What is the difference between provigil and nuvigil

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Avatar f tn Life as me and near me was unpleasant and unsafe. I have taken both Provigil and Nuvigil over the past three years. These are expensive meds but both do more to noticably improve my daily life than any other drug I take. I'd give up many other things to continue to afford either one. Initially I too took Provigil only on work days. I found that I was better able to function at work but guaranteed to drag through or sleep through my days off. THAT is not a fun plan!
1207048 tn?1282177904 My doc prescribed me Provigil, it helped me alot and he said that if that didn't work there was ridilin (spelling) that we could try. The provigil is awesome but you have to take it early in the morning or else you won't sleep at night.
1142551 tn?1264740530 Provigil is more expensive and I actually had more side effects with Provigil. Nuvigil is the 2nd generation of Provigil and the manufacturer has lowered the price to get everyone "switched" before the patent on Provigil expires in 2011. For me, the difference between Nuvigil and Provigil was amazing. Nuvigil gave me back my life. Provigil let me leave the house but I had trouble functioning. And since Provigil is "going away" it is tough to even get samples.
Avatar f tn Thanks for clarifying the difference between symptom and sign. I guess I should say that I do have signs of something being wrong. I haven't had a neurological exam yet. So that may reveal more signs.
Avatar f tn Not a huge difference but the difference between being unproductive and productive. When I chatted with the nurse she told me the clinic had many patients on stronger, more addictive meds like Ritalin and Adderall, and that it was just simply a case of to what extent fatigue was impacting their lives. For me, that's the point. Fatigue was interfering with my life in a major way, and when the naps and reducing workload didn't work, I was willing to try amantadine.
620048 tn?1358021835 My neuro office no longer gets samples of Provigil because of the drug company switch to Nuvigil. That proved to be a good thing for me! For me there is a wonderful difference between Provigil and Nuvigil. Nuvigil starts to work faster, lasts longer, and really gives me mental energy that I haven't had in several years. The only down side for me is that Nuvigil has basically returned my energy and mental skills to normal. That is good.
Avatar f tn it, I would just be a druggie pill popper. But they explained there is a difference between needing the drug and wanting it for a high/abuse etc. I learned to look at it that way. I have confidence that the surgery will eliminate most of the sleep disorders situation but until that route has been decided, I'm getting by. And this forum has been a huge help. Hope you all have a great weekend.
152264 tn?1280358257 Plus, my issue is not 'sleepiness' (which is what Nuvigil and Provigil are indicated for) but rather sever muscle fatigue. I think that people with MS understand the difference between feeling 'sleepy' and feeling 'fatigued'. I have heard that Ritalin works well for fatigue for some pwMS, but have not tried it myself.
Avatar m tn ) and i don't want to get into Provigil/Nuvigil/dextroamphetamine, etc. i was just welcoming comments from the thyroid crowd here what a good ratio of levo to Cytomel may be for someone whose TSH is around 2.00 on 100 mcg levo right now and you still feel comatose? i know you are all not doctors out there, but your input is usually quite educated and your comments are valuable to me. thanks a lot. could i expect energy boosts from Cytomel?
5160872 tn?1385252394 The trick is to understand whatever illness you have and know what is normal for you. This is easier than it sounds. No two cases of MS are the same. Each case is different because in each person there is different nerve damage or inflammation. There are drugs for fatigue. Provigil, Nuvigil, and Adderall for examples.
Avatar f tn ” Eating for Natural Energy The list of what you can eat to help restore natural energy is much larger — and much better — than what you have to avoid. And here again, these are foods most people should be eating anyway. “I highly recommend a low-carb diet of unprocessed and organic foods to improve CFS symptoms,” says John Salerno, MD, a specialist on chronic fatigue syndrome with Patients Medical in New York City.
1753162 tn?1317281784 Oh, I read that wrong. You DO know the difference. LOL ~ I'm a dork. What is the difference to you? I'm curious as I have different types of fatigue.
253566 tn?1219683299 //www.medhelp.org/forums/neuro/archive/8896.html "Over the last year I have had some minimal numbness and tingling in the very tips of my fingers and toes and occasional fleeting stabbing pains in random places of my body. I have chronic HCV so I also have a lot of joint and muscle aches and pains. Over the last couple of weeks, I have started having frequent sharp stabbing pains in my hands and feet and in the last week an increase in the numbness.
1627151 tn?1499873450 My fatigue is and has been debilitating for the past year and a half and that is where the pathologizing comes into play. Neuro's response was to send me for a personality disorder test along with the cognitive testing. From what he told me about the test results,the fatigue was chalked up to depression (which I do not have). There was more but it just angers me to get into it. So yes-pathologizing my fatigue, which leads to suggestions of getting into an exercise program.
Avatar f tn This is when i long for my end of day fatigue to come back, this second type is 1000 times worse and there is nothing i can do but wait it out. It is only when the fatigue shifts a little that i can get working on all the other things that are happening to me, all the shaking, spasms, spasticity, language etc this years episode was bad, i needed the fatigue to reduce enough for me to re-learn how to walk and talk before it does i am dependent on others for everything.
1225331 tn?1333369369 There is adderall, provigil, and nuvigil. If you also have real gait problems you can be on Ampyra (which is not FDA approved for anything but gait) but helps some with fatigue.
956292 tn?1334058469 The fatigue isn't gone, but I'm thinking more clearly and the fatigue is better with the Provigil and the other medicine to help me get a deeper sleep. MS and other brain diseases can cause sleep disorders including sleep apnea. I would highly recommend a visit to the sleep disorder clinic for the sleep study if your insurance pays the cost (highly costly).
702513 tn?1228516297 We told this doctor (after three months on Bipap at this setting) that he is still falling asleep during the day and has had no relief with the Bipap. The doctor told us that 11/8 is the setting that stopped the apneas durinig the study, and that the Bipap IS working. End of story. My husband takes Adderall 30mg - 2 tabs AM, 2 tabs PM and he still falls asleep. The doctor told us that it has to be a neurological problem. However...
987762 tn?1331031553 Hey guys and dolls, Latest research has come out that basically shows that fatigue may precede a dx of MS and should be considered as a possible early sx of MS, i'm sure more research will follow. June 7, 2011 (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) — Fatigue is a solitary symptom in almost one third of patients who go on to develop multiple sclerosis (MS), sometimes years later, according to a study presented here at the annual meeting of the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers.
14631020 tn?1436549076 I tried modafanil/provigil and took a nap on it. I did get the Maca root in pill form and only took it one day. The bottle says take 3x a day so I need to figure out what works. I agree that the extended release adderall may be a better route as it keeps it at a constant level in your system so you shouldn't experience the up and down like with the Ritalin. Adderall will be my next step if the maca doesn't work. The doc was good with giving the maca a try first.
1740498 tn?1328966185 I did research Nuvigil and found that Provigil is basically the same and available as a generic. Any thoughts on that or any of the other meds? I've been getting better for the last few weeks (basically since the lumbar puncture--go figure) but slowly. I can work almost full-time again, though I'm exhausted when I get home and basically do nothing else. I don't want this to happen again! I guess no one does.
572651 tn?1333939396 I'd be suspect if you have been more tired or sleepy for months and haven't gone into a relapse with additional symptoms. There is a difference between fatigue and tiredness and sleepiness. I don't claim to understand the nuances, but a neuro who specializes in sleep disorders and studies will. Remember Lulu, we need to be cautious about falling into the temptation to blame all our ills on the MiSery. I've been diagnosed with both sleep apnea and MS.
Avatar f tn In the meantime, June is around the corner, and you'll get to the specialist to know for sure what is going on. Don't beat yourself up over not volunteering and doing the extras now. Taking that burden off yourself will relieve a lot of pressure. And, when you can do it - go.
4451049 tn?1387157037 They trust that the microbiologists who designed the tests and the interpretation know what they're doing. In the case of Lyme, this is a tragically wrong assumption.
Avatar n tn It kinda reminds me of what being in a coma might feel like. Can anyone tell me what this is and is it possible not to be able to wake up from it, what ever "it" is?