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Avatar n tn My daughter is thought to have pertussis and was first treated with Cefprozil for 10 days after having a cough for over a month. However, as soon as her last dose was finished she began coughing again. The doctor then decided it was Pertussis so he gave her a 5 day dose of Azithromycin. She stopped coughing. However, 9 days later the cough is back again. What should I do? Is it really Pertussis and do I need to get her back on more antibiotics?
Avatar m tn The only thing i can think of that could have caused it would be a new prescription that I went on for strep throat 4 days ago. It was cefprozil if that matters. Anyone have any ideas what this could be? I feel like its highly unlikely that I actually sprained my ankle in my sleep.
Avatar n tn My new doctor (since I got tired of my old doctor because he would just give me drugs and send me on my way) hasn't suggested a neurologist, but I know with my insurance that as long as the neurologist is in my network, I don't need a referral from my doctor (although, they probably would prefer to have one anyway). I just cannot figure out what is going on with me...it's just absolutely weird what is going on, on top of the fact that the chiro has not helped at all...
Avatar n tn Gani, that's in the realm of infectious disease medicine now, but to me everything your doc says seems like the right way to go. They need to remove some larger sample of infected tissue to determine what exact microbe is causing the infection, and once they have a sample they might also test it to see if it is resistant to the antibiotic you were already given. Normally, a lymph node enlarges as the immune cells inside of it multiply to fight an infection.
Avatar n tn Hello. My urethra is extrememly swollen and painfull. It is not a UTI, herpes or and STD just had my physical 6 weeks ago. It has been painfull off and on for 6 months. The first Dr. prescribed cefprozil. It didn't do anything. The second Dr. gave me an antifungal with anti-iflammatory cream. It helps slightly but everything is still extremely swollen. I am worried it might be something more serious? I have no discharge.
Avatar m tn My wife is 46 y/o and has had a bout with feeling off balance and dizziness for the past 10 days. She first had symptoms of a fullness and loud sounds in her left ear and decreased hearing. She visited our PCM and was place on Z-Pac and Sudafed, but no infection was noted. After 3 days of the medications, no relief, so my wife scheduled an ENT appointment. She was then placed on Prednisone.
Avatar n tn Now his lids are pretty swollen and red and I've started giving him oral anitbiotics (Cefprozil) which are prescribed for 10 days. Do you have any suggestions as to what else can be done? Is there any way that something like this can affect his vision in the long run?
Avatar n tn I have been prescribed cefprozil and what is around my mouth does sound like it would be impetigo. How would I have developed this? As for the rest of my face, the swelling, rashing, itching, and burning... on eyelids cheeks and chin, would that be an effect of having impetigo as well? thanks for your help!
Avatar f tn I went to see my doctor a week later and was given Cefprozil for what she said was likely a chest infection, but never ran any tests except for checking my breathing, It's been over a week since and the symptoms continue, but now it's also in my sinuses, so I wake-up feeling like I'm drowning To reiterate, I have no other pain outside of these symptoms and don't recall ever having this feeling in my chest even when I had colds. Does anyone know what this might possibly be?
Avatar m tn If so, is there one that would be more common via oral sex? From what I have read it seems that gonorrhea (of the throat) is a possibility? what do you think?
1170641 tn?1263336623 Norfloxacin (they found out the bacteria was resistant to this), Apo-cefprozil, Nitrofurantoin - that was what I had tried for oral antibiotics. The nasty little bacteria that won't die is called klebsiella, they've found it in every single culture they've done of my urine. So they decided it was time for a drastic measure: IV antibiotics. I was on Ertapenem for 7 days intravenously, and that did not work at all.
Avatar f tn go to your hospital emergency and tell them you are in pain and don't have insurance - I'm not sure how people get by without paying (it seems to be common) but the hospital will not refuse to serve you. I don't know either how ER pushes for a credit card, That said, what would you do if you car needed $1,000 in repairs to keep it running? Would you put it on a charge and make payments? If yes, why not for yourself..you are more important than your car. Have you checked on Obamacare?
Avatar m tn I have 11 Cefprozil 500mg and 10 Clindamycin 150mg. Will these antibiotics help me? I've already begun drinking as much water as I can.
Avatar m tn its a 14 day period so i guess ill see till then. but what gets me is 14 days here 14 days there wait a week for this, time goes on and im at 5 months still sick. I dunno if its big or small deal either way its gone on so long i dont want any lasting effect to any organs or tissue or anythign from somethign stupid.
Avatar f tn And some different kind of rash on his back of knees, thighs, upper legs, and back of the arms near the joints and back of wrists. I took him to another doctor, he changed the antibiotic ans prescribed 'Cefprozil' for 10 days, he told stop old antibiotic and take this one. We started taking that his rash did not go. His fever and pink eye was gone in 2 days. Then doctor prescribed 'fucidin' creme for rash and we applied it and rash is also gone. But he still had strawberry tongue and tonsils.
Avatar f tn SOAP BRAIN MD (S=serositis, O=oral ulcers, A=arthritis, P=photosensitivity, pulmonary fibrosis, B=blood cells, R=renal, Raynauds, A=ANA, I=immunologic (anti-Sm, anti-dsDNA), N=neuropsych, M=malar rash, D=discoid rash) As you see, many of them have nothing to do with blood tests, which (blood tests) again may not be sensitive enough to be entirely accurate.
Avatar n tn Till this very moment, I can't drink anything that is below room temperature or my throat will hurt the next day. Same goes for hot drinks. I also have a weird taste and smell in my mouth that bothers me a big deal. I saw one doctor and she said that my tonsils are fine, but I have a chronic sore throat although that I'm not experiencing pain most of the time.
Avatar n tn The ENT, whom I am seeing on a fairly regular basis for another issue, keeps insisting on removing it. What is the cost for this procedure? What is the success rate of it not recurring? What is the likelihood of scarring or nerve damage? Any comments would be appreciated. Currently, I am on cefprozil, and while I thought it was working the first few days, the cyst/abscess continues to grow.