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Avatar f tn My husband and I are TTC. I am about 10 days past ovulation, having a bit of cramping in lower right side. My breasts are sore and heavy, I also am a little more "wet" than usual down there and have a creamy discharge... I am a bit nauseous in the morning and very cranky. Unfortunatley a lot of these signs are PMS signs too. When should I test? Do these sound like early pregnancy signs? Any advice is appreciated!!
Avatar n tn I'm 39, never been pregnant. I'm going to see my doctor next week for a routine exam anyway, but meanwhile, I'm trying not to stress too much over something I've newly noticed on my left breast. I say "newly noticed" because, despite having fibrocystic breasts and a history of 2 fibroadenomas, I haven't been very good about doing BSEs over the past couple of years.
1417732 tn?1310121883 im 16 weeks and im a little worried what my bump should look like when i sit down it looks more like a beer belly then a bump?? im worried is everything ok? when im standing up i havea bump but its not really hard? should it be? what should it look like im anxious i dont see me doctor until the 6th jsut hope everything is ok?
Avatar f tn I am guessing from your nickname here that you are a religious woman - if he is religious as well, you should remind him what the vows meant at the altar! And that if he happens to get a disease like prostate cancer that you would take care of him. And not be repulsed if he should lose any of his manly functions, like penile erection. Your breast reduction surgery was no doubt a medical necessity and I am sure you feel better in terms of your back and shoulder strain.
Avatar f tn Guess what---------- one of my children bipassed my husband and I and looks just like my husbands twin. That is how sneaky genes can be!!
316024 tn?1248899826 That is a dollar store test and when I found out I was pregnant that is what my line looked like...... I am now 37 weeks.... Have a happy and healthy 9 months.
Avatar m tn my 3 year old son has recently been trying to grab and kiss my breasts. i dont know if this is normal or if i should be worried. i have told him that it is wrong and that grown ups dont do that with children.
Avatar f tn For me, the greatest part of breastfeeding was how it made me feel. I loved it. I really didn't want to do it. Nope. I felt pressured into it. But once I started, it was just something I loved. One of my most favorite experiences in life to be honest. It does do some changing to your breasts. But pregnancy changes your body too. But they are changes that come from something so wonderful that it is totally worth it.
Avatar f tn I thought i wouldnt get stretch marks and waited till it was too late to prevent them. Now Im 31 weeks and my boobs butt, waist and hips look like theyve been clawef by lions. :,( Its so.depressing, i wish somebody wouldve advised me to prevent them.
Avatar n tn I was where you were- well, actually, I was 5'5", 112 lb, and a small C cup (but proportionally speaking, we probably looked similar- skinny/small boned). Since you are SO small, a 32B probably looks bigger on you than it would on your C cup friends. There's a reason nobody notices huge boobs on very overweight women- because everything is huge! same thing with tiny girls. If everything is tiny, 32B boobs look totally normal.
Avatar f tn When I showed my mother she said it looked like Mastitis, as one of the breasts had swollen up. I looked around at BC websites and they look a lot like IBC pictures. I saw a doctor about three months ago and they said it wasn't likely to be anything other than an infection because of my age (I'm 16) and because it was in both breasts. I also had dry skin on my face at the time, so they gave me hydroquarterzone to put on that and my breasts.
Avatar f tn My husband and I sat down and try to picture what people may think we should look like. You should have seen some of these pictures. It sure is great to be able to lol most of the time. My mom at 80 had a massive heart attack. Lost 40% of her heart had 5 bypass and patched at quarter size hole between the left and right ventricle. She is now 88. She does circles around me but she always has. So obviously when she parks in the handicap people look at her funny. She just smiles.
Avatar f tn What does it look like to loose ur mucus plug? Im 32 weeks and i have a lot of green mucusy discharge and when i went pee white stuff was dripping out like i was peeing milk. Tmi but i was just curious it looks like.
Avatar f tn About a month ago, the birth control I was taking at the time was causing acne flare ups on my face, back, and breasts. I'd never had any real acne on my breasts before, so I was paying very close attention to them during this time. It was around this time that I also noticed the pores on my breasts looked pretty large. At first, I thought it was just the top of one breast, but upon further examination in better lighting, they were visible all over both breasts.
Avatar n tn How would my baby look like if im full mexican and my boyfriend is half porteguese and half white i just wanted to know ehat my baby might look like
Avatar f tn Yea he has other two kids and there white so it will be exciting what my baby will look like.
Avatar f tn t want my baby looking like his dad hes other 2 kids look like him and but there full white and my baby will b black n white.... will my baby boy look just like him.... n his two kids came out bold they're hair r thin and grow slowly.... my hair thin and have a mixture of a African American hair mix with white n Indian Cu's my mom is mix but our hair grows very fast.... it seems like hes jeans r so dominant....
Avatar f tn My sister who is fair like me married a Cuban and 2 of her girls look like her and 2 of the girls look just like Daddy.
Avatar n tn you have to see what your babys hair will be like...you said you "hear" no one knows what your babys hair will look like. my childs father and his sisters are all black and white...and NONE have curly hair. its black and straight...all 3 of them. their brother has a different mom than the three of them (2, 1 mother, 1 another mother, and the "baby" another mother), the "baby" has brown hair but its not all that curly. im mixed. my child is mixed.
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