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Avatar m tn I have these white bumps on my tongue. They reoccur every once in a while. They are normally on the sides of my tongues or at the tip. They really hurt and its really bothering me. I'm just wondering what the cause of this is, what it is called and have to prevent it / cure it.
Avatar n tn My son also has 2 white bumps on the end of his tongue that he was born with. When the Pediatrician saw him before we were released from the hospital, she called them some big long name(that I can't remember), and said not to worry about it. She said sometimes they just go away on their own. He is now 7 1/2mths old and they are still there, and 1 is a little red on the tip. I made a Doctors appt. for next week with our family Doc, but I have to wait until August to get in with the Pediatrician.
1170277 tn?1412278353 But now, I've developed these little white bumps on the tip of my tongue and my gums are a bit swollen all of a sudden. The white bumps burn and they almost feel like canker sores but I'm not sure if that's what they are. Any advice?
Avatar n tn I've been suffering for days because of these white bumps on the tip and side of my tongue. I tried cutting off the white pieces with a cuticle cutter needless to say that failed miserably and caused much more pain the following day. I went on the internet to check out wtf was going on and stumbled upon this page. I tried out kelseyreneefuller's suggestion of dipping my tongue into pretty hot unsweetened tea and although it hurt to keep it longer than 1 second I kept doing it.
Avatar f tn I have noticed tiny white bumps on the tip and side of my tongue. However they are big enough to feel against my lips. The bumbs really hurt as if I had bitten my tongue. The bumps come and go. What could this be?
Avatar n tn the tongue is lined with what we call the papillae which is found on all normal tongues, these are bumbs. the tiny white bumb you notice might be the papillae or different thing all together. the irritations and pains you noticed, might be due to your previous attempt to 'pop' the bumb. So, you might have to see your doctor for further examination.
Avatar n tn My 7 yr. old son has tiny white dot like bumps on his tongue, and on the very tip of the tongue the dots seem to have grown into one large white spot. They are not outlined in red, just white. He cries alot over them & wakes at night screaming in pain. We try baby orajel swabs and a benadryl/mylanta mix on the surface of tongue, but it doesn't help alot. This was at the suggestion of his pediatrician, but I'm praying there is something else we can do as this doesn't seem to help.
Avatar f tn In the last few years I have had tiny white bumps appear on the tip of my tongue and my tongue appears swollen. In the past I have taken benadryl and that has taken care of it. They seem to come more often now. I keep up on my teeth cleanings and fillings if needed. I also suffer now from hypothyroidism due to the irradation of my thyroid due to hyperthyroidism. Could that be the cause? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn Thanks To All That Take The Time To Help!! This discussion is related to White, painful bumps on the tip of my tongue for past 4 days, and a swolen lip..
Avatar f tn For the last couple days I've been getting little white bumps on my tongue. My mom diagnosed them as canker sores. I've gotten them in the past, but usually only one and they last 2 -4 days max. At the beginning of the week I got one. I figured it would go away soon, so I ignored the pain and tried not to bite at it. Well, by the next morning there was another one and today there is another one. The first one started to go away a bit, but I'm worried I'm only going to get more.
Avatar n tn I have a bunch of white spots on the tip of my tongue. They have been there for about a week and are painful. About 3 days after these appeared my throat started getting sore. Then a couple days later I started getting larger red bumps on the rest of my tongue. I've never had anything like this before and I can't recall eating anything out of the ordinary. I was just wondering if this was a run of the mill viral infection or if I should go get checked out.
Avatar f tn ok, so I'm getting the same problem too. After reading all of these comments im kind of getting scared about having herpes or something. About 4 days ago I noticed that i got little cuts on the corners of my lips and that there was a little white thing on it that looked like a pimple but it isnt, and the tip of my tongue reallyyy hurts like crazyy. I have noticed that there are little white bumps on it .. and i usually never have that.
Avatar n tn I noticed some bumps on back of her shoulder and on her tummy she said those are bug bites got them from camping. After nearly five days of this exposure I have a sore on the tip of my tongue with little white puss (it wasn't a bump). it is small I don't have any pain (just slight tingling sensation when I touch the sore with my teeth) I can eat normally. I am not sure when was the last time I had cold sore on tongue. It is 36 hrs since I noticed this sore.
Avatar n tn I have a large bump extending from the middle of my tongue back and is raised. Along with a few other bumps on the tip of the tongue and close to the front a few other bumps. They are normally white, except for the one at the back of my tongue which seems to hold no color at all. Yet all of them hurt while swallowing. I also have swelling around my front teeth in the back, kinda of half circle shaped towards the tooth along with swollen glands and 2 or 3 white spots on the back of my uvula.
748964 tn?1233259779 1) and diarrhea for about a day. I have one bump on the tip, one underneath and one on the side. The bumps are on the inside so they aren't really noticeable by looking at them. My wifes bumps started the same way but it later turned into an ulcer-looking thing on the tongue, then went away. I do not have the burning sensation at the top of my mouth like my wife did. I am currently on antibiotics (3rd day). Problem is that my wife is starting to get her bumps back.
Avatar m tn I noticed a small white spot on the side of my tongue, about halfway between the tip & base of the tongue. It appears to be under the skin, unlike any canker sore I have ever had. There is some pain that is similar to a canker, but not as prevalent. If I run my finger over it, I can feel that it is slightly raised, but (again) not as much as a canker. I've attached a photo. It is kind of hard to see, but this is the best I could get. Thank you for any information.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencimg great discomfort for the past four days and nights due to a few little white bumps on the tip of my tongue. I have been rinsing my mouth out with listerine, using the listerine pocket-packs, salt and water, brushing consistently, even anbesol GEL and its still not healing, it may even be getting worst. I even tried pouring salt right on the bumps and left it until my eyes started to water.
Avatar m tn For the past 2 months now, every so often I have little white bumps (they look a little like cankers) that flare up on the tip of my tongue. They are not painful but just irritating and a little sensitive. Sometimes many bumps flare up and other times, maybe one or two flare up. Along with the bumps, I will get a bit of a scratchy throat. It does not hurt but like the little bumps, it just feels a bit irritating.
Avatar n tn I have white bumps on the tip of my tongue. I went to the clinic and she said it was a viral infection and prescribed me acyclovir. Does this mean i have herpes?
Avatar m tn Normally if i just dont move my tongue its fine as long as it just rests in my mouth and doesn't touch my mouth. The bumbs are only on the tip and on the side not the entire tongue. Please tell me what this could be and if I should have it checked out! I'm really freaking out!!
Avatar n tn the bump on my tongue is white and painful. its on the tip, and i also have one on the side of my tongue. it started out as a bump and now is a very small circle. its so effing irritating. its like those bumps you get from eating candy, but i havent been eating any sweets. What the hell is it?
Avatar m tn Just yesterday, I noticed a red circular formation starting to appear again on the tip of my tongue and today, it has a very tiny white puss looking bump on the edge of the center of the red circle. I'm starting to freak out it might be herpes, though I do not show any other lesions anywhere and the location seems unlikely compared to other spots herpes could form in the mouth.
Avatar m tn the tip of my tongue has been stinging the past week after i brush my teeth and tongue.i looked at it todat and saw blister like shapes(wazy ovals) on the tip of my tongue and they were red.what could this be?
Avatar n tn as the day progressed, there were some white bumps on the side(s) of my tongue. The look like little white heads. As a child, i always used to get cancar sores from my retainers *just thought i should add that in there*. anyway, this is only on the tip/FRONT of my tongue...and it hurts/burns. I'm very concerned bc NOTHING like this has happened to me before. currently, i have a boyfriend and we have had unprotected/protected intercourse as well as unprotected oral.
Avatar f tn Anyway my 2nd oral outbreak I believe started w a sensitive feeling inside my mouth in my inside left cheek and sensation travelled to front of my mouth. Then I had all bumps on my tongue raised same colour as tongue some size of a tac some tiny raised taste buds. Also had craters at side of tongue and tip. 3 dr said not herpes one dr said maybe. Got it swabbed 4 days after presentation of symptoms 1. What does herpes look like on the tongue vs another viral outbreak or just stomatis? 2.
756940 tn?1233909529 I have had painful bumps on the tip of my tongue occur after eating certain foods - oven-baked potato skin and Swiss cheese. It happened again this week after a couple of years free from it. It's annoying and uncomfortable, but it does go away. Oh, and I think certain potato chips will cause it for me, as well. I'm wondering if certain enzymes can trigger a reaction, in my case.
Avatar n tn My girlfriend started noticing some odd "dents\craters" on her tongue 2 days ago. It started out as 3 separate pea to dime sized "craters" 1 on the side of her tongue and 2 on the tip of the tongue. After a day the two front craters joined and expanded into one large crater that takes up the majority of the top part of the tip of her tongue.