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Avatar f tn I recently found out I had high ammonia, it was 66, I am taking lactalose and it is is now normal. All my blood work is within normal ranges on my liver function test and I also had a sonogram, have a mild fatty liver. Was wondering what could have caused this. I do drink a few beers a night.
Avatar n tn Thank you, No the doctor claimed that his ammonia level was fine. It was at 15. Which according to the levels it sat right in the middle of the chart. I will definetly pick up the supplements you listed. He use to take Milk thistle lat the onset of his Hep c. But eventually stopped. Wasn'tsure if it was doing him anygood. I am not sure what Selenium is. Does it come in pill form and will I find it with all the other supplents? This Gaug Journal you ,mentioned is it on this site?
82818 tn?1206993414 the Dr ran an ammonia test and it came back as 106. I later found out you really are not to have any in your system. If so between 11 and 30. you can even go into a coma and then die. So if you feel you fit in that profile all it takes is a blood test please take. they are treating me with Enulose (Lactulose solution.) My liver was not getting filtering it so the next thing would be your kidneys so I guess my was not working. If any one else has had this problem please let me know GOD BLESS.
1008841 tn?1293602560 What is your MELD score from your last blood test? Are you compensated or decompensated? If you are compensated, have you talked to your doc about hepatitis C treatment? Cramps in the legs and feet are very common with cirrhosis. You might want to try "Leg Cramps" you can find it at any Walgreens. It seems to work for me. You should ask the hepatologist for Xifaxan. For many people it is more effective in stopping HE flare-ups and has no nasty side-effects like Lactulose.
Avatar f tn When I do any cardiovascular exercise and start to get winded, I get a very strong ammonia like smell in my nose, like it is coming out of my lungs. This smell is not coming from outside my body, but internally. It's almost like the alcohol smell that goes up the back of your nose when you drink a shot of liquor. I have had this all my life and just sort of assumed it was the same for everybody, but apparently other people don't have the same thing. What could be causing it?
Avatar n tn Since then, he's been in and out of the hospital, with out the discovery of exactly what it is that he has. However, recently he's been having episodes of confusion,and yesterday was barely able to wake up. He's in the hospital now, and they found his ammonia levels at 200. It comes and goes, but it seems that when he is the best is when he takes lactulose, and hopefully they'll raise his dose of it, because it just seems to be getting worse.
Avatar f tn If the liver is decompromised it cannot metabolize the waste products hence there is an elevation of blood ammonia levels resulting in increased excretion in the urine. Also, increased levels of ammonia may also be seen with gastrointestinal bleeding, where the blood cells are haemolysed in the intestines, releasing protein. Please discuss this with your doctor am sure he will provide further assistance. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn His condition has been unchanged for 3 weeks. I called and asked what his ammonia levels were last week. The nurse gave me the run around and said they were within normal limits. Without the limits in fornt of me I don't know what they are. My husband went to Utah 2 days after I called, and all of a sudden they were checking ammonia levels and trating him with Lactolose, which I know is the appropriate Tx.
Avatar f tn He has a terrible body odor of ammonia and the bathroom has a constant ammonia odor I find terribly offensive. I feel I need to clean it all the time. I think I started this post just to ask if he would excrete ammonia in his urine if his levels were high; it's beginning to appear to me that this is the case. Any idea if this is an early or later sign of the progression of this disease? Without him agreeing to see the doctor, I have to depend on the knowledge of others.
Avatar f tn I have a question, my mother passed away a couple of days ago and all I can think of was her last days at the hospital, my question is, when a person that is awaiting a liver transplant and has many other problems that are going bad and her ammonia levels keeps rising and out of a sudden they can't respond back to any questions, can they understand what you are saying to them?
Avatar f tn His body is producing ammonia faster than they can get rid of it. He is sleeping a lot and still has bouts of confusion, but overall he is clear-headed. Hospice was called in today for a consult. What now? How high can the ammonia level go before coma? Does a high level affect the kidneys? His kidneys are still working good. Other than confusion and risk of coma, what does the high ammonia level do?
Avatar n tn i was very glad to hear them all say that they get it as i thought it was just me. i have no idea what it is i cant see that it would be from too much protien as i dont eat enough of it. also i have tests done regually to see how all my levels are and everything is normal. i find it very embarracing smelling like cat wee!!!
Avatar m tn Since then I had my first experience with a high ammonia level of 98 in 2014 which put me in the hospital, almost in a coma state, for 5 days. Lactulose, Lasix & Spirolactone were given. After being released, it took a week when I returned to the hospital, now I was put on Xifaxan along with the other three meds. All has been well until Feb. 14, 2016 when it hit me again, ammonia level of 250, survived.
Avatar m tn I have 57 ammonia level in July and in August 97 ammonia level. Took Lactulose and two weeks later had 101 and added the antibiotic effixir (sp) just last week. Will this be chronis? Is there hope to get it down and keep it down? The test showed a slightly enlarged liver. Could this be caused from spreading fertilizer, coloring my hair and spraying poision? I cut out the protein except for fish, eggs and a few other things. Driking lots more water to flush my system. Any other suggestions.
Avatar m tn - Then I got a faint rash around my other eye and a bit on my forehead. - During that time I got a swollen lymphnode in my neck that hurt. The pain has subsided a lot but it is still hard. - During this whole period my skin has become very dry. It's possible that's because I take a lot more showers now, mainly to help relax the anxieties of this all. - From time to time my testicles tingle? But only my testicles. Herpes related?
Avatar m tn Has anyone been told that you have high ammonia levels from Hep-C? If so, please tell me the common side effects and if you use Lactulose for treatment. I am interested in hearing about headaches that you may have from the disease or treatment.
Avatar n tn In one week my ammonia level has gone from 68 to 93. Only numbers off on liver function on 10/29 were ALT @ 61 (5 high). ALT on 10/21 test was 53. I've read all I can find on this but nowhere have I found anything mentioning high ammonia levels and "normal" liver functions. I'm having many symptoms associated with high ammonia. Last 2 months I've had a major problem with abdomen distentia. Abdomen and pelvis CT was performed on 10/30...
Avatar n tn My husband's ammonia level is at 128...as a result of his HepC he has Class IV cirrhosis. They tell him his liver is too far gone and he's too high a risk for treatment. He's been "maintaining" for the past two years. He watches his diet and takes milk thisle. He's also a type II diabetic and since they've put him on Enulose for two weeks, the boy guy spends all his time in the bathroom...anyway my question is this...is 128 dangerously high?
Avatar n tn The Doctor now says it has turned into cirrohisis. My GI Doctor ran an ammonia test on me and said my level was high. He put me on lactulose. I started taking it three days ago. First day, terrible cramps, gas and bloating. Yesterday some diarriha and stomach pain. Today just waiting to see what is in store. Is anyone out there on this medication? Can you tell me is it always like this? Is there anything you can do to work and take this medicine at the same time?
Avatar n tn Hi, How are you? Ammonia smell in urine could be due to bacterial infection in the urinary tract without regular symptoms of UTI, dehydration, consumption of red meat or high protein foods. I would suggest that you get a urine analysis with culture and visit a urologist for further confirmation. Best.
Avatar f tn My husband also has cirrohsis and he has ascites and has high ammonia levels. He has been on the laculose for 6 weeks and it is at 95 right now. He also is on the antibotic for bacteria infection in the stomach and intestines. Does your mother chill? I would also like to find out how much longer he has.
Avatar n tn I know it's often difficult to get them to spend 5 minutes with you answering questions in language that you understand, but insist on it. An ammonia level of 400 is extremely high. If your father has been in the hospital for 3 weeks with liver failure and his ammonia is still this high, it sounds pretty grim to me. Of course, I'm basing this on very limited information, and your father's doctors have the whole picture in front of them, so again, talk to them.
Avatar n tn It's not, but I cannot get that ammonia smell out of my nose. If we can't figure out WHAT it is, has anyone figured out how to mask it or something? I'm about to go insane, it's strong and awful smelling.
Avatar f tn I was never thought to have ADHD but it feels like I do now. I am wondering if I exposed myself to inhaling ammonia/clorox while cleaning and these symptoms are the longterm effects, two or three years later. It has been suggested that I have neuropsych. testing done to pinpoint the memory and cognitive deficits but I am afraid of what I will find out.
30678 tn?1217992847 Lactulose is also used to reduce the amount of ammonia in the blood of patients with liver disease. It works by drawing ammonia from the blood into the colon where it is removed from the body. I don't know much about this, but I know people with cirrhosis take it. Hope this helps...
1184842 tn?1264268787 However, if levels were very high then I think the lactulose would be the only alternative...it prevents the absorption in the first place. Yes it has issues, gas, etc etc, but sometimes we have to make adjustments. for me, it was just easier to curb comsumption since I'm not a big meat eater anyway, but I understand for some folks this is a hard sell. None the less, the goal of regular soft movements is what allows for less ammonia build up, and that goal must be reached.
Avatar n tn I am curious as to how many years of having hep C is it when the dementia comes into play?? My mother has had it for over 40 years and is showing signs of dementia. Now she has gotten the family to believe her dilerious rants and ousted me from the entire family.... This is not easy, and it is comforting to know that there are others dealing with the same issue. thank you for your input.