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541953 tn?1262589826 And my doctor changed my meds from the morphine to Opana Er 20 mgs twice a day. what is the difference? does anyone know? I tried to google and got nothing. I was just wondering if this is just a different brand name for morphine but stronger? thanks in advance for your help.
1895503 tn?1332376974 From what I've read, cutting the ER version of opana does NOT bypass the time release. Opana was made to try to deter people from abusing the oxycontin inside. The old pills marked OC had just a time release layer around the outside that could be taken off and the drug could then be abused. As a work around they made the time release process different, so cutting the pill or "dissolving" the time release layer wont work anymore.
Avatar m tn I have seen posts here about amounts of various pills that seem WAY higher than what I am on, but because the Opana is ER, I begin to feel the onset of WD's about 4 hours after I dose. Is this normal for this drug? Does the ER aspect effect the severity & duration of the WD's? I'm also experiencing a very moucousy cough. Thinking it might be related to snorting the Opana? I will be out of pills next Thursday and plan on going CT.
Avatar f tn And in all honesty, it's not even very good at controlling pain. The oxy at a lower dose does better than Opana. At one point I was taking at least 60mg ER and more than that IR, usually snorted because it simply didn't control my pain. I also for a time was RX'D 120 10mg Norco a month too. That's a lot of drugs. If you would like to talk more about Opana, just hit me up. You probably won't find anyone else here that's used it.
648944 tn?1241473294 It is basically similar to Morphine, which doesn't work well for me. Opana is a brand name for Oxymorphone like Vicodin or Lortab is for hydrocodone. Of course there is acetaminophen in the Vicodin & Lortab along with the hydrocodone. Oxymorphone is in a group of drugs called narcotic pain relievers. It is similar to morphine. Oxymorphone is used to treat moderate to severe pain. The extended-release form of this medication is for around-the-clock treatment of pain.
Avatar f tn Last month, my pain management NP told me to drop from 10 mg Opana ER mg three times a day to 5 mg Opana ER three times a day. In both cases I have three 5 mg Opana IRs to take with the ER. I have found the ER really hard to decrease anymore on (I have decreased from 40 mg Opana ER three times a day plus the three 5 mg Opana IR).
Avatar f tn Pain level before in am After u can move 8 to 10 then after rx for an hour it relieves Maybe down to a 5 but 5 is not bearable , I have a 11 month old Girl and can barley pick her up!
401095 tn?1351395370 Thanks God, I still had my refills on the vicodin es b/c I would have been screwed just taking the Opana er. It might help you, I just know it was like taking a sugar pill for me.
Avatar f tn ) they have stressed that the ingredient to make the OPs tamper proof can cause major problems with possible pulminary embulisms, and an assortment of other organ break down effects, ,,, I know its taking me a minute to get to the question part..
Avatar m tn Any attempt to stop has been invain the only place I found to medically detox is over a hour away, the reason I feel I need a controlled detox is of underlying health issues I have very high BP without meds its 220/99 or higher and a resting pulse above 120 except when on the opana its normal then, I fear I may stroke or go into cardiac arrest if not monitored my new PCP won't help he refuses to refer me to another pain Dr that will do a pretty authorization for the opana and the pain Dr just d
Avatar m tn we can talk for hours about what the w/ds are going to be like. been there, done that... it's just part of what you need to do to stop this crap, and get your life back. i think the 3 to 4 days thing is deceptive... for me, the real physical **** is over in 4-5 days, but the worst part is the lethargy, the sleeplessness, and the total emotional drain that awaits us in the following 12-15 days.
Avatar m tn I just joined the forum. I was blown away by the postings. The articulation, the insights, the advice...but most of all the encouragement and compassion. I need to know, preferably from someone who has had the experience, what is the "best" way to wean from about 20mg of opana ER per day. The amount varies to some degree and I have recently relapsed after a short (4 day) stay in a detox. I am back on opana (and recently...for 4 days) oxycodone.
Avatar n tn I juts got put on opana 20mg ER AND 5MG IR is this good stuff or what I dont know
Avatar f tn If you start mixing on your own, you could accidentally overdose. Please look into a rehab center, or a free clinic, or something. What you are doing is dangerous.
Avatar f tn I been on 4 x d 80mg ocycotin my pm dr has changed me to 4 x d 40 mg opana er they just do not seem to be working. Mind u I hAv been on this since 2004 on the same dose am I not immune to that dose by now? Can u help? I just can not take the pain anymmore .I have excellent insurance benefits bcbs of (n.
Avatar f tn But I keep feeling like as soon as they realize the magnitude of what I've done financially the other shoe is gonna drop. It's just almost too much to bear. I plan on beating this. I'm terrified and disgusted and don't know what life will be like again. I don't caremi just need this shame and fear to go away.
1895503 tn?1332376974 I have been tapering from Opana ER (an intense Opiate) and am on less than 1/2 of my initial dose. I just want to know if others have experienced this. And if so, how long did it take to get your personality back (get my neurotransmitters functioning properly again). Also, how long did it take your pain to lessen if you were in pain?
Avatar f tn I took four of em. What have I done to my body. I look so old and hampered today. I will pray for me and all.us. I can't go to church I can't go anywhere. I.only have until Tuesday to stop.my bowels. I got to go to work Tuesday.
1895503 tn?1332376974 I can see how I may be experiencing this too. I was on Opana for 4 years, so I don't remember what I feel like mentally when I am off of chemicals.. And, I wonder what I will feel like physically because I felt pain after a short period of time clean two years ago (I went t through treatment and stayed sober for 1 1/2 months, then started using Opana again. I think it was bc of mild pain.
Avatar f tn You will fell like dieing for the next few days, but you will survive. Look around on the site and you will find ways to get some relief from the runs, leg tremors, headaches etc. Now is the time to consider other alternatives and maybe stay off the hydro's. If you decide to continue then you need a game plan. Have someone you trust keep medication and give you the dose you need when needed, If not I promise you will end up like most of us on this site.
725248 tn?1316165845 My doctor has me on 20mg opana ER, 15mg oxycodone for break through pain and 5mg valium for muscle spasms. The problem is its not just break through pain, its pain all the time and heaven help me if I try to do anything around the house, a friend barrowed my lawn mower, and just lifting it out of her truck killed me, doing dishes kills me, mowing my own lawn kills me. I am so tired of being in constant pain.
1591128 tn?1297582246 we get lucky and do find other things that will work possibly even better than daily opiate treatment. what i do know is that the process to finding out for sure what life would be like without the pain meds is grueling...its tough and it downright hurts....and it may not pay off at all....but then again, it might. it did for me. however, as i've said...the severity of my pain can not be questioned.....it was horrible.....but the actual CAUSE of the pain was very very different than your own....
725248 tn?1316165845 I hope you'll let us know what the two of you decide and how well it works for you. I'll look forward to your updates.
Avatar f tn I really hope that comes back soon. I feel like such a slug. I can barely move. Ibuprofin does not seem to help much, but I keep trying it. The feeling is slowly coming back to my body. Nice feeling after 4 years of numbness. I would love to hear from anyone that has finished the journey. I will be done soon!!
Avatar m tn i've done some research on such drugs as oxycontin and opana er. like all drugs i've found good and bad things. but i know from personal experiance that oxycodone really seems to work better for me. i dont know how to approach my dr. about this situation. i feel as if he is basing my treatment around his opinion of a drug. but im the one that is suffering. this is my first time wriiting a forum, but i need some help.
Avatar m tn If I want to feel a buzz of any kind I would have to take around 20 30mg Oxycodone pills. Opana is what caused my tolerance to go up like this. I used to think two 30 mg Oxycodone pills was enough. Please be warned for those taking Opana (Oxymorphone) your tolerance will skyrocket - especially if you are plugging or snorting the medication. I'm no longer in pain and refuse to continue taking the meds now. Now I need to find a way off and I'm not ever going to take Suboxone again.
Avatar f tn I know that my wife was given Dilaudid while in the ER for a stone. Her condition wasn't nor ever became chronic like yours. I believe dilaudid is one of the stronger pain medications you can get, and also believe a stronger pain medication is warranted for such a condition.My wife stated that she hasn't been in that much pain since having a natural childbirth unexpectedly. That tells me that I never want to get a kidney stone that's for sure!
Avatar n tn Ive been taking oxycontin 80, (6 day) & dilaudid 8 (8 day) for 15 years due to many health issues ... I was just put on opana 40 ER (4 day)& Opana 10 (4 day). Since i've been on the new meds i think i have been blacking out; l be doing something and i open my eyes and i dont know where i am, or what just happened, Are these seizures??? Or Withdrawals ??? Both?? Does Anyone Have Any Input?
Avatar f tn I am from Alberta your site is great i had cancer in my neck i have been in pain for 4 years neck and lower spine chronic pain started on percoset then oxyconton 80 s to fent 3 100mg/h every 72 hours yet on the last 72 hours i suffer it mudt run out when i put new patches on it take 8 hours plus time the whole day i suffered a #8 pain i would like to go to 48 hours what do u think