatar m tn For last one year or more, I have been experiencing this white dry tongue. Whiteness is at the back of the tongue like in White coating in this picture http://healthfoxx.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/White-Coated-Tongue.jpg However the coating is more prominent towards the back of the tongue. It is not very thick, but it smears evening over back of my tongue. I scrape it every morning and it is back, without fail, by evening, everyday for last 1 year. That is what is worrying me.
Avatar m tn The red bumps may or may not be related to your chest pain and sore throat. I would monitor the red bumps and see if they stay or go after your chest pain and sore throat heal. If they're still there, then i would recommend a biopsy of the area.
Avatar n tn I woke up yesterday with soreness under my tongue. The floor of my mouth and underside of my tongue is red and a bit swollen. There are a few very small (<1mm diameter) red and white bumps on the floor of my mouth that kind of just "blend in" with the inflammation. The frenum is almost white and quite sore. The two little flaps of tissue that run up the bottom of the tongue alongside the two veins seem to have grown a bit in width (they are rather flappy now) and are red.
Avatar m tn Someone posted here about this last year, but there was no follow-up. Wondering what happened, because now I, too, have these weird, annoying bumps. The only three things that have changed/happened: dental work three weeks ago (filling replacement), started taking mushroom and respiratory supplements, tried to make my own Kefir water, drank a small glass and didn't like it. But Kefir grains do have yeast/bacteria and wondering if I have inadvertently cultured my mouth.
Avatar n tn In such a case, a surgery is often required to correct the damage in the salivary gland and restore it to normal. Cancer Sometimes the white bump under tongue or any other bump on tongue (for that matter) can sometimes be an indication of a very serious ailment like tongue cancer. Solution Visiting a doctor and getting a thorough check up done becomes imperative if you suspect cancer.
Avatar n tn Haven't had any ARS symptoms. Got tested at 3 weeks which came out negative. Does white bumps on your tongue considered a ARS symptom. My tongue does not look like oral thrush. They arent lesions or painful.
Avatar m tn i've only noticed it for the past 3 days, a somewhat white patch that looks like little bumps on the back of my tongue. so even though both medical professionals i went too said it did not appear to be thrush or a yeast infection in my mouth, i am very worried and want to know what it is or how i can fix this. any information is much appreciated thank you.
Avatar m tn I noticed a small white spot on the side of my tongue, about halfway between the tip & base of the tongue. It appears to be under the skin, unlike any canker sore I have ever had. There is some pain that is similar to a canker, but not as prevalent. If I run my finger over it, I can feel that it is slightly raised, but (again) not as much as a canker. I've attached a photo. It is kind of hard to see, but this is the best I could get. Thank you for any information.
Avatar f tn I questioned him if this could have been caused when I bit a Triscuit cracker wrong and it went under that side of my tongue and poked me quite badly. I had to remove it with my finger! He said we'd just be guessing. He did reassure me that he isn't concerned about cancer (I'm a terrible worrier since colon cancer and a met to my liver three years later) with a clear full body PET scan three weeks ago. There is also no redness, ulceration or any external signs of the bump.
Avatar n tn My siser has a 3 1/2 month old son. She discovered that he has developed tiny white bumps on his gums. At first she assumed he may be teething however the bumps are not where you would expect teeth to sprout. This seems to make him colicky and he suddenly is waking every two hours again. At first I thought this may be thrush but she said that the bumps are hard. Anyone have any ideas?
Avatar n tn the bumps under your tongue that hurt are probably just blocked ducts ( forget the official name of them at the moment ). typically they go away on their own but if they don't , follow up on them with your dentist and they can help you. White spots under your tongue aren't likely to be due to herpes either.
Avatar n tn I've been suffering for days because of these white bumps on the tip and side of my tongue. I tried cutting off the white pieces with a cuticle cutter needless to say that failed miserably and caused much more pain the following day. I went on the internet to check out wtf was going on and stumbled upon this page. I tried out kelseyreneefuller's suggestion of dipping my tongue into pretty hot unsweetened tea and although it hurt to keep it longer than 1 second I kept doing it.
Avatar n tn various taste buds on the top of my tongue turning white and becoming painful, each feeling like tiny pin pricks on my tongue. No bleeding. I always thought that this was a symptom of herpes (even though I was suffering pain - and pain does not usually accompany herpes outbreaks). My tongue symptoms are worse when I was under stress, and after I ran the Chicago Marathon my tongue broke out with about a dozen such white "spots" that were very painful indeed.