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Avatar f tn I took an RNA test at 22 days and it came back negative. I was TOLD by the testing center that result is 99% sure however I should take an ELISA test at 3 months as a follow up (which I understand). How much faith if any can I actually put in the RNA results? I am still experiencing what I would consider to be ARS symptoms; symmetrical red bumps on my ears (specifically on the tip top of the ear lobe before it goes into the canal) that don't itch but indicative of a "rash"?
20853006 tn?1547670089 I still do not know what is wrong with me, but I guess I do not have HIV/AIDS. I am sorry for all of my questions and anxiety. Thank you to everyone that has answered any of my questions that I have posted on here.
Avatar f tn the mind is a very powerful thing i was 100% sure i had it and thought about this everyday and kept googling symptoms and i believe it those actions that made my symptoms seem so real to me so as im writting this guys i just wanted to tell u that nothing beats testing i am living proof that symptoms dont mean anything and listen to the doctors advice they know what they are talking about knowing is always better than not knowing...
Avatar n tn ,blood contact fever at 5thweek for 4days high lymph nodes under armpits after fever for aweek 6 th week hiv dna pcr negative+ eia+p 24 neg. 8 week eia+ p24 neg 13 week hiv duo + dna pcr neg.
Avatar m tn i admit that it doesn't mean very much...but in my opinion...those who have tested negative should move on with their life...get off the forum. this is not a social club...a place to come and talk with your new forum friends...there are sites for that. when everyone "decides" they want to help others...you end up with a multitude of the same answers...causing new questions to be pushed to the bottom and sometimes overlooked for quite a while.
Avatar m tn Just as a rerun, my symptoms are i have a weird gum infection and cracks in my tongue I have lost a significant amount of wieght - i weighed in at 62 Kilo today, as opposed to my 68 before i left for asia 3 months ago loss of appetite Chesty cough slight fluey symptoms anyways - i reckon that it was about 5/6 weeks ago wehn i was exposed and i got a negative blood test today - what doees that mean for me, what are the stats if anyone can conjure them for me of somebody testing negative now
Avatar n tn the swollen lymph node turned out as a simple muscle node - due to my strained neck that I got after 6 months fear, stress and sitting on front of the computer. What I considered as rash are two ordinary pimples. The joint pain is caused by a teared meniscus. The sudden hearing loss was actually an Eustachian tube dysfunction, an extremely common thing that is not dangerous at all. Weight loss, fatigue, stiff neck - typical stress related symptoms...
Avatar m tn I was in a talk with an expert in 1998 in he said even then, that 3 month waiting is enough! We are all confused by HIV, right? Is it right, that the ANTIBODY-senisvitiy of the 3rd generation ELISA is higher than the ANTIBODY-sensivitiy of the 4th generation ELISA?
Avatar m tn ANY value less than 1.0 for any HIV test taken 3 or more months after a risk event is a conclusive, negative result. The value will change every time you test, but if it is less than 1.0, you are negative. Your value WILL NOT rise, because you tested conclusively negative at the appropriate time. You do not have HIV from this event. If you have questions about other diseases, please post in the appropriate forums. You can click on the "communities" link at the top to find those.
Avatar n tn I have just tested HIV 1 & 2 in BADR Al SAMMA clinic, Ruwi, Muscat, Oman. The ELISA result is 0.31. It says, as the result is < 1, it is negative. What does this 0.31 mean? does this mean that result is going to positive in near future?
Avatar m tn They mean exactly what they say. First one was "weakly reactive", which cannot be taken as a positive result. Second test was negative. meaning you don't have HIV. I don't think you need another test, but if you can't move on, then take a third. What was your exposure?
Avatar m tn Hi,, i went in to get tested today and asked for hsv1 and 2 igg test,, and the doctor recommended i do the igm (which i know is meaningless) but i also heard him say titers,, what does that mean,, can any one educate me,, is this a valid test
1273021 tn?1271069795 I recently was engaged in safe sex with a CSW but condom broke and washed off immediately. I tested after 7 weeks with ELFA combo kit and the results were HIV NEGATIVE (0.39), what does it mean? Does it mean I have small amounts of Antibodies trying to fight of HIV virus that may lead to a positive result onwards?
Avatar n tn and turn to positive in HIV. is there anyway to confirmed? that it will be negative? and what would be the suggestive herbal medicines, becouse i cant aford the antiviral drugs..
Avatar n tn I talked to my PCP and she said that she's never seen results like this before and I came back negative on the Western Blot which is the result that matters but...........what to do now?? Please, should I be retesting in 3 or 6 months? My daughter just turned 14 months and I had not had sex since she WAY before she was born, I also had HIV testing done when I got pregnant as the normal and nothing came back reactive, all was negative.
Avatar m tn Any how i know i need to go back at 3 months its been 4 so i will go soon. My question is what is the probabiltiy or likely hood of me having hiv when i tested negative the elisa and hiv rna test 30 - 35 days after infection? I would like to know for peace of mind oyu could say im nervous bout goin back an gettin apositive so im just curious on the chance of me havin hiv after those 2tests.
Avatar n tn I got myself tested for HIV and it was negative...Besides this, my ESR was also fine...I also didnt experience any symptoms of any Chamilidya, Gonnorhea or Syphilis...I ve heard that Gonnorhea always shows symptoms and in Chamilidya it gets shown in 50% though I am not sure about Syphilis...I also dont know which one of these have an effect on ESR....Do I need testing or I am not gonna die with what I told u??please give me some comments as I am confused...
Avatar n tn and before we got married i had shamefully many unprotected partners so thats why i am so scared and this july of 08 he came down with tb and all the chest xray sputnum and afbs were negative and the tb skin test was to so after 1 month they finally found out what he had i was lost from this i knew that 'tb and hiv are hand in hand' and what made it even worse is they checked him for hep abc all were negative and they only problem he had was elevated liver enzymes so he is doing better with
Avatar n tn The window period is 12 weeks, the earliest you can test is 6 weeks for an indicative result however 12 week's conclusive * 6 weeks negative changing ahead is very very unlikey and unheard of with the modern generation of tests *
Avatar f tn Since I just made the cut off value on test does that mean I could still be seroconverting? Test reads HIV 1/0/2 ABS - ICMA HIV 1/0/2 ABS - INDEX VALUE <--- 1.00            INDEX VALUE: SPECIMEN REACTIVITY RELATIVE TO THE NEGATIVE CUT OFF 1.00 Could this 1.00 go up a little and I will be positive? I thought 1.0 is intermediate?
Avatar f tn Is it possible for someone to have been infected with HIV 10 or 12 years ago and still have a negative test? I have posted before on here and the anxiety forum. I am being treated for anxiety and went for a complete physical on Tuesday. All of the bloodwork came back normal and the HIV test was negative. I have been experiencing dry mouth, loss of taste and appetite for 3 weeks now? Is this anxiety or could it be HIV related and it's just not showing up?