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Avatar n tn I also forgot to mention my Dad has a neurological condition which abbreviates RSD.
Avatar n tn Numbness in the tongue is not a common symptom but could have several causes. I am not sure what you mean exactly by numbness, by that some people mean loss of sensation, others mean tingling etc. There is a syndrome called burning mouth syndrome, in which the mouth burns, but sometimes it could just be tongue tingling and loss of sensation. Causes can include viral infections (like a common cold), dental procedures, allergies, medications.
Avatar m tn It does sound like you have had the right tests to determine the cause of the tongue numbness. When you say MRI does that mean a Brain MRI and was it with Contrast? If I were in your situation I would seek a second opinion, with a good Neurologist. I would find one associated with a large teaching hospital or one of our nationally know Clinics. Obviously it is not normal for your tongue to be numb and for it to shift to one side. Don't be dismissed.... get some answers.
Avatar n tn The county has warned of poor air quality, but I don't really know what may be in the air that could cause me to have an orange tongue. I haven't asked if others around me have the same condition. Many people have complained of headaches and other possible symptoms caused by breathing noxious fumes. Maybe I've suffered some chemical inbalance as a result of breathing the dirty air...
Avatar n tn I am not sure what you mean exactly by numbness, by that some people mean loss of sensation, others mean tingling etc. Your symptoms are unusual, but with a normal MRI of the brain, a serious cause such as a tumor or other disorder affecting the trigeminal nerve (the nerve that supplies innervation to the face) is less likely. The nerve could be affected in various areas of the brain, but other associated findings such as face weakness or weakness of the eye muscles would be expected too.
711242 tn?1275007002 My tongue hurts just along the ridge on the sides of the tongue starting about half way back and going back to the base of the tongue. There is no discoloration, 2 Months Burning pain in my right upper arm halfway between my shoulder and elbow outside of the arm a tad toward the front. It doesn't hurt any more with activity, it does not hurt more when I move it. It comes and it goes very intense and almost unbearable when it is there. October of 2007.
Avatar n tn Husband came back safe and sound, but I still have the numbness and tingling after a week. Does anyone know how long the numbness will last?
Avatar n tn 80 (high) (no -p-anca test done) eeg, BAER, eye exam, vision, evoked response visual,all normal symptoms;balance,numbness face, tongue and hand numbness,light and sound sensitivety, headache, jaw fatigue, left outer thigh numbness, excess urnation esp at night, sleep restlessnress, fatigue.
Avatar n tn The MRI does not rule out or in ALS. It is difficult to say what the EMG findings mean, but degenerative disease of the back can cause a neuropathy which can lead to EMG abnormalities. I agree that you should follow up with the neurologist for a complete neurological evaluation including reviewing your records more thoroughly. Thank you for this opportunity to answer your questions, I hope you find the information I have provided useful, good luck.
Avatar n tn It sounds like there are many issues that need to be addressed. What does your pediatrician say? Immitrex is a migraine medication that should only be given twice a week (usually). The other medications can be addicting and also if they are narcotics can cause bad constipation (is this happening to your son giving him the abdominal pain). What is needed is a captain of your son's medical ship. Too many cooks spoil the stew and frequent ER visits certain can give too many cooks.
Avatar n tn I also found that as i got older my episodes became less violent(only the pain in face/neck are present with numbness of face, tongue and sometimes arms.) I find looking over my shoulder for an extended period of time to be my trigger mostly. When i was younger it would effect my whole side of body causing me to fall, or loose balance as well as become ill or faint because the pain was so great. I have stuggled more with it growing up.
Avatar n tn I find it amazing that your doctor accepts you are having a serious allergic reaction and warns you anaphylaxis could be next but does nothing to help you establish what is causing the oedema in your mouth & elsewhere! She should refer you to an allergy specialist for further testing; any reaction as severe as yours, especially involving swelling of the tongue, should be taken extremely seriously.
Avatar n tn Now, I cannot eat anything that is even mild. Ketchup even burns my tongue. My tongue does not look smooth. It looks like I have cuts all across my tongue all the time. I have had this for years and never went to the doctor. I just became use to it and stopped eating spicy foods. I have alway had problems with my teeth. Anyone else have dental problems (cavities).
Avatar n tn However I will try to provide you with some useful information. I am not sure what you mean exactly by numbness, by that some people mean loss of sensation, others mean tingling etc. In general, sudden onset of numbness on one side of the body would be most concerning for a stroke. however, it would be unusual for a stroke to affect only the face, though theoretically this could occur.
950480 tn?1246074352 every so often at random times I become extremely dizzy and almost forget where I am. I also get numbness mainly in my tongue that radiates to my lips and jaw. some medical background if it helps... my mother has fibromyalgia, I have been diagnosed with interstitail cystitis and vitreous detatchment in both eyes. I also have a ganglion cyst on my right ring finger. cancer runs strong in my family and I'm 22 mother of one son.
Avatar m tn You get upset, you assume subconscious defensive posture, and it does strain you. Tingling in your tongue is the same thing as the shock feeling, your tongue is just all wonky feeling by itself so normal stimuli become strange. Ever had a cavity or mouth sore and noticed it felt gigantic to your tongue? Tons of nerves in that thing. Now I want to be clear, I am not saying this is in your head. it isnt. But anxiety causes very specific reactions. Basically, it pumps adrenaline into you.
Avatar f tn Aleve Arthritis caps are my pain reliever of choice. For night time aches/pains, my endo suggested tylenol PM; since it has both pain reliever and sleep aid. Of course, you should talk to your doctor before taking OTC pain relievers; there may be a medical reason that you shouldn't take them. Not sure what you mean by "vitamin form" - do mean, as in a multi vitamin? Or a B complex?
Avatar n tn You said you feel wekness, but not loss of strengh, what do you mean? Sorry, English is not my first language and I struggle sometimes. I thought if one has weakness he/she has lost of strengh as well. Probably the next step for you would see a neurologist, and have MRI with/without contrast (brain and C-spine). You need to rule out as much as you can, and for our age (I'm 31), the first thing that comes to the doctors mind is MS.
Avatar n tn the doctors say peripheral neuropathy(unknown); what exactly does that mean; they do not know. Sometimes the numbness will go away for months, then it will return. I do nothing differnt in my lifestyle. I have kept a calendar of what i eat, when i'm stressse, etc., no corelation. I'm taking nothing and when it happens i just have to deal with it, like now. it has been gone since Feb. 2000(except maybe 5 times) bt it started back on 9-25-00.
Avatar n tn He is unsure if it is possible that the regeneration of nerves could be pressing on another nerve to cause the tingling/numbness. What is your opinion? So, my questions are- can anxiety cause these physical symptoms and do you think it is possible that the nerve regeneration could result in these type of symptoms? Thank you so much for your time!
Avatar f tn i have been having this numbness and tingling on my right side of face for 2 days now and i dont know what i should do pls can u able to help me of what i should do...
Avatar n tn Now the tip is incredibly sore with a few tiny white bumps and numbness. I've also notice the same feeling up the sides of my tongue. I looked in a magnified mirror and found that a lot of the tiny bumps on my tongue (which our tongues have if you look at them closely) appeared red and almost inflamed. I rinse with hydrogen peroxide and it hurts like heck but it hasn't helped any.
Avatar n tn Hello there. I sure hope that everyone here has or will find solutions to their medical concerns! Tonight is the first time that my symptoms have been so bad that I cannot sleep. About a year ago, I began to feel a burning/itching sensation at night. If I recall, it seemed to be all over my body. Had bloodwork done and was checked for Lupus. No indications of Lupus were found. Was told it was dry skin.
Avatar f tn Dr thinks its all anxiety, numbness and tingling all over body. What does anyone else think? I can't exercise as a result. I feel horrible. Been to ER 2X and Urgent care 3X and same issue. They have done 2x ekg with no issues should I be concerned?
Avatar n tn He is seeing a Facial surgeon on monday... does anyone have any ideas what we might expect him to do... I am concerned about the bone fragment too. My son is 21...
Avatar f tn Pain and stiffness mainly in my legs, every now and then my arms too. My knees and elbows feel sore at the same time my legs and arms are hurting. Also, I am having a hard time walking, hard to describe, I just walk funny due to the stiffness and soreness. Also, when my legs are lifted into a stretched position,when they come back down they hurt like crazy, like they just can't stretch that far anymore?
Avatar f tn HI..welcome to the Chiari forum. I am so sorry ur dr is giving u the royal chiari treatment...that is the fact that most drs do not have a clue and we the patient gets frustrated....u need to find a chiari specialist to get someone to take u and ur condition seriously. Were u in a MVA that u have a loss of ur cervical lordosis?....this can be helped with PT and massage, but be sure they know chiari and do not manipulate ur neck...
Avatar n tn wow... i am reading this outloud and my husband said... that sounds like you... i have every symptom you have and more and have been diagnosed with fibro as well. such a crazy mess of pain and what I call "weird" symptoms, such as chemical sensitivities, numbness and tingling in fingers, hands, arms, feet and pain that shoots all over the place, and many others.
660300 tn?1224793961 Hi ,, i had mine out 3 weeks ago tommorw and i am numb on my tongue only, it feels like it is massive and eating is a nightmare, i have had a constant tingle in my tongue since day one, i am also getting mariied next year and have the same fears, although it is mainly my tongue the underneath part of my jaw suffers from tingles and numbness, i too have spoke to my oral surgeon and have to wait till december 17th for follow up...