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Avatar f tn My question is, I wanted to know how much ultram of the 100mg er I would need to take to keep up with the norco I was taking. Or if it even is comparible to the norco......
Avatar f tn I am very dissapointed because I am tired of taking vicodin and percocet for my pain. I am not sure what else to try after this. What else is out there?
Avatar f tn If you can talk to your doctor before taking this medicine...espically the er ultram....It is highly addictive and despite what people say it is hard to get off of.
Avatar f tn I have heard this is the Non-addictive pain medication. Then I have heard it is addicting. I had a prescription of Ultram for my GI pain, but something "told" me not to try it. I read the side effects on the pamphlet, and threw them away.
606078 tn?1247268153 Hi all; Well, I decided to get off of the Ultram ER. I noticed last week that I felt ill after taking them and that is not exceptable.My doc has me taking 200mg twice a day and I stopped taking the night time med on Monday night. So far I feel pretty good, a little tummy trouble and mild cramps in my arms but nothing really bad. I cold turkeyed off of 10/650 Hydro 3 x a day. 350mg Soma 3 x a day, and 1800mg Nuerontin a day, and tossed them all at once 2 1/2 years ago.
1435895 tn?1304294841 I find myself so closely examining every symptom is almost like being obsessive with what this is doing to my body. And I have to limit caffeine because of the palpitations seems it makes PVC's worse. I also agree that on a bad day nothing helps! The reason I am so nervous about seizure meds is because they have to build a blood level to be effective. I had that with Nortriptyline and kept having a rebound allergic reaction for a couple days while the level subsided.
Avatar f tn Ultram is a very dangerous drug to go off of alone. As an earlier poster said, you need to taper off this drug. Right now you are on such a dangerously high amount that you will have more seizures trying to taper. You MUST get professional help to detox off this drug. Please heed the advice and go talk with a medical doctor. Also, I would encourage you not to drive at this time.
Avatar f tn I am on Klonopin now and feel somewhat sick today. I cut down yesterday from four to three 50 mg tabsof Ultram, but I think the constipation is what is making me feel crappy. I feel like a backed up sewer system, so to speak. Once I cut back to only when desperately in pain, I will clean out and feel fine. I am depressed though but I believe more alcohol withdrawal rather than Ultram. Chatahan.....
Avatar n tn I guess I want to know if I can take both within a short period of time and it be ok, without the Ultram triggering WD ( this is what I heard it can do if you are addicted to Vic's ). Thanks again for responding to my questions!!!!
882725 tn?1240605523 I guess my question is how do I go about approaching him about this and tell him that I know what he's doing? He gets angry when I mention him taking any medications. He got the Ultram ER and Lyrica, as well as a large prescription of flexiril from his doctor, he just found out he has 3 degenerating vertebrae possibly caused by a motorcycle accident a few years ago.
1445110 tn?1388213311 Hi Hessycat, Opana ER is extended release oxymorphone. It is widely prescribed and according to what I have read and from reports of our members it is a fairly safe medication. That said, we are all different and our systems respond differently to medications. My experience with Methadone was not pleasant either. My system did not tolerate it well. My prescribing physicians changed my opiate and I did much better. Your physician prescribed Opana ER for you so don't be afraid to take it.
1264863 tn?1391121793 this hole opiate scene just scares me and i understand there is a difference between being physically dependent and being a addict i just dont want to fall down the path of being a addict and abusing medication. My current med list is Cymbalta 90mg a day lyrica 225mg 2x a day Ms-Contin 30mg 3x a day MSIR (instant release morphine) 15mg as need for BT Mobic 15mg once a day Zanaflex (tizanidine) 4mg 3x a Day Adderall XR 30mg Once a day BusPar 7.
Avatar m tn my doc just gave me 120/50mg tram tabs because i missed a urine screen.my question is how long & how much of the tram tabs does it take to get dependent? i have taken 4 at one time just to see if it would help my pain like my hydro's(10/500's 4 a day) anyway, it did seem to help some with the pain,but i surely didn't get high.that's why i wondered why folks are getting strung out--taking what amt.? #2 question--i have been taking 10-20mg of methadone for about 5,going on 6 wks.
452063 tn?1324078516 which is not withdrawl, what it is is Tramadol has totally screwed up all your neurotransmitters (chemicals Serotonin, Dopamine etc. in your brain and body), but I keep seeing these symptoms lasts weeks or maybe months, but I don't see that anyone ever puts that their symptoms did totally resolve. I'm hoping that they really do that this is just not misinformation floating around.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if there was any other long acting medication out there that works simular to the Ultram ER? My doctor don't want to increase the methadone due to the time frame that I am going to have to wait for the surgery to be approved by the insurance and she has offered no other solutions.
Avatar f tn Well I have a different take on Ultram (23 yr old male), I have been dealing with chronic pain for a thoracotomy done to remove a staph infection a couple years back and have been on percocet(3 months), oxy-codone(2 months), morphine(1 month), lyrica (1.5 years), and ultram ER(.5 years) and ultracet(.5 years) ...
376940 tn?1241685607 I had no problem, but have low serotonin. The other issue is what dose the Ultram is. That makes a huge difference, as well as the Effexor dose. 37.5, 75, or 150? And is the Ultram XR, or regular. If you're uncomfortable, your doctor could also check once a month - on your levels. They're both good drugs, so I hope you can get good guidance from your physician and pharmacist.
Avatar f tn But I am afraid of relying on pain medication. Especially when it is evident I am already building tolerance. I should mention I have taken opiates in the past to the point of dependency so my brain is already predisposed to addiction. I did stop the tramadol for two days early on when I was at 100 mgs and I did experience mild withdrawal symptoms. I started it again for the pain issues so I could work. If I were to stop now, what would the withdrawal symptoms be like?
Avatar n tn that doctor is crazy, wd from ultram is hell
Avatar n tn It looks like Ultram is not the answer I was looking for to use as a long term medication. Does anyone know of a medication for chronic pain that is not addicting?
Avatar n tn From what I have read ultram is not an opiate and percocets definitely are! Ultram reacts similar to our receptors as an opiate would thence helping with the pain, but for some reason the withdrawal in ultram is a lot worse. I don't know why but I have heard that it can be pretty bad. I would rather withdraw from the percs!
Avatar n tn My mother-in-law is bipolar maniac depressive and takes medication for this. Is this what is happening to my daughter. I am not wanting my daughter to have to go through her life like this. Please help me to know what to do.
684012 tn?1227994056 I'm surprised that your physician has prescribed you vicodin and ultram together as that is a high dosage of pain medications. The bumps you are experiencing is likely an allergic reaction, so please be sure to mention this side-effect to your doctor. I hope she can work with you and find a combination that will relieve the pain. I certainly can relate to feeling like a pin cushion. Take care of yourself and keep us updated.
1337425 tn?1278177587 Just curious as to whether Tramadol or Ultram has helped anyone? Of course, this being a substance abuse forum I expect more negative answers than positive. Also going to make a post in the expert forum if I can find a place to do so. btw, I'm 15 days clean from oxycontin & percocet abuse. I realize from what you guys have previously said that w/ds from tramadol & ultram are far worse than what I've been thru already.
Avatar f tn But I'd much rather take a pill than go back to wanting to kill myself because I can't handle the unending pain, mose my marriage and any hope of have any little bit of the quality of life I desreve. Even if the odds were higher for addiction when the situation is severe what matters more is that a person can have as fufuilling a life as possible with the meds. And that's an option I'll take everytime.
Avatar f tn I'm nearly out of vaca days (sick days used up after ER visit). I just wish someone would say definitively, this is what is wrong and this is what you need to do to fix it. I'll do it, just tell me what to do. And then I feel so guilty because I see much worse problems here then what I'm going through. I guess I don't think this Dr. is right. Maybe I should ask him to do the SJ test with the needle in the joint. Is there something I can do for this pain that isn't addictive?
Avatar n tn What is Ultram anyway? What is it "supposed" to be used for ?
Avatar n tn I have non-responsive HCV with cirrhosis along with chronic pain in liver and in joints. I have tried Ultram ER 100mg, Ultram 50 mg, Naproxen EC 500 mg 2 x day, and Plaquenil all with no avail. Now Hydroco/Apap 7.5 2 x day which works but causes liver pain. It also indicates right on the RX that it may cause serious liver damage, which I certainly don't need. Any suggestions on an acceptable pain medication not metabolized by the liver?
Avatar m tn I used Tramadol the last month of my addiction. Currently 4 days with no pills at all. Norco's were also mu drug of choice. I tapered those and for the last month I took the Tram & then tapered those as well. It really seemed to help for me! WD's this time around are far less painful both mentally & physically. Lack of sleep is still an issue but I can deal with that. Everyone is different tho. What works for some mite npt work for others. Good luck!! Yesterday was Friday...
Avatar m tn Did I read you right? You are still taking tramadol?