What period does victorian refer to

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Avatar n tn HI folks THIS IS IMPORTANT The distortion in your ears is simply due to ear damage. There is no other explanation. Now, whether this damage is permanent I cannot say...But read on.. I have a damaged left ear and experience the very same thing as many of you folks do. I went to a number of so called hearing specialists and Doctors and all they were able to show was a slight dip in my left ear what is called the mid range frequencies.
Avatar f tn I see chiropractors regularly and my adjustments were just not holding. The numbness, tingling and (what you refer to as the vibrating all over) muscle spasms are really annoying. It feels like something is taking over your body. I just finished a course of tests run by a neurologist - 16 vials of blood (not fun), a two hour blood sugar test, EMG, nerve conduction - everything cam back normal.
Avatar n tn Does anyone else experience the itch increasing about a week and half prior to your period starting? This is driving me crazy!!
181575 tn?1250202386 We have robust data now that give clear guidance in the case of several of our drugs as to what levels of viremia early in therapy, such as at 24 weeks, and I think we will see more data at even earlier time points, should make us think that down the line we are likely to sustain unacceptable risks of emergent resistance.