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Avatar n tn I have a question. I went to the doctors yesterday to get a referal to see a specialist as I have been trying to get pregnant for 6 months now and with my second child I used clomid to concieve him. The doctor gave me the referal and sent me to do some blood tests to see if I had ovulated and also a pregnancy test while I was there.
Avatar m tn Hello, I'm very confused about my IgG and IgM Herpes II results. They are the following: June, 2009 IgG Herpes II: 1.04 IgM Herpes II: 1.23 July, 2011 IgG Herpes II: 0.49 IgM Herpes II: 0.48 IgG Herpes I: 0.57 IgM Herpes I: 0.47 I did the tests in different laboratories. Since 2009, I was thinking that I had Herpes II, but now I don't know what to think about it.
Avatar f tn I requested to be retested immediately, and he gave me a prescription to Quest Diagnostics where I had a blood test done. The results came back negative ( 0.21) when the scale for positive was (0.90-1.10). Its been 3 months since the Feb 09 test came back reactive. I'm worried about the accuracy of the test. How do I have one positive and a negative 3 months later. The test was a HSV 2 Igg, Herpeselect test Type Specific AB.
1824517 tn?1318986863 ve taken 10 urine tests, all negative and finally today I went to the doctor only to get a negative blood test. She told me this is odd because all my symptoms point to pregnancy, I have a little weight gain, nausea, fatigue, a slight temperature change, bloating, sore boobs, the whole nine. It ***** because no one knows what's wrong. I thought it could be Polycystic Ovary Syndrome but I was told your blood work could show you that and I'm completely healthy. Any ideas?
996919 tn?1249892926 Today makes it my 4th day for a positive OPK. So i'm a little confused, When do i know that i ovulated?? The first one occured on the 11th day exactly after my period ended, i've heard that sometimes because the hormone stays in your system for about 5days but i just dont know which one to judge. my first one my test line and reference line were about the same color, the ones after that my reference line was light pink and my test line was super dark.
Avatar f tn Soo i took two tests one came up negative and the other one came positive.. Idk what to do should i wait to take another one or just wait for my gyno appt. on tuesday?
Avatar f tn so does that mean the test was positive? ....or was it negative? or has anyone experienced something similar and were you pregnant or not...I'm super confused, and kinda bummed that I"m probably going to have to go spend more money on another test!
Avatar m tn So about 8 years ago I was tested for herpes and my culture came back positive for HVS2, but blood was negative. I had several blood tests done 6 months after the positive result. I even had another outbreak maybe 3 years later and culture was negative and blood. Then 3 months ago I had another outbreak and culture was positive but blood has always came back negative, even 8 years later. I have always had some sort of problem down there was I was younger and not sexually active.
Avatar m tn heey thats my friend test result but we didnt understand it is negative or positive.. SERO+IMMUNO.(TURBI/ELA/IF) TESTS: HIV COMBI PT (ELECSYS) RESULTS:NEG.(0.
Avatar f tn Faint or not, a positive is a positive!! Congrats!
Avatar m tn In June 2005 I tested positive with a VL of 330,000 and antibody test at this time it was non react which for what I have read is negative for the antibodies, I decided back then to start treatment right away (Truvada & Sustiva) due to the high VL, I got a geno and phenotype test done before starting treatment, Dr.
Avatar f tn Well I get into the doctors office yesterday and the asked me to leave a urine sample, by this time my bleeding had completely stopped, and I only noticed a little brownish blood streaks after wiping. I am sorry for (TMI)!!!! Well the doctors test came back negative for pregnancy, so I was sent to do bloodwork and now I am waiting on those results. My question is how can I have 2 positive home pregnancy test and when I get to the doctor it is negative???? Any help would be appreciated..
Avatar f tn It affects future pregnancies if you're a negative blood group and your baby is positive. What happens is your body makes antibodies to positive blood group so if your next babies were positive your body would reject them. If your partner is a negative blood group you wouldn't need the shots.
Avatar f tn The swab test came back positive for HSV 1. No blood test was ordered. What information will that give me? Do I just call and ask for typing to be done? What does my male partner need to ask for?