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Avatar f tn I just found out a friend has been on the medicine venlafaxine for the highest dosage and his psychiatrist put him on abilify too recently. What does this imply? He has schizophrenia? He's a psycho? Any thought would be appreciated!
Avatar n tn but the worst part is that for 4 days i'm not earing well of my right side, this also aggravates my balance and the sensation of electical shocks on the sides of my head and arms. I would like to know if all of these symptons are typical of effexor withdrawal and for how long do they persist. also, i've read that omega 3 oils and vitamins of B complex helps during the "hangover" period. is that true.
Avatar m tn I came off cold turkey off effexor and i wouldn't advise it, it was the dr's fault but do you know what i look upon it as divine intervention, I'm sure my dad would have a part to play. I used to worry all the time and couldn't cope these meds cause anxiety/depression after a while. Now i have come off it hey presto i can cope more and i am not lying in bed worrying about things. I still have to come off dolsulipin but slowly does it !!
Avatar m tn I feel trapped by the rapid cycling emotions I've been dealing with, everything feels overwhelming. Beyond meds does anyone have ideas of what to do to deal with this? I will add I have lost a lot of weight >60lbs since Jan. Help!
540093 tn?1279825434 Even if I do sleep I feel like I haven't. It is just a classic side effect and I wouldn't worry about it. If it does start to really disrupt you though just mention it to your GP and maybe there is some technique that you could try to wind down before trying to sleep or something.
Avatar m tn An as needed med for those periods of irritation. What you can do, is recognize anxiety for what it is for. Just tell yourself "not today" and try to concentrate on something else. Go for a walk. Sit outside and let a cool breeze hit you and breathe deep. These symptoms will go away after time. If you feel you no longer need the med and want to discontinue it, do it.
Avatar f tn That generally goes away. What tends to stick for too many are new psychological problems and insomnia. That's what I most want you to avoid and that's why I always say the same thing to people, don't be in such a hurry, relax, do this as slowly as you need to. Be well.
Avatar n tn Hi, Venlafaxine side effect withdrawal can take 6-8 weeks for the more severe to leave the system. If you do a search you will see how the less severe side effects can actually take up to a year depending on the person, the dosage and how long they were on it. Give your doctor a call and discuss it with him. He will have the best advice knowing your history.
Avatar f tn Does Klonipin make you age faster due to the free radical connection it has ?
Avatar n tn The Effexor treatment was triggered by tragedies in my life NOT heredity so now things have settled down cannot understand why I feel like this. What I would like to know is does Effexor change my mind and body to rely on it is it that insidious ??????
Avatar n tn As I've said here on some other posts, I am a lifelong sufferer of major depressive episodes and have been on various medications for depression since 1993 (that is, when I wasn't abusing junk and ignoring my "legit" depression meds). In June of 2001, after my next-to-last rehab, I was placed on Effexor XR (venlafaxine). Eventually, I was up to almost 200 mg a day. The first month or so on this drug was really weird. I seemed to have NO emotions, I mean, about ANYTHING.
Avatar f tn Maybe she'll get curious and look it up and get the help she needs like I am now. Who can live like this? I contacted a BPD therapist and have enrolled in a DBT group as well as individual therapy. I can't believe this got missed in my life? I spent 7 years in therapy for depression and PTSD from being abused by my ******* father and this was completely missed. I kept thinking, "there's still something wrong, what am I missing?
6207205 tn?1389776918 But as with medication, there's no guarantee of success, and it takes a lot of discipline and work much like CBT therapy does. As for the post above, dosages aren't scientifically proven at all -- studies on any kind of anxiety are very small, use few patients, and weed out difficult cases. There's a lot more research on depression, but anyone who follows this knows success isn't that easy with any modality.
Avatar n tn I suffer from social phobia and it seems you have a form of it and another anxiety disorder. What is really strange is how you feel less anxious when giving a speech or the center of attention and less in a one on one meeting. But I know what it feels like to dread going to the barber because of having to tell him how you want your hair done and the dread of making small talk.
Avatar m tn These are tough on you, I know because I've experienced them and had to go on medication, my son (38) chooses to work thru his. Why do you feel people look at you like some kind of monster? You're not alone, truly. All of us on here have been there many times, and are here to support and listen to you. Talking about things can also be very therapeutic. I hope you don't feel that moving will end your problems, it won't. Sometimes we think it will, but the problem lies within us.
Avatar n tn The clinic says that they will drop you 5 mg. every week till you are at 30 mg. then they drop by 1 mg. Does this sound like a good way? She is afraid of the wd.
358304 tn?1409713092 This started to scare me a bit, b/c it was NOT normal. Then that same night, I started feeling like my bladder was COMPLETELY full. I felt like I had to pee OVER and OVER again, only nothing to come out. I went back to my Dr. the next day with anxiety about this. My bladder was physically hurting so bad, I was dribbling a lot in my pants... I had no idea what was wrong. My Dr. said it could be a UTI. He tested me, and it was negative.
Avatar m tn (a) my more detailed narrative or memoir if they think that what I write in that longer account might be useful to them and/or (b) my medical notes from the years 1999 to 2008. Question: what do you think the long range prognosis is for someone like me on (a) an anti-depressant and (b) an anti-psychotic medication--at the age of 64--with some of my story as indicated above?-Ron Price, Tasmania.
Avatar n tn My Family doctor and i had tried for many years to get my pain under control and now that it is and he is gone this new doctor i think does not believe in FMS He is rude talks down to me like i am second class I do NOT like living with having to take meds but it was a last resort and yet this new doctor doesn't even take the time to read my file and see the years i suffered in pain and took nothing at all!!!!
Avatar m tn Was the medication giving you side effects? Is that why you stopped it? What does you doctor say about all this? I had my doctors support all the way when I withdrew this time. I am so sorry you are feeling so bad. Did you not realise the Venlafaxine was a really difficult anti depressant to withdraw from?
Avatar n tn my boyfriend has that problem too, i looked it up, it says that if a guy masturbates too much he will get used to it and make the head too sensitive so no matter what you do it wont feel like what its used to. we are trying to not have sex and hes not doing anything to himself for at least a week or two and see if it helps. also it said that when you do have sex again make sure to use lube because it will take the sensitivty down.
242532 tn?1269553979 In addition to reducing your weight, you can improve your health, build your self-confidence and live a more fulfilling life! What will YOUR success story look like?
Avatar f tn Mainly tachycardia, weight and sedation. What about Venlafaxine again? Tried it before also but wondered if worth another go as hear its less weight issues and libido issues. Please advise. Doc Monday and have no idea what to suggest. He is very much open to my suggestions and I've hit a brick wall just now. Even my fail safe antidepressant Citalopram after having been off it a while caused brachycardia last time I tried it. I'm really at rock bottom and looking for ideas please.
Avatar n tn Now im just totally depressed about this if its true. Is this true that i'll have to look like this for the rest of my life? I thought redness fades with time? does it not? Do you know anything about laser treatments and how much they average? Are they very effective? whats your stand on laser and is it safe? Do you have any suggestions or ideas about my skin? What i can do? Because it cant be possible that this redness just stays like this forever or does it?
Avatar n tn hi, i have been on efflexor for about 1 yr. so far so good. the only problem id when i forget or runo out and miss a day. ifeel horrible. very dizzy, almost like sinus infection, and very off balance.im taking 150 mg. dont think ive had side affects like wieght gain like some said. talked to a lasy who takes lamictal and serequel and said it made her lose alot of wight. also said sha was bi-polar. dont think i am. anyone on that med and lose weight too?
Avatar f tn I have peripheral neuropathy in my feet. For 9 years I didn't know what this was, nor did I know how to treat it. It's like, "How can you treat something if you don't know what it is?" I finally saw a rheumatologist who diagnosed me with Primary Sjogren's, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Polyarthralgia. I also have tried to taper off of Effexor 150mg. It's tough. It effects your brain big time.
1310633 tn?1430227691 Had to look like a compliant patient though and spend a month in misery. Then there was another med in the same category that I can't even remember now. Started with a "t" maybe? The first titer did nothing. The second titer did nothing for pain but my face, hands and feet started tingling. The third titer did nothing for pain and everything I put in my mouth tasted like arse, my tongue was paralyzed, couldn't feel my hands and feet and finally lost fine motor control.
Avatar f tn After 2 weeks I'm having major problems in sleeping plus keeping control of my behavior - I feel like I'm bouncing off the walls and my Depression has gotten worse, plus at times I'm suicidal. However this is also a hell of a time with the holidays to be taken off medication to try something new, especially since I have to be taken off 150 mgs at a time, every month and I'm still on my first 150mg.
Avatar f tn 5 every other day and feeling okay I stopped and started my new prescription, Wellbutrin-- well, for two days now I'm nauseous, shaky, hot/cold sweats, feel like my eyes are vibrating somewhat when I make too fast of motion with my head. It's as if I have symptoms of Vertigo and can't fix it. I'd rather be shot in the foot and deal with that discomfort and pain than these annoying side-effects. What do I do?