What does yellowish green discharge mean

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Avatar n tn I also have this yellow/ green discharge and it also can not be an STD as my husband has been out of the country for 3months so no sex obviously. I guess it is possable for it to be an STD from years gone by but I have my anual check every year and nothing has ever showed. I am very itchy to the point i get blood from itching with the toilet paper in the bathroom. There is no smell but it is worrysom all the same.
Avatar f tn By the third day I started experiencing yellow discharge with no smell. What in the world does this mean? Before I didnt have this when using monistat 1.
Avatar n tn Hi there - Discharge can mean many things. What you have doesn't sound like gonorrhea discharge, which is usually green and would be more constant. The only thing you might check on is a prostate thing, but even then, your symptoms sound pretty normal. I'm not a guy, but I've seen a few dribble spots on men's pants before.
Avatar n tn I did a google search with - Green discharge from nipples and this is what I could find. You may want to do your own google search. Dark green nipple discharge - mammary duct ectasia I am 28 with fibrocystic breasts. For the past week my left breast has oozed dark green fluid but I do not have the usual swelling or pain. Could this be cancer? My doctor has ordered a mammogram. The discharge may be due to the fibrocystic disease.
Avatar n tn i am 18 ive been having alot of white discharge with a foul smell , i went to my gynecologist i was tested for everything like STDS everthing and he ask me do you eat alot of fruit and i said yes, well he told me from that the acids in the fruit can cause the white discharge, but i think i might have a yeast infection, does anyone know what should i do or use like the Monistat product
Avatar f tn Is this the plug they talk about? Does it mean I'm dialating? I go to my doctor Thursday for my checkup and it starts the once a week appointments until I deliver. What do you think it is? Is it normal? Thanks!
Avatar n tn I spoke to a girlfriend recently she's had her Mirena in for a year or so and she has a green discharge from one nipple and a milky discharge from the other. Is the link we both have the Mirena IUD ? is there anyone else out there with a green nipple discharge & using a Mirena IUD ?
Avatar n tn My paps always come bak normal, and my doc says everything looks normal. But when I tell them that I have heavy bleeding, and pretty harsh cramps, they tell me to get on birth control. My family has a history of endometriosis, and they say I should be tested. I have brownish pink discharge almost all month long. This has been going on for about teh past 4 - 5 months. I wonder if it because I don't have sex often , so when I do it just gets old blood out. I don't know, any advice?
Avatar f tn I've had the watery discharge for a while but nothing like what I had last night. Thought I wet the bed but it was only on my pajama bottoms and not on the bed. Not much of an odor but there is a little. I've sways had a little but nothing that made me change undies or jammies. Last night was so much! And it's still coming while ichange my tampon every two-three hours. And I'm so with you on back pain! I feel like im going to snap in half at any minute.
Avatar f tn I noticed though that my discharge had changed a little. Its a yellow/green color and its sticky like mucus or snot, and it doesn't normally smell, it just smells like my discharge normally does. The only time it ever smells is if i've been wearing the pad all day or for a long time. When it does smell the only think i can think of is sweaty gym socks if you know what i mean. I hadn't noticed till i read an article in seventeen magazine that got me paranoid.
Avatar m tn However, it has changed colors from green/yellowish to white in the morning and clear by the afternoon. Does this mean the antibiotics prescribed for gonorrhea are working anyway? How quickly should I begin to see results? Finally, in case the antibiotics prescribed don't work, what other types of infections can cause white colored discharge that is typically clear throughout the day, and what are the treatment options? Thank you in advance for your help.
Avatar n tn And when I clean it with a q-tip there's like brown discharge on it. I don't know what to do. My doctor isnt even here he's in my hometown. Any suggestion? Please help.
Avatar f tn The day after I wrote that, my boy and I both got tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea, since he kept having really thick, pus-like discharge that was yellowish-green in color. I know sometimes it takes some time to show up but he was experiencing so much pain and symptoms, we figured if he got tested in the midst of his symptoms, it would show up positive (is that correct?)..
304970 tn?1331429594 I've been having the mucous discharge (mine with bits of yellowish greenish globs) for 3 or 4 weeks now. Just this week I've been having more regular bouts of cramps, but usually in my lower abdomen. My doc said that if you're having a pain that makes you stop what you're doing ...that's a contraction. So, like Kelly said, if you have to lean on something and take some time to breath thru the pain, that's contraction material right there!
Avatar n tn Beleive it or not, what soothes it is an orgasm? Weird....
Avatar n tn I wake up and a mere 2 hours later, I am exhausted! I became fatigued just filling out Christmas cards. What does this mean? Any other women endure this before, what was the outcome? Thanks in advance for your input.
Avatar f tn I am aware that a change in the discharge may occur and it's normal unless the color changed to gray, green or whatever and a foul odor. What's bothering me is the change of odor...does it really get that smelly? I mean, I used to see some discharge before and I can only smell it when I put my nose really close to it, but now, I can smell it just by putting down my underwear when I'm going for a pee; it's troubling me.
Avatar f tn It can be trapped way up there - so it may mean debridement or you may have a body that is clearing it hence the green discharge (green is infection). No one tells you after surgery that you will have scabs dropping out your nose the size of New Jersey - and so when it happens you are like WTF! but it is normal... sometimes they drop when you are not expecting and choke you a bit when you are talking or eating. I would contact your surgeon ASAP re infection and go see an ENT.
Avatar n tn so i checked my other non pierced nipple( this nipple didn't hurt) and it also had a white discharge but it was a small amount compared to the pierced nipple. what does this mean? whats causes this to happen? can i make it stop? can i put my nipple ring back in? is it infected? should i go to the OBGYN?
Avatar n tn The discharge that I had yesturday stinked.And the discharge that I am having today does not stink at all.But the one that I am having today is really thick.And I am very sorry for being so open about it.But along with that discharge I also feel wet.Yesturday my panties were wet when I had the discharge.I just got over my period like about 1 week ago or 2 I think (i am not sure).My husband asked me yesturday If I was pregnant and I told him no.
1950374 tn?1332387736 It was green. When i wipe it had green yellowish clumps. So its thrush? It doesnt have an odor though. I will let my doc know. Thank you ladies! Big help!!!
Avatar f tn Well if it's greenish if go get checked out by a doctor, it could be an infection!
Avatar f tn That itching hasn't occured since I posted the thread but the greenish discharge is still there, just not as green anymore it's more like a yellowish that I have seen before. But I did discover something, where my urine comes out of(sorry don't know the proper name for it)I have a white lump it's as big as the little ball on a piercing. It does not hurt or anything, can this mean that it is possibly just an infection or a UTI?
Avatar f tn What does it mean when your cervix is closed but soft and long? I'm confused.
Avatar n tn I had penal discharge last thursday and a little burning on urination. The discharge was yellow green and now its almost clear, does it mean the minocycline is working. I had a anal sexual encounter with a male two days before, it just lasted a couple minutes, but it must have caused my symptoms.
Avatar f tn I havent done a test yet, but I am about 7 days late, I have cramping like I am going to get my period and the cramping seems to get worse at night. I also have a yellowish discharge. my breast seem to be getting harder but are not sore. I dont have morning sickness or cravings. So im very confussed to as I might be pregnant or not. Can someon help?
Avatar f tn its been on for about 2 weeks now. first it was clear but now a bit yellowish. what does it mean really? cause ive missed my period by a day or two and im freaking out.