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Avatar n tn Women with negative blood types require shots to ensure a healthy pregnancy, especially if their baby has a positive blood types. It is very important to know what your blood type is, because if God forbid you have a miscarriage and have a negative blood type, then a shot that day is necessary to ensure that you will be able to conceive again in the future.
Avatar f tn Everyone is either rh- or rh+. When a rh- mother & rh+ baby blood mesh.... if that was your case your ob wouldve told u after a blood test and taken precaution. If your tired or feel drained, its apart of pregnancy, or your iron levels may be low. What are you getting tommorow?
669618 tn?1289406848 I am RH- all it means is that you have a negative blood type. All it is, is a small needle given in your bum (it doesn't hurt at all cause its into fat) It is given to all females with RH- blood (you really only need it if the father is RH+ but they like to be safe). It's like an immunization. It introduces a small bit of RH+ into your system so that your body won't attack it.
7074486 tn?1389936422 The shots work and I'm on my 4th pregnancy.
849762 tn?1288188348 I think it depends on what your husband's blood type is. If you're RH negative and he's RH positive (like A+, B+, AB+ or O+), then there's a risk the baby might also be positive and I guess that could cause problems...although, usually not in first pregnancies unless you already have antibodies (I read this online). To avoid this a shot can be given at 26 weeks and at birth called RhoGAM.
1352892 tn?1338221505 Im Rh- and I am having my third baby... you will get a shot at 28 weeks and you and baby will be fine.... the only thing i noticed with my babies is that they had a bit more jaundice than other peoples babies that I saw but that is easily treatable....
1230912 tn?1273496370 ) So I guess my question is how many of you on the board have RH negative blood? Does being RH negative with MS have any cause/effect on the situation? Thank you all knowledgeable ones!
1400499 tn?1320413893 RH Negative Disease...I am RH Negative, my titer is low (1-4) and I have 2 children, sensitized with the 2nd, recent miscarriage in 2009, December. Will I need In Vitro if baby daddy is negative...will I have problems no matter what? I want more children, I am 36.
Avatar f tn It only effects the baby if your blood and the babies somehow meet! The rh in your blood attacks the some kind of the babies blood cells basically killing it! It's pretty crazy!! I did my research a few years ago when I was pregnant with my first born!
Avatar f tn Ok, so with this, I had my blood work done, many, many times over. I have had Sjogrens show up in my blood work, and Dryness of the eyes, Vagina(not that was needed to be heard), mouth, and skin. My skin is very very sensative to the sun, I break out in what looks to be a sun rash. My hips have been hurting and my joints hurt. My rheumitologist says that although I have some signs of Sjogrens, that does not mean I have it. Does any know this to be true?
Avatar f tn Hi Is your blood the same as mine rhesus negative? Did you have the anti d ingections in your first pregnancy?
2062192 tn?1333718023 It is given at 28 weeks. I've had it 3times. What they do is when you go for your 2nd trimester diabetic screen and bloodwork they draw extra blood and the Rhogham shot that you need is mixed with your blood. You will have to go back 24-48hrs later for them to administer the shot. Its a pain in the butt but it is so great that they have it now! My Mom was also rh- and had 4 late term miscarriages because of it.
Avatar f tn The bloodwork is for your RH, your health status, and is usually checked for markers of downs syndrome, trisomy and spina bifida from what I understand. I had two rounds of blood work about 6 weeks apart to check for all that stuff.
191945 tn?1201821171 I am RH-, but for the life of me do not remember what my blood type is. They gave me my rogham shot at about 16 weeks and then after I delivered. But I know that neither of my kids had to have the shot at birth because they did not carry the RH- factor, which meant they have their fathers blood type and not mine. There is a book I had with my first that was all about being rh - .
Avatar f tn Does anyone know if RH factor positive is good or bad? And HIV 1 is normal? The HIV result has a 1 in the slot idk what that means .. Its all kinds of numbers and letters.. Alot of it looks normal to be honest.. Im just scared ********!!
Avatar f tn Just curiouse on your story! This is my first pregnancy I found out I had rh- blood type and withought any proof they sent me home with pain meds saying because of my blood type I'm gonna miscarry. I have been calling and calling my obgyn because I want proof that my baby is actually dead. I have not miscarried yet. But they are just assuming that I will because of my blood type. So FRUSTRATING! Any one else have this probablem? And what's your story/ journey with having this blood type?
1047234 tn?1253547296 Interesting i have asked my mother and she is A postive and believes that my dad is O positive. But my grandmother (my moms mom) is rh negative. Im not sure what my kids are or what my husband is.
191945 tn?1201821171 Before this pregnancy I gave blood and was told my blood type. My blood type is A Negative, with that said and the research I have done I believe it is a pretty high if not a for sure thing that I carry the RH Negative Factor. I do not know what my baby's father's blood type is either..
7540649 tn?1395723196 It's only when mom's negative and dad might be positive that they need to do anything about it. The reason I knew my blood type to begin with was because my mother is rh negative and my father is rh positive, so they tested my blood when I was born to see if I was positive, which they said that I was. Now my tests are coming back negative. That's why I'm concerned maybe they made a mistake.
191945 tn?1201821171 Before this pregnancy I gave blood and was told my blood type. My blood type is A Negative, with that said and the research I have done I believe it is a pretty high if not a for sure thing that I carry the RH Negative Factor. I do not know what my baby's father's blood type is either..
Avatar f tn I was 1 month pregnant with my son when I was at work and went to the bathroom and blood came out, I was so scared I went to the hospital and it turned out to be a UTI, anything is serious. You should see a doctor. Bleeding during pregnancy is always a cause of concern.
Avatar f tn If Mom is Rh negative and Dad is Rh positive, the baby statistically has a 50% chance of being Rh positive. Now, if this is a first pregnancy, it's usually not a problem because the baby's blood and the mother's blood typically do not co-mingle. During delivery, however, the blood can co-mingle and if that happens, mom will produce anitibodies against Rh, because her body does not have it and recognizes the baby's Rh as foreign. That means she gets "sensitized.
Avatar f tn -( my dr said that it only means that your blood is missing the rh antigen, hence rh negative. If your blood mixes with your baby's then your body will start to make antibodies that will attack your baby's blood. What's scarier, that or getting a shot? Once I had more details about how it can affect by baby I felt much better about it.
Avatar n tn what blood type does a childs father have to be if the baby is A+? The mother is 0+ and is there a testing kit where u can do the test on your own?
936197 tn?1268666665 I have rh blood and the only thing I was told is at 28 weeks I need a shot. My doctor said if i should have vaginal bleeding before then that I have 72 hrs to get to a clinic to get the shot. I'm 26 weeks pregnant and my babies anatomy is perfectly fine, perfect heart and developing well. Dont stress, just know that if you bleed then call the meternity clinic or call your doctor. Besdes your baby may have the same blood type as you which means you'll be fine the baby will be fine...
191945 tn?1201821171 My blood type is A Negative, with that said and the research I have done I believe it is a pretty high if not a for sure thing that I carry the RH Negative Factor. I do not know what my baby's father's blood type is either..
Avatar n tn I got a phone call yesterday saying i need to repeat all my blood work because my blood tests show antibodies ( i am o negative ) which means my blood has crossed with my baby's and it treats it like an intruder. Will this mean they will deliver.. i have an appointment next week..really confused and wondering..
Avatar n tn He has a regular practice and also runs a HEP clinic one day a week. I think he is good. He absolutely wanted the BX and I agreed. I did all the blood work today and put in for the bx immediately. I asked if I could use pegasys in lieu of Pegi and he had no problem. Due to the fact I wanted to start the tx ASAp, he even went ahead and is ordering the peg and riba now and if my blood and bx shows nothing weird I will begin within 4-6 weeks, maybe sooner. That is the best I could have hoped for.
943081 tn?1245438701 I have a RH factor of 19, my sed -rate is normal, I have hypothyroidism, a positive ANA, SM/RNP antibody positive, SM antibody positive, RNP antibody positive, and Chromatin antibody positive. The SM antibody was at 4.9 everything else must have been really has as it shows no numbers, just >8.0 positive. My doc is still doing blood work labs and won't see him again until mid August. From what I have read it seems like Lupus.