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Avatar n tn Is there any drug interaction between these two drugs ? I am taking Evista for Osteoporosis.
Avatar f tn I take Lantus at night and Humalog during meals, and have started Evista for bones. I think it is raising my blood sugar -from my usual 80 to 144 in the morning, can this be or is it something else?
Avatar f tn I wondered about the connection between Evista and Ovarian cysts which have also been mentioned "together". However upon further researching and talking with my Gyn., no real correlation has been found. Also, Evista is an Estrogen "blocker" . It has been shown actually to prevent some types of breast cancer..I was placed on Evista 8 years ago after some suspicious mammograms , which fortunately turned out to be nothing.
Avatar f tn to be tollerable. Now I start Evista for lcis and osteoporosis. That is supposed to cause flashes. My doc says Effexor and Clonidine will help flashes. I do not want to take Effexor, and Clonidine may lower my blood pressure too much since I am already on two blood pressure meds. I will try the Evista and if get flashes again, I may just stop. I read magnesium helps, so I tried. It did help quite a bit, but unfortunately, if you take enough, you get diarrhea. Some choice.
Avatar n tn The morning is the worst time. Within an hour I feel almost normal, and I feel pretty good for the rest of the day. Aromasin is in clinical trials for ovarian cancer right now, but I'm not waiting for the results. It cuts estrogen production by 95%. All three of my cancers were estrogen-dependent. Gimme that Aromasin!
Avatar f tn Dr also gave me a back-up prescr for Clonidine, which she says is good for flashes. I'm going to ask her about Celexa and Lexapro in lieu of Effexor. I don't want to take any of that cr*p. I always seem to get the bad side effects from any meds I try. The only bad thing about waiting to start the Evista is that I have already jumped from osteopenia to osteoporosis. Thanks for the info.
Avatar f tn Reading other comments suggests that tamoxifen is for premenapause women so why did that dr. prescribe that for me? Since I am 74. Reading other comments suggests that arimedex leads to weight gain. that I do not want. My sister is 84 and when she was my age she took arimedex for 5 years. She can not remember anything aout it.I am already taking celebrex and tramidol for pain from arthritis. I had a knee replacement in '06.
Avatar n tn Dear lindylou57, Without being able to evaluate the MRI results, reviewing the films and making comparisons it is difficult to comment on the change. Although it is not uncommon to see this with MRI screening. Evista is helpful in preventing invasive cancer but is not as good as tamoxifen in preventing the non-invasive lesions. It is possible that without the Evista you may have presented with cancer instead of atypical hyperplasia (no way to know for sure).
600561 tn?1326849221 I am 68 and all tests indicate that I am in very good health. For the moment, my only perscription drug is Evista. Where can I go with this question? Thanks.
Avatar f tn Can anyone tell me what this means? I understand that my samples shows ADH and LCIS. What are the other things? What are they looking for in the excision biopsy? Thank you to all of you. You have made this stressful time bearable.
492490 tn?1255408972 As I have only been on Carbo/Taxol (6 cycles), Taxol (maintenance 9 mo, failed) and Gemzar for 9 months and recently failed that too. What is the next best option for a 44 yr old, stage lllc patient? Any suggestions? Thanks so much!
Avatar f tn Looks like at 57, I must find something or I'm going to start fracturing away. What is safe and effective - Evista? What about the weird drug that rebuilt bone in mice - LP533401?
Avatar n tn Hi again, In addition to all the good information zouzi provided, IF you are postmenopausal, there is a second drug, Evista, that has also been approved for prevention of invasive breast cancer. It is also used to reduce the risk of spinal fractures related to osteoporosis, which is a plus for some women. (It was during studies of the use of Evista to treat osteoporosis that researchers noticed that among post-menopausal women who took the drug there was a lower rate of invasive breast cancer.
Avatar n tn I think it would be really good if someone, a doctor or chemist/pharmacist for example, went through medications thoroughly to check if there is any possibility of a clash between any of them, especially when someone is taking so many different ones...
Avatar f tn with cancer, I wish there was. What you've done is reduced your risk for another estrogen positive breast cancer and ovarian cancer. But that doesn't mean you won't get a different type of breast cancer in the remaining breast tissue or another part of your body. But you know as well as I do that each year we are NED with cancer is better for our odds.
Avatar n tn I had an ultrasound just last summer and it did show that I had cysts in this breast however, I have never had any pain until recently (the last 3 1/2 weeks). I can definitely feel the lump and it is tender to the touch when I lay on that side for some length on time, such as sleeping or if I accidently bump it. I know that fibroid tumors can be painful but can malignant ones as well?
Avatar n tn My endocrinologist has prescribed Forteo despite both our concerns that this drug is not recommended for anyone who has had radiation to bones. Of course, my ribs and chest area were radiated in 1995. I would appreciate an opinion as to whether this is an acceptable risk given the possible severe consequences of untreated osteoporosis, or if there are other treatment options available.
Avatar n tn Dr. Lupo, thank you for your response and insight. RE: Your questions Q 1: Are you on any other medications? A: I am on Evista which I take at noon so as not to interact with Synthroid which I take in the AM. Q 2: Have you had a thyroid ultrasound? ---this can see autoimmune pattern even in absence of antibodies A: No I have not, but that sounds like a good idea. Q 3: Did you have a transient silent thyroiditis in jan/feb that was trying to recover. A: No, not that I was aware of.
Avatar f tn Many thanks for your responses. It is so helpful to chat with someone who has been or is going thru about the same thing. I felt so good Wed and Thrus and then the tiredness and aching returned on Friday. I keep my adorable grandchildren every Friday from noon until late Saturday, Of course, they wilt me but I love every minute of it. Jack is 2 and Caroline is 6.1/2. They really mess the house but I clearn it after they leave. today I feel fairly good again.
Avatar n tn Normally, routine bone density screening would determine whether further action is warranted. If the bone density is low, Fosamax is indeed a good choice. If Fosamax cannot be tolerated, Evista or miacalcin nasal spray can be considered. Routine monitoring of the bone density is the best recommended course of action. These options can discussed with your personal physician. Followup with your personal physician is essential.
Avatar n tn Exercise has been proven to fight fatigue also. Walking is very good while staying busy. P.S. Most all of us on this forum never took tamoxafin before we were diagnosed with cancer. I would say 99% of us. Good luck with your testing. Keep us posted. My two sisters and now my mother have breast cancer. And my maternal grandmother had it. I am going to ask about being tested again.
Avatar n tn I know you addressed Kathy, but my good friend who is 41 had a total hysterectomy in November of last year. The only thing she takes is Evista, which I think is for the bones, and she has not had one menopause side effect. She exercises and eats a healthy diet and is doing great. She said she was worried like you, but actually feels wonderful. I hope this may help you with your worries. I just spoke with her last night, as I have the same worries...
Avatar n tn No one ever suggested I have anything but a yearly mammogram, always negative. I am most concerned about my daughter, who is scheduled for the MRI guided biopsy Feb. 20. I also wonder if I should be getting any tests other than the yearly mammogram.
Avatar m tn she is taking Calcium tablets daily. and doctor prescribed Evista for her. she strated taking Evista but this medicine had some serious side affects on her; specially she felt some kind of pressure and pain in her jaw and teeth. so after she stopped taking them; the problems disappeared. but now the question is what other drugs can she take without affecting her jaw & teeth?
Avatar f tn I think, in your case it truly is a matter of knowing how badly your bone density loss is, and if your risk factors for the side effect risks of serious health concerns are increased for any reason other than the suggested link to a possibility of cancers/stroke etc. If you have cancer risks in your family, your risk is obviously elevated. If you have a family history of heart disease, your risk for stroke is also elevated, and therefore your need to adjust for those risks accordingly.
Avatar m tn I usually don't bleed at night and tend to have more bleeding when exercising. I will say that the bleeding is a little heavier for awhile after the monthly course of Prometrium. I have also reduced the Estradiol down to .25mg a day. Maybe I should stop the Estradiol altogether. I am wondering how other Doctors treat a healthy but thickened lining. Thank you for any ideas.
Avatar f tn It is possible that you could have increased bone pain with the addition of calcium plus Fosamax, because you could be feeling (what is known as) bone remodeling. This is the activity that is occurring as calcium is replaced on the bone. About suitable therapy; it depends of course on your gender. I'll assume you are female, since you mention Evista. If you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, it is almost essential that you are taking Fosamax (alondronate).
Avatar f tn are to be discussed with our Doctor. What might be a good plan? My wife is 49 YO and her Mom was diagnosed with breat cancer and been in remission for the last 20 years. We are thinking that we would not do anything with surgery, request 1 mamogram and 1 MRI annually and maybe, just maybe tamoxifen. Would like to get an opinion on this plan? Is it a normal one? One that is too patient? Or?
Avatar f tn You are the only one who can decide along with your physician what is best for you. I always encourage people to research as they go on. There are a lot of studies out there to help you learn what you need to know. Knowledge is power and you are your own best advocate for your treatment. I am also 100% for working with a doctor that you can talk to, listen to and trust. If he's not the one, move on. Too much is at stake Susan for you not to be comfortable with your doctor.
Avatar n tn Now I am on Evista and have been fine with the moods. If your quality of life on Tamoxifen is not good - it is time to rethink other options.