What is the difference between novolog and humalog

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209227 tn?1242350345 Is there a difference between Humalog and Novolog insulins? I was told there are exactly the same. But is this true?
Avatar f tn Is he getting good results with the doses he is using? That is what matters and is a lot better determinant of whether the dose is correct than weight. If he stays within target range with infrequent highs or lows than it is working. In general the bolus dose (Humalog) will influence the blood sugar two hours after the meal and the basal (lantus) will influence the bg in between meals. You can also fast and do basal testing.
Avatar n tn I had to go on county insurance because I lost my job, and they wont cover Humalog or Novolog. The only fast acting insulin they cover is Novolin R. The problem is that I am on an insulin pump. I know this stuff is different than what I was taking (Humalog, or the equivelent Novolog), but I don't know what it is going to do to me. My doctor isn't knowledgable and I'm stuck with her. I can't go anywhere else.
Avatar n tn Which is obvious since they act within 15 minutes or less. The main difference I've found between the two is in the preservative used .... some people have an allergic reaction to to the Humalog preservative and Novolog works better (and vice versa). As far as speed - I really couldn't tell a difference between the two, I guess it just varies from person to person like everything else.
Avatar n tn And for the record there have been other times in the past that I have accidentally injected into a capillary and the reaction is immediate and I can tell the difference from what I am now experiencing. My Dr's have no explanation.So now I am afraid to take my insulin as I never know what will happen. When the treatment becomes more dangerous than the disease it is time to search for an alternative. Anybody out there having this issue with Lantus???
Avatar n tn What is the difference between humalog, novalog and humilin?
Avatar n tn If you are going high at 40 minutes it is becuase rice is easily digestible and the sugar from the rice is hitting before the humalog can cover it. Do not take the humalog after (only before). Try taking it 5 minutes earlier and hopefully the peak of the humalog will then better match the peak of the sugar being digested. I can recommend that you split the humalog into a number of injections and inject at different sites to give a more predictable absorption.
Avatar n tn Of course, flexibility is there with a pump, too, and the possible change in basal dose is a good thing perhaps with an exercise program. I, too, am very athletic, but in my case, I like the fact that I need to eat more with exercise and can add calories since my basal Lantus rate doesn't change as exercise speeds up my metabolism.
Avatar n tn My son has never done the waking up and eating bit during the night...even before the pump when he was son humalog & NPH. I have tested him during the night and he was (on occasion ) low and I squirted the gel frosting I keep on his night table and had him take a few sips of juice and then he went back to sleep (he was already half asleep) and I waited to re-test him.
Avatar m tn I hope Victoza works for you and you don't get the nausea. Me and you have been through enough and the last thing we need to deal with is nausea. Take Care.