What to do when your foot cramps up

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1388357 tn?1280193093 This has been happening to me for the past few years. my foot will start cramping up and I have to flex it for a while to get it to stop, just happens all of a sudden. I'm not sure why, but i'm glad flexing it out helps for the time being anyways. I have a well balanced diet so don't think its related to vitamin deficiency or anything like that. It's weird. I also haven't been to the gym since April. I've just been really busy, but hope to get back this weekend.
Avatar m tn Plus at this point its tough to say if that is the source of your foot cramps, but as you suspect it might be since you do have the start of Hashimoto. Podiatrist usually know a few simple stretches, but they are usually not as effective as other types. 90% of foot cramps and even planter facitis is related to tight calf muscles. But most Podiatrist completely ignore this fact since there narrow little world is concentrated only on the foot.
Avatar f tn Pain in the TOPS of the joints of the foot/ankle can be a sign of RA, which can be brought on by interferon during tx, but actual cramps, especially coinciding with tx to me would be more likely to be a lack of electrolytes.
Avatar f tn As well as following the advice given by Caryopteris, make sure that you drink plenty of water so that you do not become dehydrated. Before doing your workout make sure that you do warm up and stretching exercises. The gym instructors should advise you on this.
Avatar f tn I would definitely mention it to your neuro nurse and see what she says. I too have had something similar....when I go up on my toes to reach for something, I have gotten the worse cramp/extreme pain in my big toe on my right foot. It doesn't stay around like yours....but boy does it hurt for those few minutes.
Avatar f tn Injury, Dehydration, Low blood calcium, magnesium, Vigorous activity,Rest Cramps, Contractures or Dystonic cramps. Your symptoms seem to best fit rest cramps. They are described as follows: Rest cramps: Cramps at rest are very common, especially in older adults, but may be experienced at any age, including childhood. Rest cramps often occur during the night.
Avatar f tn -i've notice that when i stand/or walk for long periods, it brings on the cramps. this is very limiting when i want to do some activities (going almost anywhere involves standing and/or walking). i was wondering how others handled this? -and a very simple question: i've never been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. i'd like to know what type of specialist to see? i can't even get a doctor to treat me for the foot and leg cramps.
498948 tn?1253059441 A couple of people have mentioned the use of quinine enriched water to help ward off leg and foot cramps but when I google quinine its actually a malaria drug that is contra-indicated with other drugs. I don't want to mess up my treatment as I've just passed the half way mark. Does anyone have any advice or experiences they want to relate?
Avatar n tn I have the same myoclonus every now and then, although now I have tremors. My hand has a terrible pulse, and it's best seen when I try to do some strength, no matter what part of my body I'm using. And lately I've been having foot cramps, also every now and then (I have to walk like a mile to the school and back, now). Should I worry, and ask for a second opinion from another neurologist? Or are these things just effects of the nervs and the Clomipramine?
Avatar f tn Hi! My foot seizes up when I workout, when I'm done going for a run, or when I try to stretch it. It's been happening for a really long time and it's only ever my left foot. I've tried to do different exercises for my feet and ankles and I've tried different stretches for it, but nothing seems to help. Does anyone have any advice?
Avatar f tn Taste of metal in my mouth, flashing in my eyes, extremely shallow breathing and fatigue. I could barely speak. This is what lead up to the muscle cramps in my legs. There was a feeling of nerviness in my thighs. I had an EMG and my neurologist said that my muscles in my thighs were like steel. I took myself all medications including Lipitor. I am now in Klonipin(Clonazapam) and I have had to gradually increase my dose. I am a 66 year old woman.
5262038 tn?1415316185 The lock jaw you spoke of happened to me on a particular AD I was on....and the Tramadol has an AD component to it. Is your jaw better now? Do you keep your feet elevated? Some of this is just "waiting" and "cleansing". I have severe neuropathy in my hands and feet now.... and some of it is from opiate w/drawal and healing and some of it is from being on an AD of some kind for over 12 yrs. Are you on an AD of any kind now?
Avatar f tn Opiates (narcotics) must be prescribed carefully when liver enzymes are elevated. Much will depend on the cause and level of your pain as to what medication is right for you.... and more importantly your liver enzymes. I would assume your Physician already is contemplating alternatives. I found this on one site: " Narcotic (opioid) analgesic agents are extensively metabolized by the liver, and several of them (e.g.
Avatar f tn So, a visit to the doc is in order, he might want to order a scan to see if you've got additional changes in your spine. In the meantime, I don't know when you swim if you do a forward stroke, but you could try a back stroke or side stroke, see if it helps your legs.
Avatar m tn Please post your latest couple of sets of thyroid test results and reference ranges. Do you have any other symptoms besides the cramping? Also have you been tested for Vitamin D, B12 and ferritin (iron)? Of course there are other possible contributors as well. When I quickly looked for some info, I found this. "the closing and relaxing of a muscle is dependent on the four mineral horseman of function, calcium (Ca), sodium (Na), magnesium (Mg), and potassium (K).
Avatar n tn Thank you. A few questions: How old are you? 45 Do you have diabetes? no Describe your toe pain when it hurts: aching, dull, When does the leg pain occur: randomly, Do you have numbness or tingling anywhere else, other toes, etc? no family history of heart disease Chest pain or shortness of breath? no Any back or hip pain?
Avatar f tn It looks funny to me, and I started to feel a bit manly lol, so I shaved off the few that were there..I didn't know what else to do, they were bugging me, does anyone else have this problem or worse, and what do you do about it? Sorry this ended up being long, but I didn't want to open 3 seperate threads..
Avatar m tn Also, go to a stair and put one foot on there - just the toes and drop your heel to stretch the back tendon and ankle. Then do the other foot. Alternate and you will feel some relief. This stretch is recommended for those suffering from myofascia pain.
Avatar f tn and now i feel like somethig is wrong with my foot because everytime i walk its curving inwards and my whole leg hurts to where it feels like i pulled a really large muscle... i dont know what is causing this, i hear you get leg cramps when your pregnant but should they be this bad?? And what should i do?
Avatar n tn Meaning your body takes a moment to readjust its pressure when you change from sitting to standing. Probably even more so when going from lying flat to standing. The hydraulics (your entire circulatory system) takes a little longer than the average to compensate. While annoying, it most likely means you have low blood pressure.
Avatar n tn If you will forgive the self diagnosis, I seem to be naturally more susceptible to them than most. Can you enlighten me to more possible measures to deal with cramps?. Thank you for your time and advice.
Avatar m tn hi, bri im Shane i have hcv and have been treated several times I know what your going through, your a texan i see, hows texas? anyway I see your starting treatment i know thats hard you must feel like **** i am sorry about that wish i could do something for you?
Avatar m tn I feel weird, my stomach is a little messed up. Now I dont know what to do. The plan was Thurs. I could be off for 10 days and wife would be home because shes a teacher and school is out. The reason I didnt start this week was I had important meetings this week and wife had a class she COULD NOT MISS. Now that I'm 28 hrs in I want to keep going. Wife is a little upset, she has to go to her classes this week and I have to work till thurs.
4591205 tn?1410608774 I know it comes with pregnancy but last night it was so bad I woke up 5 dif times with cramps in one or the other leg and once it was my calf and my whole foot and I had to get up and waddle around to get it to stop then when I laid back down it started up again and the other leg was cramping up too at the same time.
Avatar f tn Also, if your electrolytes are off, you can get these really intense foot cramps, so make sure you're getting enough foods with potassium and magnesium in them (bananas) and I think there's one more. I wish I could tell you my symptoms so it would match up with yours, but they dont' quite do that. So, that's why I mentioned shoes and electrolytes! But a neuro will know for sure. I hope this situation improves for you, VERY frustrating not to be able to go from point A to point B with ease.
Avatar n tn The buzzing in your foot and in your bottom is most likely due to your energy Chakras developing (opening). Migraines are most likely due to your pineal gland becoming active (also seeing little flashes of light and hearing a ringing in your ears more frequently). Most people who like to get their diagnosis out of a book may disagree, but it wouldn't hurt to do some research in these areas and make an effort to understand how your energy channels work.
Avatar f tn I remember with my first waking up screaming because it hurt so bad. Potassium and water is really all you can do. Flexing your foot when you feel a cramp coming on is suppose to help also.
Avatar f tn They are so painful a couple of times they brought me to tears. Dr said drink more w as ter, elevate your legs, do leg stretches couple times a day. Theses are totally normal. As much as it hurts when you get a cramp extend your leg out and flex your foot. Point your toes towards you. It will go away with in a few seconds.
Avatar f tn I had Charlie horses every nigjt in my 1st pregnancy and it would leave my muscles stiff and sore making it hard to walk. I asked my doctor what to do and she said eat more bananas. This pregnancy I've been eating lots of bananas amd I try to flex my toes up. So far I've only had like 1 or 2 at the most.