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1051214 tn?1255831842 my kids are get so upset when i get all mad and start yelling and as i am yelling, i don't even remember what the heck i am yelling about so i get more frustrated then I was before. the fire alarm went off last night as we were in a dead sleep, and i couldn't get my composer to find out what i needed to do or where all the kids were for the night cause it was just my youngest and me. i was very afraid and just couldn't wait for the noise to end so i could try and get a grasp on things.
Avatar f tn I am female and 64 and even though I have been a very active health professional (now retired) I have recently noticed that my short term memory is a bit of a concern. Sometimes I cannot even remember the most basic word and also events that may have happened not too long ago seem to escape me. In fact some things I just cannot remember at all. This might be only as far back as so many months.
Avatar n tn Dear one, so good to hear from you! You know, I'm not sure what you're taking these days, but I've read that the benzos, be they Xanax or Ativan or Valium, etc. can cause temporary amnesia -- it clears up when you "clean up" much like pot's effect on short term memory. I also was on Prozac for a few months afer my back surgery in 1993, and it made me an absolute space case.
Avatar m tn I am afraid it is affecting my schooling as well. I can't remember much. Its like I have no short-term memory. what would you suggest I do? What type of medication can help me stay alert?
1763947 tn?1334058919 Hi, I was wondering if any one else has experienced problems with short term memory? Mine is getting worse by the day and I am really worried. My friend called me one night and the next day when we spoke, I didn't remember ever talking to her the night before. This type of thing is happening more and more. My move was delayed until the end of the month which means I am delayed in seeing my new LLMD. Would love to hear if this is something many people experience?
Avatar f tn I am at that age. Can doing brain exercises such as memory games help me regain short term memory or is my condition something else?
Avatar f tn She really has trouble remembering names and mostly things to do, some details from conversations. Her long term memory and even memory from a couple of days ago is good. Her neurologist told her it could be the start of Alzheimers...I'm a little shocked because she has no confusion, can sort tasks, no problems with her checkbook. Anyone else out there had a bleeding stroke and had to deal with short term memory loss...does it come back and may you just have it for life but never gets worse?
Avatar n tn Does any one know of an anti depressant which does not cause short term memory loss? I have read about several of them (on this site) & they all seem to have really bothrersome side effects. I would appreciate if anyone would know of just one ! which does not affect the short term memory in such a drastic way & also causes Unusual dreams ?
Avatar f tn Does anyone know the long term effects of abusing pain killers? I found out today that a friend of my husbands actually had seizures because of how long she was on vicodin. Just curious.
Avatar n tn Most of you that have gone through the treatment,did most of you end up with long term after effects. I am going to be starting treatment in Oct and am trying to learn everything possible before hand. I would appreciate any questions I should have for the doctor before treatment would be so helpful or tell me where on this forum I can find this info, if someone else already had these questions.
Avatar f tn 14 log, geno 1A, would like to be somewhat savy when I talk to the doc again, if I tx, what are the long term affects of these med's on the body,and to what organs, ultra sound was not too bad,have almost consant ear ringing problem, some,itching, and bad afternoon fatique,but can live with that,but with odds of svr around 30% wondering what damage to other organs would be,have gotten the diabbetis under control with diet and exercise,so was able to stop the metformin, but it just seem's that si
Avatar f tn You will be able to function and still have a life while lowering your dose. As far as long term effects. We really don't have all the data. Memory loss, energy loss, digestive disorders, etc... Most of these will eventually repair themselves over a long period of time (1+ years) Good luck with things.
1689583 tn?1387755994 I am reading there are long term side effects with treatment, I am getting the heebie jeebies I have been positive till now but need to know if this is true.
Avatar n tn I would like to know what are the long term effects of Oxycontin abuse? I was put on Methadone for five days to wean me from the Oxycontin. I felt no symptoms of withdrawl during that whole time. I haven't used in 20 days however for the last four nights I have been sweating so bad that I actually soak the bed. Is this normal? I also experience stomach pain every morning and sometimes through out the day. Thank you very much for your service, Chad P.S.
Avatar n tn Post-Concussion Syndrome After Mild Brain Injury Patients with long-term symptoms were more likely to have radicular symptoms, anxiety, sleep disturbance, blurred vision, "symptoms of cranial nerve or brainstem dysfunction," and signs of osteoarthrosis of the spine. These patients were also more likely to report more pain immediately after the accident. http://www.injuryresources.com/IC_MTBI_A3.
Avatar n tn Time for you to change doctors, my friend. If yours doesn't know the difference between Xanax and Klonopin, he doesn't know much about it and shouldn't be prescribing either one. There's a big difference. RCA will probably come on here and articulate it better than I can, so we'll wait and see what he says. I've been on Klonopin for four months or so. If I were hardcore addicted to the stuff, I'd be having tolerance issues and would need more and more to get the same therapeutic effect.
Avatar m tn And withdrawing from paxil wouldn't cause such a long drawn out depression or anxiety. Meaning, when you taper from these meds your symptoms can at first appear to be worsening, or they can be worse because you may need a different medication. You mat have had this level of anxiety/depression while on the paxil in which the paxil did take care of to an extent but going off of it allowed your symptoms to come through and remain. Just as I have anxiety and am on a few meds...
Avatar m tn and as I said you may find out tons about yourself that you didn't realize and can't see because you have a view from the inside looking out and a therapist can help you see a view from the outside looking in when you start to talk about things. But as for what sounds like devestating anxiety and depression, I'm not so sure after three years the paxil withdrawl would still be having an effect on you ohysically or psychologically. I hope some of this helpped.
747988 tn?1396540478 hi folks-just looking around for info re long term side effects of treatment and came across you lot ranting away on your keyboards! I successfully completed 6months tx in april 2007 and am now unable to do very much due to the fatigue,pain and confusion I've suffered since. Just wanted to be added to the list of damaged souls. Have lost a lot of friends to this horrible disease so am very glad to have cleared it but at what cost?
Avatar f tn Has anyone experienced long-term issue with elevated EBV numbers going up and down, but aways elevated numbers? Which, I think, is termed "chronic/active infection." If so, how long did it last? Or, is lasting...
Avatar m tn It just feels really early to me a nd makes me worried about the long term ramifcations.... If I was 50 or 60 no problem, but at 33... that's a long time of taking drugs assuming I don't clear and my doc has been very clear with me that the chances of me clearing are pretty low... Again I will get detailed lab and biopsy results ASAP.
Avatar n tn Ask yourself this question; when I'm pmsing or when I was pregnant did I have memory problems? Hormones suck. Alot. I know when I get hormonal my memory is shot, and if you are just starting birth control you will be just adjusting to hormones and they could effect your memory. Did you just start? Are you on antidepressants? Which kind are you on? Did you research possible side effects?
Avatar n tn My mind is a blur, I have short term memory loss. I sometimes feel confused or cannot find my words. Absentminded. Overall I feel like I'm burning up. This may be unrelated but I also have sluggish digestion, and a general low level of resistance (frequent colds, coughs etc..). The feeling I have had for a week is that of withdrawal and anemia combined with extra aniety. However I got tested and I am not anemic. It is difficult for me to work or function normally with all this.
Avatar n tn 25 mg for the last year every night and cannot sleep without taking xanax. what are the long term effects of taking xanax that long? he does not have or has not been diagnosed with anxiety or any other disorders. i have slowly seen him starting to lose interest and feelings in relationships. i am wondering if this is why?? he would love to try and get off these pills and has been reducing the dosage for the past year now. But he cannot seem to get off of that .25 mg.
Avatar n tn But I always perform major surgery when I am high. I hate to take a shower. But when I HAVE to I love it when I get in. When I am through I come right out and do a hit...{:( I am coughing this aweful smokers cough. Coke was never a drug of my chose. NEVER ! But i am addicted now. I don't know when it happend. So much time has gone by. i need to get scared straight. I am <was> so cautious of my appearence and health. WHAT HAPPENED.???????
1926571 tn?1323210289 My hope is that I'm having these pains currently because of the healing incision of the removal of the pin, but I just don't know anymore. Did anyone else have long term pains after a temporal lobectomy or other brain surgeries? I'm not looking for a diagnosis, I just want to know what to ask about the next time I see my doctor.
Avatar n tn Are there any harmful long-term effects of DXM? For example, if you take one bottle of Robitussin every month. Also, is there a difference between the cough syrup and the gel caps?