When does paxil withdrawal start

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Avatar f tn So, two weeks ago I met with my doctor and she told me how to start tapering off the paxil. I'm worried that I'm not tapering it off slow enough but don't exactly know what course to take. She said take it every other day for a week, then take it every 3 days for two weeks and then stop. I've been following her instructions and I feel absolutely awful. I cry over the smallest things and I've been physically ill since the end of the first week. My depression is also pretty bad.
Avatar f tn Heroin in far worse physiologically, and Paxil far worse emotionally to withdraw from. And Paxil withdrawal can last a whole lot longer. But the reason it's not addictive is, to be technically considered addictive, you have to need to continually increase the dose to get the same effect. That's not true of ssris. But addiction is actually a medical term that has found it's way into our common lexicon in all kinds of erroneous ways.
Avatar n tn Please understand that you will most likely experience severe withdrawals from Paxil. The post below explains further... PAXIL WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS MIMIC HEROIN WITHDRAWAL Tell your Doctors, and perhaps they will make the connection! How hard has it been for you to wean yourself from Paxil? It's as agonizing as coming off of heroin..and shares most of the same symptoms and long term effects!
Avatar n tn I was not told that there is such a thing as paxil withdrawal or that a slow reduced dosage would greatly curtail the misery. When I called my doc to describe my symptoms - she said I definitely has an inner-ear infection. Since I've never had an ear infection before, I thought it too coincidental that it just happened to be when I was withdrawing and I decided to investigate via the internet. And that's when I found out - from people like you - that I had paxil withdrawal.
Avatar f tn I was never told, remember that I started this years ago, that I would have problems with withdrawal. If this is what withdrawal from this med. does to you when you are not taking it, then what is it doing to our bodies when we are taking it!.. Good luck and God bless to all of you. Always remember when times get tough, that you are never truly alone.
Avatar n tn I was on paxil for 4 months, taking 10 mg when my doctor told me to start taking 20 mg. As soon as I started taking 20 mg i began getting these headaches that would just rotate throughout my head. Now i have finally stopped taking it after 4 months because it really didnt do much for me. Now I am going through withdrawl now for about a week and all day, every day i am completely light headed and am always tired. Im just counting the days when this will actually go away.
Avatar n tn It sounds to me like the Paxil is not the problem, but a generalized anxiety is the problem...both the description and the response to xanax. Its quite common for a few panic attacks to be transformed into this kind of anxiety, and actually its for the better since it is more amneable to talk therapy and xanax. I recommend you begin to talk with a therapist.
Avatar n tn Dear Cathy, Paxil does not have a "withdrawal" syndrome per se, but some patients will develop physical symptoms when discontinuing it, especially if the medication is abruptly stopped or tapered too rapidly. In thoroughly assessing your condition, it is important to consider other factors such as your age, other preexisting illness, and other medications that you are currently taking.
Avatar n tn It helped with panic attacks but gave me about 30 other problems. So to sum up.... when on Paxil you get to look forward to gaining weight, making bad decisions and choices that will affect the rest of your life and coming close to death while trying to get off of this drug from HELL!! P.S. There are documents stating that GSK (the makers of Paxil) knew that there were horrible withdrawal symptoms and hid this fact. So either the doctor's don't know about it or they're lying to us.
Avatar n tn I had Paxil withdrawal as well. I was on 70 mg or so (I'm having a brain-fart and cant remember the exact dosage, sorry) for about 8 months. I had the head zaps too. It lasted 3-4 weeks for me.
Avatar n tn The side effects and withdrawal symptoms that the patients weren't informed of when beginning treatment can be very difficult to handle and can last months.
Avatar m tn Or did you quit recently and suddenly experience a lot of anxiety different from what you experienced before going on Paxil, which might indicate a withdrawal problem from the Paxil. Paxil is one of the most difficult meds to stop taking, and after one stops taking it has the reputation of not working again or one has to take a lot more than one took originally to get the same results.
Avatar n tn I am begining to wish I'd never started them. Does anyone have commments about the effects of Paxil and what a good alternative might be?
Avatar n tn I actually have palp free days now, compared to 4 years ago when I was scared out of my mind all the time and lived in terror of these hateful things. Read up on Paxil as much as you can, it does have some nasty side effects, which you may or may not experience. Also, be aware that it is not an easy med to come off of. There is a withdrawal syndrome associated with it.
Avatar n tn Who would guess that taking only 10mg paxil could cause such disruption in one's life when trying to discontinue taking it. I am trying to wean off and started a week ago going every other day, then every third day etc. The dizziness headaches flu like symptons etc have been awful. Is there any help out there to deal with this? I have been taking paxil for seven years and gained 40 lbs.
Avatar m tn I stopped Paxil 4 days ago and am starting to have several side effects. Dizziness, lip and tounge numness, headaches and increasing anexiey. I have been taking paxil for 3 years at 60 mgs. I wanted to start putting this down so i can keep track of how im doing.
Avatar n tn Connie, there is definitly signs of withdrawal from paxil.. I'm on it for 1 year.. I don't take it everyday, sometimes not for a week. dizzy, nervous, light headed lose balance, and then some.. the longest i've gone witout taking it was two weeks.. It got kinda spooky. i went back on and for three days i felt worse, my body had to re adjust.
Avatar n tn Hi - from my own personal experience, when I went off of Paxil, I had all kinds of weird symptoms. Only in hindsight, did I realize I was experiencing withdrawal symptoms from it. I am now, recently, back on Prozac - I've had a better experience with it throughout the years. Personally, I'll never use Paxil again. Just my 2 cents. Lisabet.
Avatar m tn Paxil did help, but the side effects became worse over time and when I returned to full time writing I just couldn't do it on the Paxil. Because nobody told me what Paxil could do to you when you went off it, including the psychiatrist who took me off it (at my request), I had no idea what was happening until I finally got the nerve to go on the internet. There are other stories like mine, where people never came back from the emotional issues that arose during withdrawal.
Avatar m tn My psychiatrist is doing everything he can to avoid facing that he's the cause of all this by not knowing the protocols for bad Paxil withdrawal. If he had put me back on Paxil and tried a slower taper, or if I had decided not to quit after all, that it wasn't worth it, I wouldn't be in this situation. But he didn't, and by the time my destroyed mind found the courage to go on the internet and learned about it it was too late.
Avatar n tn I have just experienced the same incapacitating symptom of Paxil withdrawal. It is like a dizziing zap when you move your eyes whether they are open or not. Is there a recommended procedure to go off Paxil? My symptoms lasted 3 weeks and I gave up and went back on. Could a doctor please respond?
Avatar f tn But just wanted people to be aware of my experience should they decide to take Paxil. I wish I was told about the withdrawal before I started, and might have chosen something different. I am sorry if I came across differently. Today is my first day of being Paxil in 12 years. I still have a terrible headache and lightheadedness, but the feeling of wanting to cry has subsided, and my crazy dreams at night(mostly nightmares) have subsided too. Thank you all for reading.
Avatar m tn Along with soma, flexural, Paxil and thank god ambien. I'm finally getting surgery in three weeks for full discectomy at 2 levels. Disc and bone growth are pushing into spinal chord. Anyways, I've recently, mon morning, stopped taking norco. Is it normal to feel hot, cold, sneezing ever second, aches, vertigo and straight up flu like symptoms? I don't want to be around anyone including my family and honestly could care less if world stopped right now.
Avatar n tn nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, restlessness, and leg movements, or jerking.
Avatar n tn If you want to start another SSRI (instead of continuing the Paxil), maybe it would help to start it sooner rather than later - I know that my dr suggested that I take a low dose of Prozac when I get down to a very low dose of Paxil because it can ease the withdrawal symptom from Paxil - and because of Prozac's long half-life - it doesn't cause many withdrawal problems itself.
1487787 tn?1288131737 When is it going to start? More so when is it going to start really. i am already in the bathroom constantly, that started today.....NEXT? I just want to know what to expect....First time out with the pills. I already did the coke thing years ago..that more or less is just a stay away from it kind of drug.....Drinking..I am a light weight. I take paxil, klonapin and tomazapam to sleep............any of these going to help me through it. Does everyone has withdrawal? ...
Avatar n tn My doctor told me to stop Paxil cold turkey and start Wellbutrin SR 150mg twic a day. I have been on Paxil for 11 months at 40 mg. When I tried his strategy, I became very ill. I feel tired, withdrawn, brain zaps, dizziness, nausea. Can I take a small dose of Paxil with Wellbutrin SR? If so, how do I do this, what part of day?
Avatar f tn We're just as clueless as everyone when it comes to these meds. Nobody ever told me about the dangers of stopping Paxil when they put me on it and didn't tell me it was destroying my life with withdrawal when I stopped it. This is done because drug companies control the information flow and most doctors are horrible at their jobs the world over. Just as most people aren't that great at what they do for a living. It is what it is. The other underlying problem is the hospitalization.
9685498 tn?1405287062 But if you're suffering new problems then it's likely Paxil withdrawal. I can't tell you which it is from your description, but Paxil withdrawal, if that's what it is, is nothing to fool around with. If that's what it is it might go away soon and might go away in a very long time with this drug; if you suspect the latter I'd go back on it and taper off more slowly. As for pregnancy, none of these drugs are recommended if you're pregnant, though some will take them nonetheless.