Where does a stress headache hurt

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Avatar f tn I doubt very higly that you have a tumor or meningitis. You are having one hell of a stress headache that has now progressed, no doubt, into a migraine. Find a quiet, peaceful place where you can rest and calm down and think about that therapy we always talk about. Wouldn't you like these sorts of episodes to stop? Therapy can do that for you. I hope you feel better soon......I do understand the pain and fear of migraines.
Avatar f tn i went to the doctor a couple weeks ago and he said i just skipped a period and that can cause pregnancy symptoms. its now the second moth of not getting my period. a few days ago my back started to hurt. i have backaches alot so i didnt pay much attention to it. then yesterday my back really hurt. i woke up this morning and my lower back and hips were really achy. i went to work and i started to feel groggy and the pain was getting worse.
667923 tn?1421466324 Well, I agree Fibro, does describe a lot...but just the spot, where the AVM is feels strange and pulled all the time. The scalp over that spot is real sore and I can't even touch my hair there,because it feels like it has been pulled for a long time, up in a tight rubber band or bow. I do have warm flushing areas at the back of my neck and over my shoulder blades that feels like someone is pouring warm liquid.
Avatar n tn My wife for the past few days has on and off a pulsating headache that we think fits in the category of vascular headache. It is not a migraine headache because she shows none of the other symptoms that we have seen listed for migraine. It does not appear to fit the category of cluster headache or of tension headache either. What are the common causes of vascular, non-migraine headaches?
Avatar n tn I am a migraineur but usually I have the visual aura and not a terrible headache. This time I started with tingling in hands mouth and feet (mostly on left side but also on right.) I've had the tingling before and was checked with everything-- all OK thankfully -- and this time I also checked out OK... But the headache is persistent... it's mostly in the back of my head on the bottom and sometimes moves up to the back top. Nothing really works to help it.
Avatar n tn Hi Everyone, :) here's something that is truly grinding me down, can anyone offer any constructive advice please? I know it seems like a long message but believe it or not I have really tried to make it as brief as possible but at the same time answer most questions up front that may be asked. :) Main but not all symptoms and feelings - as brief as possible. About 80% of the descriptions and symtoms are as found at: http://www.headaches.com - have asked them but no reply so far.
Avatar n tn I also have had a perpetual headache since 10/99. I have had 2-2 week periods without a headache since then. It is in my neck (both sides but the left is worse) and the base of my skull outward toward my ears. My jaw hurts and sometimes I feel a pressure in my ears.
Avatar f tn It says you can get shortness of breath, chest pressure, headache, dizziness and on and on so now I am really scared. I get a lot of upper chest pain but have the spots that hurt to touch with the pain. I have fibromyalgia and my Dr. does not think it is cardiac pain but because of being a senor citizen and never having one done before she wants me to have it. please tell me your experience with the test good or bad so I know what I am in for.
Avatar f tn We felt like he didn't put enough effort in the past, playing a lot of video games everyday. Is there a big concern about his mental health and get checked? Thanks!
Avatar f tn This is my first posting to this forum and I'm looking for a little advice. I am 41 years old. I had a dermoid cyst removed via laparascopy back at the end of March 2007.
Avatar f tn There might be a few reasons why you have had a constant headache. 1) You have pulled/strained/hurt a muscle or muscles in your back/neck in which you could try physio massage or, even better, accupuncture. 2) It could be your diet (Chocolate or caffeine) 3) Hormone levels fluctuating (You can get this checked with your doc) 4) If the headache is behind your eyes there could be some strain going on there, so go to an eye specialist.
Avatar n tn Any relationship to your cycle? What part of your head is tingly. Where does it feel heavy? Do you or your family have a history of migraine headaches? I'm suspicious that your problem is with migraine headaches which are often felt with pain over the sinuses and side of the head. Dizzines is also common as is the odd, "out of body" sensation. In all, I don't have a good sense for overall what you're feeling.
Avatar n tn neddie was yours a sudden-onset headache? since 1988 is a long time. i hope that the nerve block works. where is your headache located? where is everyone else's headache located? was anyone's sudden onset, or over a few days, or after a virus?
Avatar n tn This is after the GPs have tried me on a variety of meds and given me dx from tension headache to cluster headache to spinal problem. I have had two CT scans that came back clear. The headache has usually always been located in my temple region on the left hand side of my head and is so intensity on days it reduces me to tears. The artery infront of my left ear (suoperfdacial temporal artery) is also inflammed and can be clearly felt throbbing and is raised. I am 22.
Avatar n tn The best person to see is a neurologist specializing in headache, or at a headache center, such as the Cleveland Clinic Headache Center. They can differentiate benign from non-benign headache and provide appropraite treatment for both the headache and the other symptoms.
205230 tn?1237408793 Is there anyway this can be related to the progesterone or the vivelle??? I had a quick headache too (and I barely ever get headaches). The side of my right upper thigh is numb and part of my butt cheek. The nurse said the injection probably went into a nerve. That started in the beginning of the week and it makes sense...I remember the shot that really stung on that side. It's been numb ever since.
Avatar n tn You are going to get a lot of people telling you stress, anxiety but you are probably going to get a response of someone you says, YIKES go to the ER--I had that same thing. Actually a couple people, due to your appearant desperation suggested the ER and you questioned that. I can really sympathize with what you are feeling. I went to Centra care the other night because my chest hurt so bad and I was so short of breath.
1235345 tn?1268245933 Because the neck was bent I am certain this was causing CSF problems, which caused the chiari headache but then interestingly enough, I got a headache... very much like my old migraines but not quite as severe probably because when I sat back up things returned to normal. CSF should NOT be blocked.. find someone that will know more about Chiari and CSF, it is not easy to find someone to listen but if there is a chance that it is what causes her pain it will be worth the hunt!
Avatar n tn A number of 'red flags' make a scan essential, such as a focal neurological abnormality on examination, worst headache of your life, loss of consciousness, fever with neck stiffness etc. Amitryptaline when used for facial pain is usually for 'trigeminal neuralgia' - pain from the nerve supplying the facial skin - but this pain is usually very severe in paroxysms, so it does not sound like your pain.
Avatar n tn For the last 4 weeks I have had a headache that is very different from a sinus headache or a migraine. And the ear ringing is so distracting. They have tried a shot of tribadol, relpax for migraines, mucinex for fluid behind the ears, sudafed, and most recently antibiotics for possible virus. They just did an MRI and are sending me to a Neurologist. I am so frustrated and confused about who to even see for this. I am going to try the yoga exercises and hope to share some good news.
Avatar n tn if half a potato doesn't trigger a headache, but a full potato does... then eat half a potato and then an hour later eat the other half... so, lots of small meals throughout the day. think like 6 or 8 small meals through out the day. so, although you are technically "snacking" you aren't eating snack food... you're eating healthy foods with low sugar content that will provide you with the nutrients you need to stay healthy.
Avatar n tn I dont know where are we going wrong.We have been married for 2 and a half yrs and started ttc around 9 months back.I am taking evening primrose oil and folic acid regularly.For the past 2 months i make it a point to put a pillow under my butt after every intercourse but still no results.I have a confusion about 1 thing though.Every month there is 1 day when i see my cervical mucus hanging from my vagina....my doc said this marks the beginning of the fertile phase.
1052851 tn?1307744760 I feel less stress in my neck and shoulders, but when I do get really anxious it does creep in a bit. About the pain after the shots, you have to remember that Botox is basically a poison, and your body will try to fight it. I havent had severe pain, but I do get a mild headache after I get it. I would suggest that if the pain was that severe, take the pain killer before, and after apply a cold compress to the area to ease any skin reaction.
219241 tn?1413541365 I keep telling the driver that it really is my stop and would it be ok if it could slow down to a speed where I escape out the door and thus not injure myself? But my driver says, "No, bugger off! You are a passenger in this vehicle so sit tight, shut up and enjoy the views" I kindly explain to the driver that it was never my intent to partake of this alleged road trip, but am silenced with a look that is pure evil. MY USA TRIP.
Avatar n tn maybe your cat is in love with your, because last thing I knew, you cant get a cat in water for Nothing! - Maybe the cat does have a crush on you,,it should be running from water! Laughing....but it's good i think...w/d's and lack of sleep were all still going!
Avatar n tn so I had an upper Endo this last Thurs, he took bx's and says call in a week. I puked all day, couldn't keep anything down...Friday I had a headache all day...husband was acting like a jerk all day (connection?)..today he starts a fight first thing in the morning and then leaves for work without a word...Everytime I need him to help me because I am sick or had surgery or whatever, he gets anoyed about it, like I am such a royal pain and why can't I get my own puke bucket?
Avatar f tn I'mthe sweetest person, loving, caring, put others before myself. But after suffering from a headache for 7 days straight I know I'm a straight up hateful creature to be around. But I honestly try not to let it affect me because I hate being evil. I really don't know much about the VA but do yourself a huge favor. Do some research familiarize yourself with terms related to the anatomy of your skull and brain. That way you will be able to know your doctor when you find him or her.
3177799 tn?1351289801 I feel at a loss as to what to do next if the other shoe does drop. I think the neuro that I just saw is a ding a ling and doesn't know what to do with me. I started meds with the Lyme doctor just to see if I had a reaction and I broke out in a rash all over my body. That was very strange because I had taken the Biaxin and Plaquenil combo for quite awhile previously with no adverse reactions. Actually, that is what made me feel better years ago.
Avatar n tn You need to take care of your self and actually a visit to your family physician will help matters. First, I would find out where you had your stroke. If it is in a spot that could induce pain, such as the thalamus, then you need to see a neurologist. You need to see your family physician and help get your anxiety under control. There may be other problems that need to be addressed and he/she can help co-ordinate these. Again, your baby need his/her mother in good health.