What is the difference between ativan and klonopin

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1226489 tn?1267205438 With regard to the Ativan and Klonopin, yes, you should start taking the Ativan as your psychiatrist prescribed this evening. The idea is to ween you off of the Klonopin and the Ativan was likely prescribed in order to minimize any withdrawal symptoms you might experience from the weening process. The dose of Klonopin that you have been on is quite low, however, it is still very important that you do not abruptly stop taking it since you have been regularly taking it for more than 1 week.
Avatar n tn What is the difference between all the benzodiazepines? I mean, why does a doctor prescribe Xanax to one person, Ativan to another, Klonopin to someone else? I know they're all "anxiolytic" (the ones I mentioned) but what makes one better than another? The reason I'm asking is because I take Ativan occasionally but it really knocks me for a loop (which isn't always a bad thing).
Avatar f tn The doc wants me to do 1mg twice daily but I think that may be too much that is why he switched me because klonopin is longer lasting. I talked to the pharmacist and she asked if I had changed any thing else yesterday and I said no. She agreed it was the klonopin. So my vote is no for klonopin. I was kinda anxious to try it thinking it would be my answer to relieve my anxiety on a daily basis but I guess not. Its a pretty potent drug.
Avatar f tn Klonopin- works for anxiety attacks but puts you to sleep and you always sound tired when you take it daily, It is the least addictive of the benzo's from what my doctor told me, I just dont like being tired it has about an 8 hour life span Ativan- works also it makes me tired to the problem is you need 1 or 2 mg to work (for me anyway) and it has a 4 hour life span very fast acting as Klonopin but last 4 hours and makes you sleepy for general anxiety Xanax-to me is the worst, it is the mos
Avatar f tn I called today because I am having withdrawal symptoms and he will not increase the Ativan to what the equivalent was of the Clonazepam. I'm a mess right now and don't know what to do.
266195 tn?1215314011 Basically, the difference between that and a shorter acting benzo (like Xanax or Ativan)...is that it is allowed to build up to a steady state in your system...whereas the other benzos work to control high anxiety/panic, then the "calming/sedate" type effect wears off fairly quickly. Those drugs usually wear off in 4 hours or so, whereas Klonopin is much longer acting. Dosed twice a day...it keeps you more "stable" when it comes to anxiety.
Avatar n tn I think it is a high dose... i was only on 20-30 mgs a day...its a very high dose inmmy eyes..but alot of that may have to do with the severuty of your addiction to heroin and making sure you are well enough to have no desire to go back there, which often mean being over medicated...how do you feel? do you feel over medicated? aree you in a constant nod..or are you fine with the dose? i may think its high, but if your tolerance is up there then it may be the right dose...
Avatar n tn The NIH site says that you never want to stop benzo's cold turkey (or barbiturates or alcohol) as you can have seizures that lead to status epiletus = your body goes into a constant seizure and you die. The scary thing is that the person having a seizure doesn't know that is what is happening to them after it stops. I called the pdoc and he was surprised!!! He told me to take .5mg q 2h until withdrawal subsided. I'm at 4mg now.
Avatar m tn Ativan is a 'benzodiazepine' similar to valium, xanax, and Klonopin; the only difference between meds is the onset and and length of action. They are fine for short term anxiety, but beyond a few weeks a person becomes tolerant and the dose must go up to get the same effect. All benzos reduce a person's concentration; in fact one short acting benzo, midazolam, is used to induce amnesia during surgical procedures. All benzos will cause amnesia and black outs if taken at high doses.
Avatar n tn Also, what is the difference in Prozac,Zoloft,and Ativan. Should any of these be taken in combination? Is it better to switch between these to avoid any withdrawl effects?
Avatar n tn Ask you Doctor. Klonipin is for long term use, Xanex is for short term, as you build a tolerance, and it no longer works after a while.
Avatar n tn Wow, what an amazing post, especially the part about the difference between addiction and dependency. I know what you mean, any drug for brain chemistry can make you dependent, but not addicted, very clear difference! Its awesome that klonopin can work for such a long time without tolerance building up. It sounds almost like a wonder drug. I wonder why my doctor didnt' want me to have it. Could he be so ignorant of the real qualities of the drug?
Avatar n tn i've been on clonazepam for about 2 1/2 month months now and the only difference noted is my agitation and racing thoughts not much help with anxiety. the seroquel helps with my insomnia i just started that about 2 weeks ago right now i'm in the process of changing psych because i can't deal with the panic attacks anymore and i'm planning on or should i say have already slowed downed my clonazepam. anyone have any insight on what help with panic attack.
193245 tn?1189993322 I started on the Roche klonopin yesterday and yes there is a major difference in the way I feel. I am having to pay for it myself, but it is worth the price. My doctor told me that some of the pharmacies shop around for the cheapest generic. I was using CVS. I took my new subscription to them for the real klonopin and guess what???? They did not carry the Roache klonopin. I had to go to Walgreens. They carry the real klonopin and also their generic is Carroco.
Avatar n tn I have the same question as Tinks343747. I go to the Dr. next week and am considering the switch. I have been on1 mg. 4x daily of xanax and am thinking it is not working anymore. My attacks have been getting more and more frequent even with it. Sometimes I have to take 5 - never more because it scares me. I have been doing this for five years now. I have full blown "I am having a heart attack" panic. Sweating, chest pain, shaking, thinking for sure this is my last day on earth.
Avatar m tn Ive also read that valium, although having a half life of 100hrs, is the least addictive of the popular benzos and xanax and klonopin are more addictive and worse w/ds. Really all I really want to know is since Im already taking a benzo for genralized anxiety/panic attacks, would it be a wise choice to try klonopin out and see if I could get some nerve pan relief along with anxiety relief, kinda of killing two birds with one stone.
Avatar n tn I thought I wasn't psychologically addicted to Klonopin--WRONG. I have 22 years and change in AA and I discover the f-ing Klonopin is messing with me. I have been off it since Friday and I can tell you tonight I got the bad news: My head craves the ****. I worry about the horrendous symptoms I have read about on this board. Any comments would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn I was told by several doctors that what Ativan does is that it "sits down" on receptors in the brain and stays there and turns the brain cell into mush essentially destroying its function. The more you take the more cells get affected so that each time you take the drug your mind has less ability to handle whatever stress you are undergoing. I was also told by a doctor than whatever cells or receptors are affected are dead...are gone....and I won't be getting those back.
Avatar n tn With Xanax my withdrawal would set in within 8 hours. The only difference with klonipin is that the withdrawal takes longer and is worse, to my experience (from running out of medication) I wouldnt worry too much if you're only taking it twice a week, but realize if you do become addicted, IT SUCKS!!!!
Avatar f tn As far as I can remember the main difference between Klono and other 'short-acting' benzos like Valium and Ativan is that it is cumulative in your system and lasts longer throughout the day ... I am not sure about this so sorry if I am wrong. But actually a benzo is a benzo is a benzo to me. It had the same end result as any other benzo, good and bad. It worked great to calm me down and tranquilize me but getting off it was a b*tch. I would never take it again.
486448 tn?1209613899 I can't understand why your doctor would prescribe both the Klonopin and valium. I think the Klonopin and xanex are probably equivalent, and my doctor would never put me on more than 4 mg/xanex. Actually, I never take the whole 4 mg unless I have to do something that I know will cause a panic attack. I would try to get him to give you a withdrawal schedule to get off either the klonopin or the valium. How much valium are you on?
Avatar m tn Also my family Doc who work take only patients who have depression and anxiety disorders told me that the difference between the waffers benzo and regular is small since it's absorb rapidly from the stomach and even before it's reaching the stomach and that's him who told me to let them disolve under my tongue... The Klonopin taste is good but the Xanax is awfull.
1349768 tn?1276733637 The downfall to the short half-life is an abrupt and trough in the plasma level. The drug is metabolized and eliminated rapidly, and this leads to tolerance and rebound anxiety with prolonged use (loss of efficacy). Therefore, Xanax is not suggested for long-term use. Klonopin is a very potent, long-acting agent which carries a half-life of 36 hours on average (range 18-50). Klonopin relies on the principals of steady-state and accumulation.
414333 tn?1226195093 QUALITY OF LIFE, is the most important factor. that is what everyone wants for you! and you want the same! so it wll happen! that's what we all want.. God Bless and i didnt' mean to bash anyone, including you xan....i just like when people tell both sides of the story and let people decide on their own....it's more that anti benzo site then the ashton broad ;) but hey...they are from the UK so what can you expect?
Avatar f tn i was the exact same way my first few days i would take my firs dose then 3 or 4 hours later i would feel like i had to take another...its not that the klonopin is not working its just the ativan is slowly decreasing and the klonopin take alittle longer to reach steady state and as i said before you are left vulnerable for a few days till the klonopin works to its full potential and trust me when it does you will be so happy you stuck it out...
225570 tn?1191290673 i just have one more question how do i switch to klonopin from xanax do i just start taking the klonopin and stop taking the xanax..And Yes i deffinetly plan on taking nothing when im pregnant but i dont plan on trying for another year so i wanted to get off of something that was alittle easier then xanax.And not to sound dumb but how much is .125 figure my doc gives me 0.5 dose pills is that half of that or a quarter of that hope i make sence thanks again...
Avatar f tn Your a mess right now I know I've been there many times......... The one difference between all addicts is when the light comes on that drives the addict to recovery they finally realize they have had enough...."there tired of being tired" I'm not sure if your there yet which is really sad I don't think it would be fair for you to go through detox while taking care of a small baby....... Do you have insurance so that you can go into a 5 day inpatient detox.........
Avatar m tn I hope today if you get a chance you will post that the Klonopin is working and helping with your anxiety attacks!!! Klonopin is for long tern use compared to others. Just remember it takes longer to kick in but once it does it does last longer in your system. I don't take anti-depressants...I tried many different ones years ago..and they did not help me. They intensified the anxiety. BUT THAT WAS JUST MY EXPERIENCE..AND ABOVE WAS MY MOTHER'S.... Sorry for the caps..
Avatar n tn ive kicked the amytrip. and the klonopin is in the process of going now. had to reduce the dosage very slowly(its been months) because you can get seizures from withdrawel of this rx...........
Avatar n tn   Now my gp says stress but I have been reading about menieres disease and that sure sounds like what I have.  And coincidently, the drug I'm on is one of the drugs they use to treat the symptoms.  My grandmother was on what she called her "dizzy pills" for years and my Dad has boughts with this from time to time and had it real bad for about a year in his 30's.  Now I see a little connection there.