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7282682 tn?1397241335 I've always been a 'sneezer'. I have debilitating allergies to just about anything you could think of, so it's year round. I've got used to all of the stares when you are out in public and start a sneezing fit! (People look at you like you should be quarantined!!) I hope this (and all other symptoms) passes very quickly for you. You are doing a great job!! Keep on truckin' along!!
690549 tn?1288886321 a sneeze changes things a sticky note becomes your brain you say pickle, he says purple an itch consumes you the fog moves in on big flat feet it's too hard to manuever a turn there's not one more ounce of energy you trade five minutes of work for 30 of rest holding up your head deserves congratulations getting down your pills takes half a day planning takes as much energy as doing
296076 tn?1371338074 I'll be 28 weeks tomorrow, and let me tell ya...I pee when I sneeze, I pee when I laugh, I pee when I cough....I pee when I blink my eyes...lol. And Kegel-schmegel...I've been doing those damn exercises since I got the postive pg test 6 months ago......they haven't helped! And from what I understand...it just gets worse toward the end when the little one is really putting pressure on the bladder!! I've also started to wear a pantyliner...just in case....especially at work....OMG...
Avatar n tn What do you think? Surely I do not want to continue having this awful pain when I sneeze. I thank you for your time.
Avatar f tn I've been sneezing a lot today and I am in agony when I sneeze. Does this sound like a pinched nerve? And should it go away on its own?
620923 tn?1452919248 I just saw a pic on Pinterest that said "you know you have a chronic illness when you have to give yourself a pep talk just to get off the couch to get a drink" lol so true
620923 tn?1452919248 You know you have Chiari . . . when you get excited to find out that you're going to have brain surgery - at long last!
620923 tn?1452919248 you know you have the wrong dr, when the dr cant even pronounce chiari malformation and you have to correct the doctor !
6384874 tn?1385433406 Recently I have noticed that I see stars when I sneeze. Almost like little fireflies for a few seconds. Does this happen to any one else? I'm just curious. Thanks!
5609044 tn?1383518543 When you have to use ten different pillows at night just to try to get some sleep in. Or when you go out to eat and you ask to be seated somewhat close to the bathroom so you don't have to walk back and forth through the whole restaurant 100 times. Oh! And that your tummy is so big you can't see your feet and end up tripping over everything! @emmalynsmommy Yes! I accidentally hit a bird while driving the other day and literally had to pull over because I couldn't stop laughing/crying!
Avatar f tn With me it turn out to be a cyst on my ovary and that's where the pain was coming from. You should ask your doctor about checking your ovaries when you have your next ultrasound.
Avatar m tn I have not being able to sneeze for one week. I get the sensation but it does not develop into a full sneeze. I went to the doctor and he thinks is probably allergy related. Any suggestions? I do suffer from headaches in my forehead, watery eyes, my nose seems dry. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/501932'>hearing tested</a>.
Avatar n tn When I sneeze I often experience a sharp tingling/burning sensation from my shoulders to my pinky fingers. It feels like someone is pulling the fibers of my muscles apart like string cheese. My best guess is that I am pinching a nerve, what, if any adjustments would you recommend.
Avatar n tn i think is because of spit when you sneeze. sometimes when you sneeze you accidently spray some out and that goes into the air. after few seconds you'll be able to smell something smelly. I've experienced that when i sneezed in the car and lots of droplets from my sneeze went everywhere inside the car.
Avatar m tn For a while now, my fiance has been noticing when I sneeze there's a bad odor. I don't know why It stinks, or where it's coming from. Do you have any answers for me?
Avatar f tn I am on baby #3 and even when I am not pregnant I pee when I sneeze. Gets worse with every child. At this point I can't sneeze, laugh, run , or jump on a trampoline. By the time I have this baby I will be wearing adult diapers.
Avatar f tn so consciously squeeze BEFORE you sneeze, when u feel that little tingle in your nose!!! Definitely helps!
Avatar f tn Do you have to hold you're stomach when you're pregnant? My grandma said I hAve to but sometimes she gets her stories messes up so I am asking all the ladies here that know about pregnancy more ?
Avatar m tn After blunt trauma to the chest, such as a fall on the ribs, a doctor should be seen if you have any shortness of breath or pain associated with breathing. If blood is coughed up (called hemoptysis) after chest trauma or rib injury, this can be a sign of a more serious condition and should be treated by a doctor. Call 911 for emergency medical services if there is any significant chest pain or severe shortness of breath.
Avatar n tn Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any other queries.
Avatar f tn Also if you're overweight it could help to try to loose weight. If you don't have any such obvious causes, perhaps you should talk to your dr to see if there is anything else you can do that will help.
Avatar n tn sometimes when I let a big sneeze out, I get a real intense, sharp pain by my shoulder blades. the pain will fade away slowly in about ten seconds. but everytime I sneeze after that, no matter how small, I get this sharp pain.
Avatar f tn Cough or sneeze = pee in pants. I have to hold myself sometimes when I sneeze.
620923 tn?1452919248 You know you have Chiari...- -when you sneeze and have extreme pain. -when you are 16 and all your friends are driving and you can't get your license because you have black outs. -when you cannot stay awake at work or school because you slept about 2 hours last night. -when someone complains about a "headache" and you can't even say anything back. -when your friends know to walk around you just in case your trip or fall. -when you hands go instantly numb and you drop everything.
15246051 tn?1439361867 I would say you can mention it at your next visit but no need to call in just for that. Its ligament pain. When you sneeze or cough, it makes the abdominal muscles contract and it pulls on your ligaments. And with pregnancy you produce a hormone called relaxine that relaxes your ligaments and thus they can hurt more easily. I have those kind of pains too but really nothing to worry about. It lasts a few minutes then goes away.