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Avatar f tn is it selfish of me not wanted my bf to teach our black/mexican mix daughter spanish because im afraid that i wont understand my own child ? and is it selfish of him to say his going to teach her spanish anyway ??
624074 tn?1263873807 Chiari is complicated enough to understand, but I wanted to know if anyone knew where I could find information explaning what Chiari Malformation, in particular CM 1 in Spanish is. We are visiting my in-laws this week-end and instead of losing everything in translation, I was hoping to find a pamphlet online or something that was already in Spanish. Anyone have any ideas on where I may be able to find something? Thanks so much!
287246 tn?1318570063 s asking too much for you to expect to be able to understand what someone is saying in your own home. As for the mother in law...I can't really help you there. I had TWO mother in laws...a biological and a step. One was bipolar and about nutty as a snickers bar.....she killed herself last year. That was the step mother in law. My husbands biological mother is just completely insane. I think the woman has more diagnosable conditions than I could count on toes AND fingers.
Avatar f tn It is hydrocodone or vicodin. I believe norco is just the brand name. It comes in strengths of 10 mg and 7.5 mg and maybe 5 mg hydrocodone and also includes acetaminophen.
Avatar f tn Daniel...
590280 tn?1310087366 Percocet is Oxycodone and Vicodin ES is Hydrocodone.
7953414 tn?1400159930 My husband loves that name for a baby girl. But I'm hesitant, I speak Spanish to me and my family it sounds like "area" code in Spanish or what would you do? Like "que harĂ­a usted?
599170 tn?1300973893 I think you are confusing the amount of acetaminophen (tylenol) in vicodin with the amount of the narcotic, hydrocodone. Vicodin 500 is the amount of the acetaminophen within the tablet. The doses of hydrocodone are 5mg, 7.5mg and 10mg. The 325, 500 or 650 is the amount of tylenol. Percocet and Percodan are the same narcotic, one just has acetaminophen and the other has aspirin. There are other opiates between percocet and Oxycontin in strength.
623065 tn?1275503695 temazepam is a weak benzo..helps with anxiety and sleep like heathag said...
Avatar f tn I am having leftovers from yesterday.. i made.a huge pot of spanish rice that has spicy sausage, corn, black beans, chick peas, and tons of seasonings in it..
Avatar m tn Thanks for your answer. What is the cause of that? can it get worst? What should I do so it stays like it is? Thank you for your help!
Avatar f tn Take advil along with the codeine you should be fine I. have had teeth pulled and only used advil anti inflammatories tend to work better for dental pain.
Avatar f tn What is happening is my guess is possible spanish is spoken a lot in your house, and although children do learn languages well it sometimes takes time for them to pick two up, he is getting mixed messages remember . Also stop feeding him, its you enabling it, put finger foods in front of him, say nothing no encouraging words , walk away and let him get on with it, if you are sat at the table eat your own food, when hes hungry and he sees you are not spoon feeding him he will eat.
Avatar f tn I'm suffering PATM long time ago, I'm Spanish living in Spain anyone here with the same problem I really would like speak with someone in Spanish who lives near, doesn't care man or women just to talk. Waiting for someone, please let your contact details here.
Avatar n tn Like instead of knowing twenty words in english only, they know only 5 words in english and 5 in spanish. I have no idea what others experience with it is like, this is just how both of these babies are and they are not associated with one another.
Avatar f tn Sub is a drug that takes over for the opiate it replaces, but doesn't produce the high when taken as directed. When you take it, it prevents the withdrawal symptoms. It also levels you out on a steady dose. You wouldn't feel the need for more and more. My brother in law has been on it for 6 years after a huge Vicodin habit. He has a "sub" doctor. Ain't going to hurt to ask your doctor! Are you interested in getting your life back and stop using?
Avatar m tn My grandson lives in Mexico with my son whose first langauge was English but speaks Spanish very fluently and a mother who is a Mexican citizen and her first langauge was Spanish but speaks English well. He primarily hears Spanish daily except when my son reads to him nightly in English. He hears English constantly when they spend a week to two weeks with us about every two months.
Avatar f tn So my hubby and I are both mexican, all my family is here and speaks english, most of my hubbys family is in mexico and only speaks spanish...I def. want my son to speak spanish so he can talk to his fathers side of the family but im not sure how we are gonna talk to him when hes born and growing up I dont want him to be confused I dont know if we should talk to him in spanish and have him learn english with tv and school..any advice?.
Avatar f tn Im not finding out what the baby will be untill August 22nd. We have a boys name piicked out , its different and i love it. But the girls name i cant find something i love. Help me out ?
Avatar m tn what is it they say? 1 is too many and 1,000 is never enough? I think some very good advice has been given here. me, they talk to me and tell "it's ok, you can handle it this time" (NOT!!). dunno..it's tough. like was said, sometimes you need pain meds but for me, if they're available, they just talk talk talk until I give in and then one becomes two and two becomes 12 and 30 becomes another script.....you know what I mean...
Avatar f tn My current PM is not the best........he cancels every other appt....he has 4 x's forgot to bring my file with him. Also, once he argued with me that he would have never given me Vicodin ES 2x a day. He finally got his trusted computer and was proven wrong! I do not appreciate the treatment he gives me! Since Sept I was on one Vicodin ES, then for the past 2 months I got him reluctantly to give me 2 a day. Which by itself still only gives me 4 hrs a day of having no pain.
3149845 tn?1506627771 I get automated calls now in Spanish. (Well, I've had one in Spanish.) I don't get it.
2075786 tn?1342908758 To one he spoke clear and fluent French, to the other clear and fluent English, both effortlessly. I might hire a Spanish tutor for my pipsqueak and myself, to see if I can at least try to get some of it back for her.
Avatar f tn I know some Spanish, but I'm not really fluent. I also know Dunne American sign language. My husband is trilingual, fluent in both Spanish and ASL. We'll be teaching our kids all three.
Avatar f tn Im mixed but fluent in spanish and my bf is fluent as well. We are planning to speak to our son in spanish and english.
Avatar f tn Okey, i live in a spanish speaking home, theres some english but Mainly spanish, i dont understand a lot nor really speak it. Well my concern is wat if my sonz first language is spanish. Im nervous we wont be able to communicate good. Like i would have to tell my husband to translate. Dont get my wrong yes i do want my son to be bilingual. My 8yr old is bilingual ever since i moved in with my husband. I love the fact my son can understand and speak both languages.