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Avatar n tn Can someone explain to me why the test wouldn't have shown up a positive or a negative. If you need anymore info regarding my situation - just let me know.
Avatar f tn As I researched the likelihood of false positive and false negative I found that a false positive is about 5% and a false negative is about 15%. I also found that SILICA can, not only affect a drug urine test (which he is very aware of because he still smokes), but also IgG levels in your blood. I checked his vitamins (which he takes daily without fail) and, sure enough, they contain silica (4g).
Avatar f tn I (confused8462) don't know what method Kaiser uses for blood testing or what those numbers mean. All I know that after 10 years of this crap and not knowing I would really love an answer! Thanks!
Avatar n tn Hello,I was wondering when you ask anyone about getting HIV from a BJ everyone says NO,BUT my question is what happens if it is dark and there was a bit of blood that you did not see?. When I phone are AIDS hotline here in toronto canada I ask them about receiving a BJ from a CSW in Asia and there response is NO RISK for HIV but possibly other STD's yet Dr HHH says Clymidia is never cought by receiving a BJ yet my hotline says I should get checked for Clymidia and gonnera. Who do we beleive?
Avatar f tn They told me that I was + for herpes on the viral culture, and my blood was negative, then about a week later drew my blood again to test for what type, 1 or 2. I'm doubting it will test positive if it was negative before, cause it's my understanding it takes a while for it to show up in blood. So how will I know which type I have if they didn't tell me in reference to the positive viral culture? But does it really matter what kind I have? It's bad news either way, right?
Avatar f tn She is also diabetic, and we wonder if a weakened immune system would let the virus reassert itself, but I have never heard of that happening before. I tested completely negative- no infection past or present. Does anybody have any ideas?
778803 tn?1244643952 Certainly not. On a CT, kidney stones light-up like a light bulb. A KUB is nothing more than an X-Ray. And 2mm is a fairly small stone and is not likely to be seen. I had a 5mm stone that sometimes could not be seen. Now when it was 9mm, you could see it very well on the X-ray.
Avatar m tn Igenex IGM 18 kDa + **23-25 kDa - 28 kDa - 30 kDa + **31 kDa ++ **34 kDa + **39 kDa IND **41 kDa ++ 45 kDa - 58 kDa + 66 kDa + **83-93 kDa IND IGG 18 kDa - **23-25 kDa - 28 kDa - 30 kDa - **31 kDa - **34 kDa - **39 kDa IND **41 kDa ++ 45 kDa - 58 kDa - 66 kDa - **83-93 kDa - Igenex IGM is positive. What do you think? My symptoms have been going on for 5 months, and seemed to have started after surgery which makes me doubt the positive result even more.
Avatar m tn They tested her blood for HIV, and other diseases like they do when you are pregnant. She was negative for HIV, but positive for gonorreah. I went today to the health department to get tested for any and all stds. They gave me a 20min HIV swab test that came back positive. I have been exposed to dangerous sexual encounters, but find it weird that her blood test is negative and my swab test is positive. They took more blood to send off, but in the meantime my heart is racing.
1549643 tn?1495762953 Earlier this week, I had an IgM test done during an outbreak of fever blisters on my lower lip and it was positive. HSV, IgM I/II Combination 4.58 H Negative 1.09 If I've had herpes, it would have been contracted over 16 years ago from my ex-husband. We divorced in 2000 and I haven't been with anyone since. I started getting fever blisters after we got together.
Avatar f tn How did my boyfriend test negative and I positive that first time? The other issue is, I've had some problems with my gyno's office before. Just last week I got a frantic call from the assistant telling me to immediately stop taking Yaz and get my blood redrawn that day, b/c my potassium was a heart attack-inducing 7.
Avatar f tn I don't know if I should be happy or sad. I don't want to have MS, but at least I would know what was wrong with me!!! My MRI has 2 spots but the Neuro said he "wasn't impressed" (whatever that means). I read an article that said no test is 100% for diagnosis. I'm confused.
Avatar n tn now with one positive and two negative I still don't know what to do...could he be wrong? do I have it, i did show up positive one time... Can you have a false positive? how is that possible? Im still worried about this....
Avatar m tn Hello Doctor, About 70 days ago I had a one-night stand with a girl. I had only 2 sexual partners up to that point. There was no intercourse (no penetration), but she kept wanting to and there was some genital rubbing. Also there was oral from her to me and me to her. About 45 days later the tip of my tongue became irritated and i noticed a clear fluid-filled pocket under my tongue that wasnt painful (was a little anooying so i tried to pop it).
Avatar n tn You are referring to the RH factor which makes the blood type positive or negative. I'm not sure of the order if the mom's negative and the baby's positive blood type that could lead to issues. I think it's the mom being negative. So if thisi s the situation for you , they give you a shot of Rhogam and you're fine. Big deal. RH factor is just luck of the draw in anatomy......some people are positive and some are negative, just like some people have blue eyes and others have green.
Avatar n tn Is that possible that the two blood test that were negative were wrong. Can I be pregnant?
Avatar f tn So my blood test came back negative versus the sore which came back as positive (?). Was 6 weeks too early to test?
1824517 tn?1318990463 Well I've taken 10 urine tests, all negative and finally today I went to the doctor only to get a negative blood test. She told me this is odd because all my symptoms point to pregnancy, I have a little weight gain, nausea, fatigue, a slight temperature change, bloating, sore boobs, the whole nine. It ***** because no one knows what's wrong. I thought it could be Polycystic Ovary Syndrome but I was told your blood work could show you that and I'm completely healthy. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn What actual blood test did you have? What were the exact results?
Avatar f tn So it has beed 6 months since my last period I have been feeling nauses, fatigued, my breasts are tender, lower back pain, and cramping in the upper part of my stomach, I get headaches a lot, I can't drink mtn dew anymore, smoking sometimes makes me ill, I have Dizzyness and hot flases,also I urinate more frequently, I have had cysts for 6 years and irregular periods but have never had this problem I have taken many hpts most positive but some negative including a blood test I don't know what
Avatar n tn If it was visual, without a positive culture for the virus, then most likely you don't have it. Your negative blood test doesn't help much one way or the other; it takes up to 3 months for the test to become positive. But if the only person from whom you could have acquired an STD has a negative test (for both virus types), then herpes has to be very unlikely. But to really nail it down, you should have a second type-specific HSV blood test about 3 months after onset of symptoms.
Avatar n tn However, last month in January, the result of ELISA test was positive. But for further confirmation, my medical provider sent my blood sample to Mayo clinic for WB test, and the result is negative. My doctor told me that I am free of any HIV but I need to make another ELISA test in six month to make sure. And I have to use condom with my wife until I get the test in six month. Please give me your professional opinion for my situation, and should I follow my doctor's instructions?
Avatar m tn I have never had symptoms of anything that would resemble herpes or any other STD. What I have read online is that an short encounter like this has a very low risk of transmission and the false positive results are common, so I decided to get tested again, 3 days after the first test. I just received the results and they are negative, not a specific number just the <0.90 designation, this time from quest labs.
Avatar m tn 80 Ana pattern speckled Ana cascade negativ Ast this time is 42 Alt this time is 55 The liver enzyme are coming down, but what does the positive h mean. He took other test, however these were the only ones that seem to be a concern.
Avatar n tn Am I negative or positive for HSV2? I am still feeling some irritation between my penis and scrotum, but I have never had an outbreak of any kind. I have several questions that I need help understanding: 1) Is 12 weeks after contact a reasonable amount of time to feel pretty good that I do not have HSV2? 2) Are my previous HSV2 positive test results so low that they could be false positives?
Avatar n tn Dear Dr., 8 years ago I had a positive HSV1 culture, but a negative blood test. I assumed I had it, but had not yet developed antibodies. Last year I repeated the blood test (HerpesSelect) and it was still negative. My doctor told me that there must have been a mistake with the original positive culture as there is no way to have it and not develop antibodies. So then I thought I didn't have it. (I had never had any subsequent lesions.