Which vessel would carry blood high in nutrients

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783212 tn?1295028006 But my blood pressure had been high and recently found out that I have vessel damage behind my eyes due to high blood pressure. I also have vessel damage on a brain MRI. I am just wondering how high blood pressure is bad if my heart is fine.
3098237 tn?1341144711 What does all of this mean? Why would a blood vessel be large or enlarged? Why would the level of somatostatin in my blood be high if there is no tumor? I can't seem to get any straight answers!
Avatar n tn In your opinion, do you think it would be safe to remove one kidney that is functioning 0% and leave someone with the other kidney that is only functioning 70% that needs microvalve surgery as well or do you think it's safer to wait and do both surgeries at the same time to give them a better chance of having the good kidney stronger from the repair so it can do the job of both rather than risking the possibility of it failing as well and putting her in greater danger than she was at the beg
1398693 tn?1343684738 also a narrow lumen from negative remodeling of the vessel will also increase systolic pressure. Negative remodeling is a condition in which the vessel area decreases in size, often as a result of a STRUCTURAL change in the coronary vessel wall...plaque between the vessel 3 layers can cause negative remodeling or positive remodeling (positve relates to the outer layer of the vessel.
Avatar n tn Anything that slows blood flow can promote platelets in the blood to stick to the narrow vessel. After a while the platelets form a clot. These clots can break loose and travel. Depending their location, if it travels to the heart and block coronary arteries it is called a heart attack, if reaches the lungs it is called a pulmonary embolism, if it hits the brain it's called a stroke, if the clot forms in the legs due to long periods of inactivity then it is called deep vein thrombosis.
976897 tn?1379167602 specifically, in situations of stress on the myocardial (heart muscle) tissue, often as a result of small vessel disease, the myocardial tissue gets insufficient oxygen and nutrients. This leads to destructive lactic acidosis in the tissue which, if unchecked, leads to death of the myocardial cells. This process is largely unrelated to coronary artery disease. As the doctor states, angina is caused when blood flow to an area of the heart is decreased.
Avatar m tn To stop or slow progress of CAD is not implanting stent, but as Ed states there needs to be some self help with proper diet, exercise, etc. Oh, a stent works in the short term and it opens a vessel for better blood flow, but with medication vessels can relax and widen the diameter of the vessel as well.for better flow. What is the advantage of mechanically opening the vessel? I would rather leave my option remain for a stent later if necessary.
Avatar m tn At the time they identified a second major restriction (80%) in the RHS main blood vessel. They went in to stent this last month but failed in 7 attempts due to extreme calcification (doctor said 3/3000 such problems over his last year). Told me the blood vessel could not be bypassed due to its size. Furthermore the RHS supplied only a minor part of my heart and that this occurrence must have been long term so little need to worry about this in future.
Avatar n tn These are called subconjunctival hemorrhages, and are harmless to the eye and do not hurt the vision. They can result from injury, high blood pressure, taking blood thinners, straining, coughing, sneezing, contact lens wear. Despite their appearance, they are not dangerous. There is no way to prevent them. If you have recurrent hemorrhages, I would have a work-up with your medical doctor to be sure you do not have a clotting disorder, but this is very rare.
Avatar f tn Would my knees turning black due to no blood supply be cause from high cholesterol?
Avatar n tn Opening a vessel that has collaterals, will diminish the blood flow through the collaterals as the newly opened totally blocked vessel will reduce the gradient pressure as blood will flow through the vessel with least resistence and no longer through the collaterals. What happens to the area that has been supllied by the collaterals? Where is the the evidence that the collateral fed area does not need a blood supply?
Avatar f tn What does it mean when your baby has two vessel cord? The dr. Tells me her blood fliw isnt running right and she might be small when born.
1560487 tn?1294844479 This morning I woke up and there was blood in the white outer part of my left eye and a bit in the inner corner.I am on high blood pressure pills .Is this something I should be concerned about?
Avatar n tn I would stay away from statins if at all possible. They cause a lot of problems your doc will never tell you about, and they interfere with the absorption of nutrients that also protect your heart since they interfere with the absorption of fat soluble nutrients. So the first question is, how high is the LDL and how high the HDL. My HDL is so high my LDL is pretty irrelevant, and high cholesterol isn't a main consideration in heart disease, it's oxidized cholesterol that is.
Avatar f tn The corona radiata is basically a bundle of nerve fibers located in the brain, these nerve fibers carry information between the brain cells in the cerebral cortex and the brain cells in the brain stem, the corona radiata also receives it's blood supply from small branches of the arteries in the brain......T2, Flair, diffusion are basically the different MRI sequences they use.
Avatar f tn Gracie, A little background may help. FLAIR stands for FLuid Attenuation Inversion Recovery, which is basically a fancy way of saying that free unrestricted water will lose singnal at MRI on the FLAIR sequence. It is sometimes called T2-FLAIR but I will just call it FLAIR so as not have you confuse it with T2 which is a different (but related) sequence.
Avatar f tn Sometimes when I have to go and have a bowel motion it is very hard to pass and when I wipe the area there is often streaky blood like material on the toilet paper there is also blood in the stool although this has not been tested but that is what it looks like. This only happens occasionally. My Doctor has sent me for two bowel tests which had me empty my bowel both were not conclusive because for various reasons they were not able to complete the tests.
Avatar m tn Last week during my yearly eye exam he discovered another small ruptured vessel in the same eye. I take blood pressure medicine and a statin and baby aspirin. He thought it might be related to high blood pressure but is referring me to my doctor for follow-up. Before both eye exams I recall that I had done heavy lifting of stones and furniture, etc...
Avatar f tn Gatorade is high in sodium, so while it keeps you hydrated and provides electrolytes, it can contribute to high blood pressure if too much is consumed. soda is pure caffeine and sugar and empty calories. no nutrients.
Avatar n tn My eye doctor just did a MRI and found abnormal spots in the white matter on my brain.Also they found enlarged blood vessel/or blood vessels ad said I have optic neuritis?My eye DR.said that there is a good chance I have MS from these tests.Do you agree?What is the mortality rate from MS?What are the chances of the blood vessels rupturing?Also what else could the spots in the white matter be if it is not MS?They are sending me to a Neurologist but this is so scary until I can get in to see him.
Avatar f tn Hi, Every morning when I wake I have recently noticed that my eyes are especially red and the blood vessels extremely prominant especially in one of my eyes. After a few hours the redness dies down but I am worried what this might be my optician said my eyes look healthy but I have high eye pressures 26-28 so could this be that at night my pressures are going sky high and causing this? Any advice would be grateful.
Avatar n tn At a bifurgated junction the blood flow is divided from the same source. A blockage in the diagonal and a blockage in the other vessel that was sharing a blood supply can be compromised. By opening one or the or the other blockage will reduce the gradient pressure of the newly opened or enlarged vessel lumen and this will increase the velocity and blood flow through that vessel and that could certainly reduce velocity and blood flow through the other vessel.
11133727 tn?1417112793 s weight especially in the late stages can compress major blood vessels which may not make you super uncomfortable but can restrict blood flow (and with it, nutrients and oxygen) to the placenta. At least make sure you're shifted to one side or the other, with a pillow under your hip, if you can't get comfortable on your side.
Avatar n tn My aunty had an angioplasty in 2004 which failed. The angioplasty was done with a good qualtiy stent. She was not done bypass surgery at that time. She is keeping a high blood pressure now a days. Should i go for bypass surgery ??
Avatar n tn She has a detached retina as a result of a burst blood vessel and is now blind in that eye. Her eye sight in her other eye is poor and i'm worried for her sight. Is there any operation that can restore the sight in the eye with the retina damage. If so which hospitals, where, and how much would it cost.
Avatar m tn I also had an FA done on my and the doc pointed to this vein in my retina in which she said could be the light gray area. I was curious since yours was from a collapsed blood vessel as well that your sit might be the same as mine. I also couldnt find anyone here with the same sit that could answer my question. I am thinking og going to another retinal surgeon in the next few weeks or wait a month or so. Im debating about giving it a little more time....
3098237 tn?1341144711 What does all of this mean? Why would a blood vessel be large or enlarged? Why would the level of somatostatin in my blood be high if there is no tumor? I can't seem to get any straight answers!