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Avatar m tn from what I have read Opana ER is 2x Oxycontin...I have been on it about a year...when I first posted thought it was only 8 months or so but I've since checked...
Avatar f tn i assume more relief will come over the next few days...WHAT I'M WONDERING IS....has anyone gotten headaches and felt drowsy on opana er? does this possible side effect go away as your body adjusts like most side effects...OR...is this known to continue w/ opana use? also...if you do end up going up on dosage does that start the side effects all over again or once you go thru intial adjustment u could be home free?
Avatar m tn Meanwhile, my pharmacy started giving me the Global Pharmacies generic Opana ER 20 mg. I was in a lot of pain, so I did something new to me--I crushed a pill and snorted the pill. I felt more pain relief from snorting than from taking them orally. I understand the bioavailability is only 10% when taken orally, versus 30% to 40% intranasally.
1331804 tn?1336870958 The only other hurdle is determining if generic Opana ER is just as effective as brand Opana ER. I haven't switched from brand to generic to test it out yet. Perhaps tonight before bedtime. If it is not as effective, I don't mind footing the bill for the brand tablets since I won't be paying an enormous amount for those epidural injections, which were only effective for 6 weeks...doesn't seem worth it given the damage it inflicts over time on your bones. Keep in touch.
648944 tn?1241473294 No experience really with any E-R meds except, Kadian ER, and Ultram ER (which did not work at all). I hated them really, because the Kadian, made me feel like I didn't care, and I looked like a total zombie. Bags under my eyes, my eyes half closed, that whole thing. And I don't like being sedated, either. But I hope you have/will find something that works for you... I am trying to find something as my tolerance is building up to specific medications I take.
Avatar f tn I started taking Opana er 15mg generic with Vicoprofen 4 x's a day for break though pain. I had to stop the Opana Er due to depression and nodding off and it really didn't help the pain. My Dr put me on percocet 10"s 325 tylenol. I am in pain and I am having burning in my muscles I feel like I am in withdrawl from the Opana er which I only took for about 3 months. I have limb jumping. No energy and have to take one and a half to two of the Percocet to even get a small relief of the pain.
401095 tn?1351395370 00 but the card is only good for 12 refills I guess I would have to get a new card from my md or contact endo pharmaceuticals as I think that is the only company right now that is making the opana! When I first started taking opana I thought the same thing as Shell Bell but if you take a percocet with the opana in the am then take another percocet in the afternoon and then another percocet with the opana again in the evening or before bed like I do they will work!
Avatar f tn As far as narcotic pain meds go I have been taking Oxymorphone 15mg ER which is the generic form of Opana (which I believe the brand Opana to be worthless) as my long acting and 5-6 Oxycodone 10mg IR a day for break through and actually believe that the Oxycodone gives me more pain, sedates me to the point that I hardly could get out of bed (which is so bad for us fibro sufferers bc less physical activity sets us back), and it would make me extremely loopy that trying to have a conversation is
Avatar f tn Hi you guys! I found this forum in trying to deal with my 3 year dependence on Norco for s/p 2 lumbar laminectomies.... Oh my GOSH! who would have thought that I would become chemically dependent on a perscribed Pain Med??? Not ME! Heck, I have an 'ENDLESS RX" @ only $5.00 FOR 70 10/325 Norco EVERY 10 DAYS. Anyhoos....heres my story (if ya wanna read it).. Lami in 1983 from being a compulsive runner/exerciser; oK, THEN...
Avatar n tn I used these same conservative conversion factors when converting oxycodone to Opana ER in this post. So in truth, the dosage of Opana ER at 5 mg bid is most likely a significant reduction in medication from what was taken daily in oxycodone due to approx. a 50% cross tolerance factor applied - which is a lot.
Avatar f tn For me, the flat Mylan generic does a much better job of dispensing fentanyl at a regular rate over the entire 3 days. The adhesive also works better for me. The point I really want to make here is that no pain patient who is prescribed narcotics should do anything different with that medication other than prescribed. If the treatment isn't working, you should talk to your doctor. The last thing you want to do is take anyone's advice on the internet without first running it by your doctor.
1331804 tn?1336870958 I picked up the 15 mg generic Opana ER this afternoon. My doctor agreed to switch to taking two generic 15 mg Opana ER tablets during the day versus one 30 mg tablet once the brand tablets run out. Made sure I ate early enough to be able to take it @ 9 pm as you have to wait 2 hours after eating or take it 1 hour before eating as food releases more of the medication into your system (weird, usually it is opposite). As of right now, I am very comfortable.
1226082 tn?1308712214 Saw my Pain Doc when I went in to get my monthly Opana and Opana ER refills and I said NO MORE! I'm stopping this. Tired of the changes, the ups and downs - 30 days of hell every time I try a new drug after the efficacy wears off. Still have hell for 30 days regardless whether it's stronger or not as strong.
Avatar f tn A similar scenario happened with Opana ER. Endo Pharmaceuticals reformulated Opana ER so that it couldn't be crushed and snorted. When they did that, it extended their patent for at least another 10 years. The difference in this case is there remains two strengths of generic Opana ER on the market that are manufactured by Actavis Pharmaceuticals. Endo Pharmaceuticals no longer makes the 7.5 mg and 15 mg Opana ER strengths as they are now made generically by Actavis Pharmceuticals.
1855076 tn?1337118903 if you see my other post, I am a little afraid to take it tomorrow morning because the dose is much higher than my current total dose of morphine sulfate ER plus percocet. Have you tried Opana or Opana ER? It is oxymorphone. I plan to take my first dose tomorrow morning and I'll let you know how well it works for me. Maybe that is a medicine you could ask your doctor about. It actually says on the company website that it lasts a true 12 hours versus 8 hours like morphine and oxycontin.
725248 tn?1316165845 My doctor has me on 20mg opana ER, 15mg oxycodone for break through pain and 5mg valium for muscle spasms. The problem is its not just break through pain, its pain all the time and heaven help me if I try to do anything around the house, a friend barrowed my lawn mower, and just lifting it out of her truck killed me, doing dishes kills me, mowing my own lawn kills me. I am so tired of being in constant pain.
Avatar f tn I do trust my doctor and he is a very reputable physician that has been featured on the local news in our state but despite this, he did not apply a cross tolerance at all when he switched me from morphine ER to opana ER (you may remember responding to my post on this subject awhile back). In fact, it was even more medicine than I was already taking in both morphine ER and breakthrough pain medicine in the two 30 mg opana ER pills I take per day.
Avatar f tn He went to the hospital and is ok- htank God. He was taking 10 mg oxycodone ER. Does that mean that he got 10 mg of oxycodone all at one time? Would that not be the same thing as taking two 5mg percs?
Avatar f tn What we did was not to withdraw, but to switch my extended release medication first to Kadia (spelling?), which is also morphine based, and then to Opana, and ER opiod. Opana seems to be working relatively well, at least for now. The point is that it shouldn't be necessary for you to totally withdraw with all the pain and suffering that withdrawal implies--you should be able to change medications. Unfortunately, that is a kind of change that a nurse practitioner may not be able to make.
Avatar f tn of demerol would bring the pain level down, my migraines have always been considered migraines but my medical records indicate that I had a brain anyersm after my daughters birth that burst and healed itself but left me with a seizure and unbearable head pain from that point on, why don't the doctors want me to have this medication any more - they say because it is addictive but isn't any medication addictive and it I know this one works for me at home and dilaudid pills or demerol pills at hom
Avatar f tn and hoping and praying that I can talk to her and get her to change me back to either the opana er and opana ir for breakthrough, or to the roxicodone (and she had mentioned before she gave me the demerol...she said..well I could put you on Oxycontin, but everyone is complaining about the new formulation...and I cant do anything to change the formulation- no one seems to be happy with it.) I just feel like my life is in the hands of this doctor next tuesday..and my quality of life...
Avatar f tn He swapped out the morphine sulfate ER that I was taking for Opana ER. The dose of the Opana ER includes my doses of breakthrough meds that I was taking so it looks like I will only need to take 2 pills a day of pain medication. I am taking my first dose tomorrow morning. I will let you know how it works out for me. My PCP was also VERY worried about my tylenol intake from the percocet. He said 2,000 mg was the soft limit and I was bumping up against that.
Avatar f tn I'm a single female and money is always tight and I just don't know the best way to bring it up, and besides the fact that it does work. Maybe he can give me the Opana ER and then give me like Oxcodone or something for break through pain? Anyone heard about that? As far as disability goes, I'm still working full time, for now, but I've been told this is a chronic issue that will turn into a full time disability but I want to work as much as I can so I can at least live....
725248 tn?1316165845 It's available in Europe but I can't find it's availablity in the US. If anyone can please let the board know. Opana ER is an extended release form of Hydromorphone (Dilaudid). Opana ER utilizes the TIMERx delivery system and not the OROS delivery system. although they are similar they are not the same. In March of 2010 the FDA approved Exalgo (Hydromorphone) extended release which is an OROS (delivery system) drug. It appears to be the same as the one available in Europe.
Avatar f tn My new doctor put me on Opana ER, 30 mg twice a day along with percocet for breakthrough pain. I only now need 2-3 percocets per day versus the 7-8 I was taking while on the morphine sulfate ER and my pain is gone for most of the day; it has been so surreal for me to not have to constantly battle pain every day, all day. Percocet is quite a bit stronger than the norco you take (more than 1.5 times as strong). Norco is about 60% the strength of morphine and percocet is 1.
Avatar m tn Long acting morphine, Exalgo (if you're insured), Oxycontin (also for the insured), and Opana ER are alternates you can explore with your doc. Nucynta is another choice you might explore.
Avatar m tn I definitely need more breakthrough pain meds or a stronger breakthrough pain med with the Fentanyl. I've already tried MS Contin (morphine ER), Opana ER, and of course Fentanyl. But I haven't tried methadone, Oxycontin, or Exalgo. I honestly prefer to take a pill as I am petrified of the Fentanyl patch leaking and then killing me. I plan to tough it out for a month (at the very least). Be persistent. Physicians often forget that you are the one supplying their paycheck.
Avatar f tn Last is the all powerful Opana ER. It's for people with a very painful and usually fatal diagnose. It can be confusing at first, but since I've been on oxy for 7 yrs and have been thru the most horrible and worst feeling a person can feel, I've researched and made sure I know everything about what I'm taking. I advise those with chronic pain like mine to do your research and don't trust doctors. They've hurt me more than help me.
363110 tn?1340924019 MS Contin (Morphine ER), OxyContin, Nucynta ER, Opana ER, Fentanyl, BuTrans. I was on MS Contin for about a year before switching to Opana ER and before the MS Contin I was on short-acting opioids only. I have Percocet for break through pain, which isn't helping much anymore. I plan to talk with my doctor about a different breakthrough pain medicine as he only wants me to take a max of 3 per day which hasn't been very useful to me.