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Avatar m tn I've tried symbicort for over a year and dulera for a month and I still have breathing difficulties in small rooms or rooms with lots of people. what else can I do to improve my energy and memory?
335728 tn?1331418012 Grrr...can't stand it but they don't know what to do with me so what is the point in wasting time going to the doc right?! Anyway, I have been absolutely inundated with phone calls and emails regarding the latest news about CCSVI and whether or not I am going to have a stent put in my neck! ha ha People have been very kind in that they are thinking of me and my friends here but I just tell them to pull back on the reins a bit...
Avatar m tn I recently developed some PVCs (heart palpatations), and I would really like to use a long term asthma controller in place of the symbicort that does not have increased heart rate as a side effect. Are there any somewhat effective asthma medications (long term controller, not rescue inhaler) that do not have increased heart rate as one of the side effects? I would really like to know, because I hate taking that symbicort.
Avatar f tn There is another new medication called symbicort, that is what I use and I LOVE it. It takes care of all of my chronic asthma conditions and I use an emergency inhaler for when I have a trigger that causes an attack. Check your side effects. I know for a fact that Singulair can cause ear ache and chest infection as well as other annoying side effects because I have had them, I got off of the medication because I didn't see improvement, my friend stayed on it and loves what it does for her.
Avatar f tn But I am only suppose to use it for a week so what I am suppose to do after that I am unsure, hoping to be able to ask him. He did not give me another inhaler. I did do some form of breathing test at the beginning of the appointment though.
Avatar n tn He mentioned this to his GP, but he didn’t do anything about it. During his routine tests they found out he had a low heart rate, he was referred to a cardiologist who said his heart was fine. In November/December 2015 his cough got a lot worse and at times his peak flow was 250. He was prescribed a course of steroids and it got a lot better only to come back again so another course was prescribed.
Avatar m tn my asthma is still bad sometimes with sleep apnea under dulera, symbicort and prednisone does xolair help cases like mine? is it safe long term, are there any side effects?
Avatar m tn thanks everyone for your replies!
Avatar n tn Symbicort does not cause "soaring" blood sugars. Consult your enchronologist. You may need to go to an injectable insulin, such as Lantus.
Avatar n tn You didn't say if the cough you have is a tickly cough at the back of your throat, if it is try Benylin tickly cough syrup. It really helps, it also opens up the bronchi making it easier to breathe. If you feel like your lungs are full but you are not able to move any mucus then try Bells cough syrup. It's absolutely brilliant but you can't get it everywhere. Do you do any exercises for your breathing? Is there anyone who can do the "drums" for you?
Avatar dr m tn The turbinates are bony on the inside and surrounded by a mucous membrane covering, with a very rich vascular tissue in between. The vascular tissue can engorge significantly, like what occurs with the penis. Any degree of inflammation, irritation or infection can aggravate turbinate swelling. Allergies are a common cause. Even weather changes such as temperature, pressure or humidity fluctuations can aggravate turbinate swelling.
Avatar f tn Should I try staying with this or try Singular? I thought I read up on Singular as causing liver issues. What do you think would be the safest way to go? Or the best? I LOVE breathing better !! I will be needing most of this daily. Thank you for your time !!
Avatar f tn The sleep apnea should be treated so you don't develop heart issues. Do you use a CPAP? When do you go in next and do you know what they plan to do? Let us know. The women here are extremely helpful if it turns out to be cancer. They know the ropes. Stay in touch.
Avatar n tn I am wondering if his sore throat is caused by the Symbicort and what can I do for it, I am giving him throat lozenges and pop sickles. This has been going on for about 4 days now and he has been on the Symbicort since July 7th.
Avatar m tn at the moment I only takesymbicort and ventolin , and they were prescribed for my asthma, the symbicort is excellent and I rarely have to use the ventolin , I can do more or less any physical activity and I havnt been ill or out of breath for years , but they say I have moderate copd .. however, I have only had an xray and one initial spirometry test...
209987 tn?1451939065 There are no significant medical issues here, nor any special expertise from a medical professional that can be helpful. Some people do extremely well on symbicort. Both are accepted good medications for asthma control. Both have similar side effects. Comparing the compositions of the drugs is a meaningless exercise, nor is a statistical tabulation comparing and contrasting user populations.
Avatar m tn I am 21 years old and 2 months back i had a cold and since then have had a persistant dry cough. The cough itself isn't constant, i can go a while without coughing and it does not affect my sleep. I got it checked out by a walk in medical centre as my own doctor is fully booked for a while and i was asked a few questions and as asthma has been known to run in my family he said it was probably that. so i got a blue inhaler and was told to use it 1-2 times every four hours.
492869 tn?1285022533 Even though I am feeling much better, he changed my medication a little. He increased my Qvar to 4 puffs daily, and decreased my Symbicort to 4 puffs daily with a maximum of 8 puffs (same max as before). I'm getting my Theophylline level tested to see if we can raise that at all, as well as a Tryptase test.
Avatar n tn I am wondering if his sore throat is caused by the Symbicort and what can I do for it, I am giving him throat lozenges and pop sickles. This has been going on for about 4 days now and he has been on the Symbicort since July 7th.
Avatar f tn Hmm, really? That is so interesting! I am only on an oral contraception at this time. So Symbicort can cause pupillary abnormalities? Is it specifically known to cause tadpole pupil, tonic pupil or pupil movement? Or all of what I am experiencing? Do you know any more about this or the mechanism by which Symbicort causes that side effect? Thanks so much!
744603 tn?1348044875 Hi, I have a post-nasal drip and didn't really know what was causing it. If you don't know what that is, basically my nose is constantly running backwards and down my throat meaning my throat is always congested causing a need to cough or to clear it, but basically it never gets clear. I went to the doctors and he referred me to a specialist who tried to put a camera up my nose and down the back of my throat without any sort of numbing medication.
Avatar m tn I developed asthma after being around 2nd hand smoke for a few months. Does this mean that my lungs will get worse with time? What can I do to improve my lung function? thanks very much!
Avatar n tn I'm on Symbicort and it doesn't do anything funny to me. Is he washing his mouth out after he puffs it? For some reason the instructions tell you to rinse your mouth out after you take your inhalations. I have absolutley no clue if that might help. You can also pressure them to switch to flovent, another long term medication. There is a disorder where your body doesn't produce enough of the cooling sweat and you overheat. Try the rare diseases board and see what they say. Merry Christmas!
Avatar m tn CORONARY, PNEUMONIA, PULMONARY, how long, where is pain, what does it feel like? Your chest feeling heavy, short of breath? Non productive cough? (dry hacking cough) Temp? Feeling bad? How are sinuses? Facial pressure pain also? Please describe your condition, I would have to be Nostradamus to know what is ailing you with the minimal description you provided. SEE A PHYSICIAN, PLEASE, and let me know what your other symptoms are......
212161 tn?1476095111 I don't have pac, my mom, gradmother, and sister do though so I know what it is! I do have attackacardia (a very high, yet steady, pulse for no reason that they can find). I take Xoponex as my emergency inhaler and that really helps me and doesn't get my heart racing. It is supposed to have the medicine that does that taken out of it but my dr said it doesn't work for all people.
Avatar f tn When I have an asthma attack I take 2 sprays of Symbicort now - it does contain Albuterol as one of the ingredients but it has never gotten my heart racing. Good luck!
1507301 tn?1289939994 what does underlyning copd is this the early stages or what diagnosed june 2010 affter having pnemonia and fluid on the lung I am in full time employment still smoke but really trying to give up the doctors gave me 3 inhalers and that was that nobody has explained I am reading a lot on the furum and getting frightned please can someone explain
Avatar f tn i stand in hot showers and cough as much as I can to get this out to no avail. I do not know what else to do. In October I contracted the swine flu and have had this issue ever since off and on. Prior to this I never had this problem. Please advise. My Dr also has me on symbicort 80 and a pro air inhaler which neither seems to work either as well as a ten day dosage of levaquin.
Avatar n tn i just started using sinus rinse today but i dont know if that had something to do with it also. other than sinus rinse, can you all recommend some other type of medications that i can use instead of advair that gets rid of inflamation? im gonna call the pulmanologist in a couple days. i know hes gonna recommend that i stay on advair but i want to get an idea about whats been working with other people so i can mention it to him.
284558 tn?1225610592 hi take albuterol and in my breathing machine and my doc gave me symbicort but i havent taken it yet how does it work after u take it..i also have anxiety to so when my anxiety kicks in my asthma does to i take my meds like i should and some times if i stay in the house i have to stay in front of the fan are in col air. i am going to write all theis down and talk with the doc and see what she can do.