When does suboxone withdrawal start

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Avatar f tn Kova, I've been on suboxone for 5yrs now.. Even though suboxone is not a real opiate it does have its own symptoms that you will notice when you come off.. I've felt almost the same as when I came off methadone, shakey muscles, headaches, a lot of the symptoms I felt coming off methadone. You DO have to taper slowly off suboxone even down to 1 to 1/2mg. and even lower if needed. I hope the best for you n good luck........
Avatar m tn my personal sub doc (VERY EXPENSIVE BY THE WAY) assured me it was giving me my life back.... easy to say when you are not going thru methadone withdrawal and want to quit hurting. but in reality its the toughest 2 weeks of your life. I have a very physical job (I move furniture) and fell hook line sinker for that lie. I went thru 4 days of hell making sure I didnt get PRECIPITED WITHDRAWALnow I am struggiling with 7 days clean. I have slept a grand total of 12 hrs sleep.
Avatar f tn HI. I am on day 12 of suboxone withdrawal. It has been hell. How much long will this be going on? Im not sleeping more than an hour or 2 a night. When I jumped off, I was down to 2mg a day. I haven't been able to function at all. No work, barely able to get out of bed. It isn't getting better. I have pretty much accepted that I have condemned myself to a life of this agony. Please help.
Avatar f tn Could someone please help me. I was wondering when I would start to feel withdrawal symptoms from suboxone and how bad they will be. I have been taking 8mgs a day for about 4 months. My doc tapered me off this week. 2 days @ 6mg, 2 days @4mgs, 2 days @ 2mgs and today nothing. I feel the same. No major withdrawal. When will it happen? Does it take a few days to wear off? How long? Any advice helps. Thanks!
Avatar n tn How long will suboxone withdrawal last? I am at 39 days off suboxone and still experiencing mild withdrawal. I was on sub. for around 2 1/2 yrs. and jumped off at 12mg. It is definitely not as bad as the first few weeks but this is lasting forever. I had to withdraw from college this quarter and haven't been back to work for a while. Is anyone going through the same situation?
Avatar n tn I jumped at 1mg and had some pretty severe withdrawal for a while. Im told that the withdrawal lasts so long coming off suboxone due to the long half life-- It stays in your system for a while after you take your last dose. I wont lie to you - it may be really tough the first 2 weeks. I found medhelp on day 8 and posted a panicked message not unlike yours begging anyone to tell me how long. And many came by to help thankfully.
Avatar n tn my bosses whom are good friends of mine and know the full story of my drug problem and how i went on treatment and now i am going thru withdrawal off the damn medicine they put me on to stop using (suboxone) and they told me they noticed a considerable improvement today... which is awesome. 4mg xanax for $10 isnt the best price, since i dont have healthcare it might of even cost me more to go thru a doctor, but there is not really a price on making it thru this withdraw..!
Avatar m tn Hello. Suboxone has a pretty long drawn out withdrawal.. Unfortunately many of us suboxone users dont realize this until its time to quit. My best advise is to get down to even smaller amounts.. Like a quarter of a quarter.. or tiny crumb of sliver..then every other day.. You will probably have some withdrawal no matter what you do. Just brace yourself and hang in there.. All the normal tips for easing the withdrawal - lots of fluids, advil, hot baths, and exercise..
Avatar m tn However, I was in no state of mind nor had the resources to research the horrible affects of suboxone when they put me on it. I was snowed. I know it doesn't do me any good at this point to focus on the wrongdoings of the doctors but as soon as I am better, it will definitely help. I plan to take legal action against these drug dealing d****** in disguise. I hope that others who have been through the same predicament as me, take action, as well.
Avatar f tn he doesn't go to a doctor he is dosing himself? why does his dose differ? he cant ct from suboxone at this dosage he will be very sick for a long time. he needs to taper down to almost crumbs. suboxone is used as a maintenance drug to prevent addicts from chasing their high. he is still using but it is maintained. what did he use before he started the suboxone? does he go to counseling and/or support groups?
Avatar f tn I try weaning with Ultram (I know, everyone on here hates Ultram (tramadol) but at least it does stop withdrawal symptoms) but when you stop Ultram, you still have the withdrawal. Does Suboxone do the same thing when you get off it? I noticed you said you are still on it after 5 months. What kind of pills were you addicted to and does it always take months to take it? I guess what I'm saying is I want to wean or ease the withdrawal with it to get off the Percocet and Ultram.
Avatar n tn I was on day 3 of opiate withdrawal when a friend gave me a Suboxone.....all he said was it was designed to help with withdrawal. I didn't know anything about it, and took half. Not long after, my other friend told more info on it.....which I wish I would've heard sooner. Question.....when the suboxone wears off, will I be back to day 1 of withdrawals???? That is a possibility that I heard, and I hope that it is wrong.
Avatar n tn If he got clean, there are other ways to stay clean. He will need to withdrawal from the Suboxone when he finishes the program and then where will he be? I hope you talk with us, or he talks with us, before making the decision.
217599 tn?1202854552 I didn't experience any withdrawl at all when I started suboxone or for the 2 years I was on it. I was'nt even in full blown withdrawl when I took my first suboxone pill, I was in a mild withdrawl. What I like about suboxone is it makes you feel how you felt before you ever started pills, normal. I felt normal from the second I woke up till the second I fell asleep, everyday! I was on 8 mgs/day, 4mgs in the morning and 4mgs in the evening and that worked great for me.
Avatar f tn The opiate withdrawal does not last forever, but suboxone is very strong and the withdrwal is typically twice as long or more than a standard opiate like hydrocodone. Suboxone also depends on how high the dose was when you stopped taking it, for the least amount of trouble the dose should be as low as possible, 1/2mg or less.
Avatar m tn Welcome, If you want to do this correctly I need to suggest that you see a doctor, discuss your options and, if you choose Suboxone then do it correctly. Suboxone is NOT a means to avoid withdrawal. It is a complete program. If you follow the program correctly you can have success with your recovery. But I have to tell you, if you continue to self-medicate, you risk relapse. So what I am saying is if you are going to do this, do it right. I hope you consider seeing a doctor.
Avatar m tn Can be used as a tool to get throught detox or as a maintence program to get you where you can start your recovery when you get off. Certified docs prescribe it. My personal experience I used it for 10 days in June 07' and have been clean since.
Avatar n tn does anybody know a good dose to take the first time you take suboxone for detoxing. i am coming off 2 bundles a day and i never trust what the doctors tell me.
558096 tn?1255890602 What is the normal dose that most people start out on suboxone on? How does it help with the withdrawls, etc?
Avatar n tn how long do you have to wait from taking your last dose of hydro's before taking your first pill of suboxone?
Avatar f tn when you take your first pill of suboxone, do you feel nauseas?? or vomit at all? or does it take all of that withdrawal away?? i have a phobia of vomitting and im not looking forward to doing it!!, can someone please answer that?
Avatar f tn My partner is due to go on suboxone this afternoon after speakin to his key worker this morning can any 1 help out an tell me pro's an cons ect. Is it safe or is it just a subsitute for herion??????
Avatar f tn Does your husband have any plans to quit taking pills? This addiction doesnt stop once the wd's are over. Do you have any plans for aftercare?
Avatar f tn I will be meeting for the first time with my Suboxone doctor next Thurs and am guessing I will start on Suboxone very soon after that. I am dependent on Tramadol, the worst possible drug from which to cold turkey. At my age and given my physical (gastro) problems, I truly believe a cold turkey w/d would kill me.
Avatar f tn I realized that I don't really know the whole answer. What is Suboxone, and what does it do to help you get off pain meds? Is there anyone who can tell me?
Avatar f tn Yeah, I waited the 24 hours to get on the suboxone. It wasn't fun, but it was on the very tip of the iceberg that was going to happen if I didn't do anything. I've detoxed cold turkey before from opiates. It is an experience I wouldn't wish on anybody. 13 days of no sleep and chained to the bathroom. Not a pleasant picture.