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1328947 tn?1295015046 ( I just dont know what to do i feel like i may be hurting the baby cuz of all the throwing up and burning in my throat and tummy... Does anyone have any advice??
Avatar n tn I am about 6 weeks along and had a miscarrriage in june due to deathly low progesterone levels hints why they look action so quick and put me on this pill. What scares me is on the bottle of the prometrium it specifically says "do not use this medicine if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant." I called the pharmacy and explained the whole situation and he said it was fine to be on this drug, it's used for many things.
Avatar n tn i am now 23 wks pregnant, and this pregnancy had the same symptoms of the last two beginning at 4wks. devestated. but my dr prescribed prometrium until i was 12 wks, and look where it got me!!!!!!! so, don't worry about taking it. my dr. believes it saved my daughter!
440684 tn?1204745963 I have been trying to just lounge around today and not do anything. I am hoping that the prometrium does its job. I guess I will find out in a week.
Avatar f tn I too am on prometrium, and we are watching my hcg closely because the numbers are low, although they are doubling every 72 hours (minimal requirement). I started spotting Sunday night and it went from brown to some pink on Monday morning. My hcg is still climbing so he upped my dose of prometrium (up to 3 x at 200 mg now). The spotting has lessened quite a bit and is mostly brown now, but it's still there. It's been about 44 hours since I took the first extra dose of prometrium.
353408 tn?1224071736 Ok, I'm a 19 year old woman who has been diaganosed with PCOS by my gynecologist. What I need to know about is a few things actually. He prescribed me with Prometrium 200mgs, once a day at bedtime. Ok, so I took the pills, twelve days...on the second day I began to bleed...It just seemed to come and come...and lasted for about five days. I did not ovulate during this time.
1110747 tn?1295847643 Right now I am CD45 and just put on Prometrium. I had blood work done and found I have no HCG levels and progesterone levels were below 10. I am really hoping for an AF visit but I was wondering has anyone used Prometrium to get pregnant? I was thinking if it is for increasing your progesterone level during pregnancy and it can also be used to help you ovulate. Can you get pregnant by being on Prometrium?
Avatar n tn Who knows whether it is the Prometrium or not but what if it is? It's worth taking in my book. It's really too bad that I feel like I can never get totally excited because i am always thinking miscarriage might happen :(. I feel for everyone. I do have to say though that wow am I easily irritated and upset. I sleep like a rock which I never do, and have amazing vivid dreams. I am also quite bloated. I believe all of these things are side effects, but they aren't so bad.
Avatar f tn That is my opnion and what my RE does! His name is Richard M Levin in Louisville KY and he was the first dr in the US to perform a sucessful surogacy and tubal reversal! Look him up he has a web site but I think he only doea the tubal reversals now. But you can tell he is a good dr!!!!! My sisiter was todl lots of bad things from her RE and has never gotten pregnant. Just tell him if you are worried that you will not stop without a blood test to confirm that you are not on CD 32-33.
Avatar f tn Are there any other side effects I should be aware of? Crinone and Prometrium coat the vaginal mucosa. You may have what looks like small white “clumps” that come as a discharge. This can happen even after you have used it for several days. It can easily be confused with the discharge from a yeast infection. It may also become discolored and look like coffee grounds. If you notice a discharge and are concerned, please call our office.
Avatar n tn I got my hcg levels from last week (doc was on vacation). I would like to know what you guys think, the doc said they are good, but they didn't quite double the last time, so it makes me nervous. I was at 25,757 on the 7th. On the 11th I was 52,270.7 and on the 15th I was 89,923.0. Shouldn't it have been around 104,000? I'd appreciate hearing what you guys have had.
Avatar n tn ever since i started the prometrium i have bad headaches and back pain. I dont know what else to do if the doctor says nothing is wrong with me...
Avatar n tn What your Doc told you is correct. My Doc has me to continue to take Prometrium until AF comes. I also take my 200 mg of prometrium after ovulation until AF and I take it right before I go to bed. I haven't had any bad side effects except for sore breast and feeling like I am pregnant before AF comes. That could also still be some side effects left over from my M/C I had Sept. 21. Blessings!
377493 tn?1356505749 It's after he has gone to bed, or first thing in the morning if I am up before him that I do this. Now of course I will go back and look at the silly thing a hundred times! Sigh, why on earth do I do this to myself. I should know better!
873190 tn?1304816575 Miscarriage panel, blood clotting, karyotyping, Natural Killers, PAI-1, HSG- uterus looks good and tubes are open. My RE literally says he doesn't know what other stone to look under. At this point it seems it is unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss and age. I hate it, but for now medicine does not have a test available to catch whatever it is that is causing this glitch. Oh well. If anyone else has any input I would love to hear it though. And thanks again for responding.
Avatar n tn I have looked into IVF but my insurance does not cover I know it can be rediculously expensive. I just dont know what to do or to think and do not understand why the medicine is not working.
4548024 tn?1474842725 I dont think i can go through another IVF again. It was so hard the first time. I dont know what to do I dont want to make the wrong decision. Derek and i would love to have another child and give Jack a sibling.
377493 tn?1356505749 my montgomery tubercules look like a rash they are that obvious, urinating more regularly, craving, smells and tastes effected, back pain, etc. i have had no implantation bleeding this time round and my legs have begun cramping badly the past three days. will not find out whats going on until my doctor is back next week. everything is the same it was with my last pregnancy, late for my regular period (only by a few days).
212100 tn?1189759421 I would highly recommend that you pick up some info on the hormonal situation since it can be so grossly confusing and you are bound to get a lot of conflicting information. You have to research this yourself so you know what you are talking about and what you are looking for. It might take up to three months for you to build it back up and for you to notice the effects.
568659 tn?1256143582 Anya ~ I can't even eat oatmeal!!! I can but it's hard to find purified oatmeal that is certified gluten free! But I am trying to eat more carbs than I normally do! Rice pasta last night. I might make a horrible vegan/gluten free lasagna tonight (I never do but I'm worried about not getting enough carbs). My diet is sooo boring! But I'm used to it. Unlike you, I feel like I've gained ten pounds b/c of all the additional carbs I'm eating. Can I say bloating is my new symptom!?!
Avatar n tn I feel really bloated and am in little bit of pain when I walk around. I was wondering what I will feel like tomorrow after the retreival? Also, I'm kind of freaking out about how many eggs will actually be normal, divide and live. I am googling and researching this process and alot of websites I've visited I see that many women have poor egg quality and none are able to be frozen, I've also seen alot of BFN stories.
Avatar n tn if your progesterone is very low like mine was......... 6.5.... and went to 17.5 in just 4 days. He suggests, like my doctor does that I stay on the suppositories.
Avatar f tn I don't know what to do really. Taking Prometrium to get AF. Nothing yet. 5 more pills left and hopefully she will come. My ectopic surgery took my left tube from me and my ob gave me the thumbs up 2 weeks later for ttc?! I've been trying but nothing. I have not had a cycle since my surgery on April 27! So I am at my last straw with AF...I think that maybe I should get my levels checked also...
294666 tn?1253498923 I really don't have any symptoms although I look like I'm about 4 months preggo because of the bloating!! hahah...This week is taking forever..and I have another week to go. Blah.
316819 tn?1231260795 I've heard that if you've only had one miscarriage, the chance of having another one is not any higher than someone who has never been pregnant before. As for the clump...yeah that does sound like a miscarriage. I've had two miscarriages. The first one required a D&C, but the second one happend by itself at home, and I passed the same type of tissue you're describing.
Avatar n tn I will definitely keep taking the Prometrium! What about the temp drop? RE said that I shouldn't even worry about temping but I can't help it, it's habit now. YIPPPPPPPPPPEEEEE!!!! I never in a million years dreamed I'd get a BFP this month. I guess I'm just so used to disappointment! I've got to run and tell dh what you all said. Again, thanks so much!!!!! Keep posting if anyone feels like it!!!
Avatar n tn Kimmie, This may sound like a stupid question, but with BBT and charting, what do you consider day #1 on the chart? Do you go by the first spotting/sign of AF, or do you go by the next day when AF is in full flow? I know that the difference of 1 day isn't probably a big deal, but I never know if I am a "28 or 29 day girl", and I never know what to answer when they ask the date of your last AF.
Avatar n tn for those of you who have had more than one, what does your doctor say? How much medical reasearch have they done on this? So many of us are suffering broken hearts.