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1390055 tn?1365618655 and then I fell apart and had to quit. Does moving out of state and trying to get prescription Cannabis actually seem like a logical route at this point? Or is there another route that I can take that won't end up nearly killing me in the process like the Effexor or Cymbalta did? I mean, the Xanax works OK sometimes, but it makes me sleepy, tired, and sometimes it even makes me even more depressed. So. this is pretty much last resort for me at this point.
1157044 tn?1318303724 I find this all so difficult to sort through (What is MS, what is morphine withdrawal, and what is just been “too much”.) I have fallen after bad cycles or attacks many times and emotionally I have never been like this. It feels so crippling and I feel like it is changing everything about who I am. My neurologist has blamed all my emotional issues on simply how hard it has been for me, especially these last couple of years.
Avatar f tn His biggest problem with having a mom that does what I do for a living is he won't be able to get away with much..lol. I see it all, and I know the signs to watch for. Every parent should educate themselves on these things. And I can assure you I will be a mother, not just his buddy.
Avatar n tn Many of us really battle this! I think it is a combo of missing hormones, anxiety, other meds...? My gyn/onc wanted me to try benadryl before going to something else. I take 50mgs at bedtime. This has helped and I do sleep...eventually, but I still have issues. Anything that relaxes you is helpful - bath, music, yoga. A friend of mine gave me a soduku puzzle book and I find myself falling asleep sooner with that than I do with a book. You should talk to your dr.
Avatar n tn I tried Marinol. Forget it! You get a helluva buzz the first time and it nails you like grass, but after that, it's pretty much a situation where the next pill is less effective, then following one is even less, until you do the 4th or 5th pill and it then has no effect at all, and you may as well just toss the lot out like I did. I guess there's nothing like the real thing... However, in retrospect ....
315 tn?1231002174 I'll see the Onc on the 12th of Dec. and see what he thinks. My PCP was talking about marinol...but i told him my Onc has already addressed that and I will soon get a RX for that as well. I'm also trying to take a nausea med around the clock whether I'm sick or not...I'm not sure if it is helping yet..but it sure is making me tired as we all know phenergan does. Thanksgiving was a beautiful day...my son and grand daughter came with his fiancee..what a great surprise for me...
Avatar f tn Just because someones aunts uncles cousins brothers sister was around it or smoked it all through her pregnancy does not mean its safe. (And my cousin smoked weed like crazy through both her pregnancies and guess what? Both her kids have asthma, severe adhd, and one is pretty close to being legally blind and she had both taken away at birth. She has them back now but thats not the point. Her outcome was not a very good one.
560501 tn?1383616340 Has anyone read this from the MS Society web Page?? If so...What are your thoughts?? Would any of you be willing to try it?? Cannabis treatment licensed for MS 21 Jun 2010 The first symptom relief drug specifically for people with multiple sclerosis (MS) has been licensed by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency). 'Sativex' is an oral spray made using cannabis extract and is used to help alleviate MS symptoms of spasticity.
203342 tn?1328740807 I'm curious what some of you may think about medical cannibis (or medical marijuana). I know it was on the ballot for several different areas and even in my area on legalizing it for medical purposes or banning it. I looked briefly into it and was impressed by not only how much it may help people (medically) but how carefully it is regulated when it is used medically. It is strictly done in a doctor's office and carefully monitored.
Avatar f tn Nothing, in my case, beats the REAL thingl it definetly isn't for everyone, but marijuana works so much better the the man made THC. It is not for everyone, but like I said, in my case it does work as a great medicine. For me it is just off of the one hitter. No joints or blunts, just through the one hitter. Maybe 8 to 9 One hits a day. There is much research to see what benifets can come from the GOD made marijuana. Not for everyone, but it works wonders for me!!
1711722 tn?1356491154 I am taking Marinol for the nausea. I hear you about the weight, my husbad says if I ate like you I'd drop 20lbs. I may have lost 5.
Avatar n tn 'Dope sick' is a good description of what tx feels like. Marinol, phenergan, and hydrocodone will all help, but if you have a history of substance abuse, I'd suggest going to 12 step meetings or some other type of counseling while you are using them.
Avatar f tn Evaporated milk makes things worse by interfering with the metabolites and makes it look like there is more opiate PPM than there really are. Like I said, ask for a Gas Chromatography(GC-used to separate different molecules in a sample) followed by a Mass Apectroscopy (MS-wherein spectrographic patterns are compared to a standard to identify the separated molecule) test, and that will vindicate you if you are telling the truth. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.
Avatar n tn Since the bowel obstruction is not complete and she is passing gas and has OK bowel movement, only part of this can be attributed to the obstruction - but she has lost almost 15 lbs over the past 2-3 weeks and is continually dehydrated because of anticipatory vomiting (the doctors don't call it anticipatory any longer - they call it anorexia). Has anybody gone thru this and does anyone have any suggestions!!!
294425 tn?1288531995 Hi everyone...I am not sure what a tremor is like...My head wobbles at times as my family says...(why do you wobble your head)..like I'm nuts or something...I just told them I don't know..it happens?? Is that like a tremor? Also, I have noticed when I'm cooking...I have accidentally put my fingers in boiling water and didn't notice the heat till later when they turned reddish...I wondered if I really did put them in the water...guess I did..
535089 tn?1400677119 Substances that cause False Positive Drug Test Results THC - Substances or Conditions which can cause false positives Dronabinol (Marinol) Ibuprofen; (Advil, Nuprin, Motrin, Excedrin IB etc) Ketoprofen (Orudis KT) Kidney infection (Kidney disease, diabetes) Liver Disease Naproxen (Aleve) Promethazine (Phenergan, Promethegan) Riboflavin (B2, Hempseed Oil) Amphetamines - Substances or Conditions which can cause false positives Ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, propylephedrine, phenylephrine, or deso
Avatar n tn What are the treatments for this does anyone know what I can do?I dont know how to talk to my doctor and what to say i want done.I know that at 35 I just cant live like this.
Avatar n tn Q GENOTYPE 2, DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS? by WORRIEDIN2004 11-28-2003....Open this up and look at comment # 2 by INDIANA There are tons of sites out there to look at. A favorite of this Forum seems to be: janis7hepc.com/index.htm Good luck with your search.
137025 tn?1217768341 but what if i don't? i can see where doing this and not getting SVR would feel like what was the purpose? so many folks are having so many problems even post tx that i think that scares me more. no matter what though, i will continue to be thankful to you and others(not for your misfortune)but for all the imput, because that is what i need and value. so, thank you to all of you and i hope that the near future brings better things to those suffering.
Avatar n tn The only thing that worked on his neasua was MARINOL, cannabis in a pill form. Like day and night. The other very very expensive pill did not work. GO FIGURE!!!!!!!!!! Good to see you post. Have a great weekend holiday.
Avatar f tn It does sound a lot like what my daughter experiences. She is scheduled for yet another endoscopy at the end of the month. I will refer her to this note and see if she wants to talk to her gastro about it but when she mentioned Sphyncter of Oddi Disorder he just poo pooed it. He's supposed to be the best in the country but he sure has no bedside manner. She is taking antispasm meds now and they do seem to help with the agony she suffers right after eating but they make her so sleepy.
Avatar f tn Instead of attempting to use the 'negatives' of a drug (pot), to get them to quit ( which will get you alienated real quick if the person dosn't want to quit, or if they're like me, they don't like people telling them what to do or think), give them positives; about themselves, thier life, thier environment, etc... Focusing on negatives will only produce negativity.
Avatar m tn The first part is where they had me breathe at a rapid panting pace for about 5 minutes. Basically what that does is hyperventilate you. That was the hardest part of the whole test, because you body by nature wants to stop doing that. Then they have you stop once you reach their time goal. They read that activity. The last part is where they put a strobe light in front of your face with your eyes closed and they go through various sets of strobe light flashing activity.
1711722 tn?1356491154 It is usually not a good look especially on us guys when we have ascites and we look like we are having twins! Beside how ill and uncomfortable you will feel as you abdomen will have very little room for your stomach to eat and your lungs to breathe. You can start reducing the sodium in your diet by: Reading labels to see how much sodium foods contain and keeping careful track of your sodium intake. This is the surest way of evaluating your diet.
Avatar f tn It makes me feel better that others have been in her situation with the nausea and vomitting, and that this med does work like they say. I just wish they could have used it to start with. I printed these comments and showed them to my Mom :) and tears came to her eyes, and she is now a little more hopeful that this time around may be better!
Avatar n tn They do say,,,Depression for years tends to not do great mixed with tx so you would have to answer these questions yourself. You do know what tx is like so only you with your dr could answer,,,if you could handle a 2nd round. Maybe even starting a smaller doseage to begin with like Dr Cecil does to get your body to adjust slowly,,,,,I don't know the answers to your questions Want2live,,,,but you do have us here for support but then you know that also...Wishing you the best in your decision!!
1056851 tn?1318724578 ) There is a pill that has the active ingredient in it that is available to cancer patients (I'm in Canada) Not sure if it's legal or what it is called. I agree with making a legal, prescribed pill and regulating it like other medications. I don't agree with letting people grow weed, and buy it on the street with a doctor letter, way to many areas to be exploited.
1159737 tn?1286520857 You don't do it like a pothead does - i.e, if you smoke medicinally you are not smoking a whole joint or doing bong hits. It's about taking one or two inhales, not about getting a big buzz or getting stoned. It honestly affects your mental state less than a glass of wine if you are talking small quantities at a time, but (I hear) it's very helpful to people in chronic pain, including chiari patients.
Avatar f tn Yes, a question is typically what OPENS a thread but discussion is what keeps it going and what ultimately offers the most valuable information to people like me.
Avatar m tn That is a question I would have for the neurosurgeon if that was me. Do you really need this surgery? If so, why does the neurosurgeon feel this way and what would hinder him from doing so and the reasons why. Perhaps the Neurosurgeon should speak to your Neurologist who handled your case while going through the diagnostic work up for MS? I don't know, I'm at a loss as to why he felt it was pertinent to ask you if you have it or not. Please let me know what's going on when you find out.