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Avatar m tn One doctor gave me a RX for Lipitor 20 mg SID. Another doctor gave me a RX for Lovastatin 20 mg SID. The Lipitor will cost me $130/mo., the Lovastatin will cost $5/mo. Aside from the obvious cost difference, which RX is better? The bottom line is that I really do not want to take a statin at all BUT if I have to take one, I want to take what will work the best at lowering my LDL levels. Also, if I've been taking a statin for a few months, can I just stop taking it?
Avatar m tn If I had 30 dollars to spend on OTC medicine I would not be on medicaid. What does it do and where can I get it at the lowest price? I can not find anywhere on the internet that says what is does. Is it like Omega 3? Thank you.
469720 tn?1388149949 The National Cholesterol Education Program considers cholesterol testing in a doctor's office to be the preferred way because the patient can get advice immediately about the meaning of the results and what to do. Besides determining total cholesterol levels, doctors often order a lipoprotein profile that shows the amounts of LDL, HDL, and another type of blood fat called triglycerides. This information gives doctors a better idea of heart disease risk and helps guide any treatment.
Avatar n tn Why do I become nonfunctioning, gain weight, and feel useless every eight to 14 weeks? What can I do to get better? I have been treated for depression, Sleep Anapea, and bipolar disorder. Unfortunately the medication Effexor 150 XR and Lamictal 200mg don't seem to change anything. I also take Lovastatin 40mg for high collestral, and Enalapril 20mg for high blood pressure. Sores come and go on my tongue during the entire period of sickness and wellness.
Avatar f tn It is the same feeling as if you were stung by a bee and it feels like you are walking on a stone. It does not hurt or itch, but every once in awhile I get a sharp pain on either foot, then it goes away. What can cause this? The only allergies I have is to almonds (which I don't eat anymore) and to eppi-pen. I take Gabapentin, Lovastatin, and Levothyroxine maintenance drugs.
Avatar m tn Anyone taking it? If so, what did your doctor say? What dose? What results, before and after? For those interested, red rice yeast extract (Monascus purpureus )is a kind of natural statin sometimes taken for those who want to reduce their cholesterol. http://www.mayoclinic.
Avatar n tn He suggested Fish oils to improve HDL levels and thats about it. I guess what I want to know, does anybody have some good experience with Red yeast rice, and how well did it improve your cholesterol? Any success and/or horror stories appreciated!
Avatar f tn Don't know which one yet waiting on biopsy in 2 weeks. Do I have any options I was hoping for early unddest to only do 24 weeks with these meds. Thanks again.
Avatar f tn I said - h--, I know what is wrong with me, all I need to do is pray, talk to my family and find out what the heck is going on with me. they keep adding more s--- to the pile. Sorry for rambling. First time. anxious to find out mainly about the endometrial stuff going on.
Avatar f tn Your doctor would not put you on it for low HDL (good cholesterol) as it does not increase HDL, it lowers LDL or bad cholesterol. Do you know what your breakdown was? In any case, statins are very safe and proving to me more safe all the time. The risk of any side effect is anywhere between 2% and 5% which classifies this as very safe. Common side effects are muscle pain and sore joints. I would take it and just keep an eye out for anything that may be a side effect.
Avatar m tn Side effects normally do not start after 90 days of use. Your other drugs may be causing the problem, especially the Neurontin which has concentration problems as a main side effect which can get worse the longer you take it. If you feel it is the Simvastatin, you can always ask your doctor about going off of it for a short while to see if it improves. This is a rare side effect of Simvastatin so I would look elsewhere for the problem. You should speak to your doctor.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with Diabeties and Im now takeing meds for it as well as cholesterol issues. The medications I'm currently on are. Metaformin, Lovastatin, and linisopril Don't get me wrong I'm not some obese person, I have always been physically active play lots of sports, etc..etc Just since my daughter was born I had a sudden weight gain, not a lot, being 6'3 at 230lbs does not seam excessive to me. I do spend about 45 minutes a day doing cardio, and the doc wants me below 200.
Avatar f tn I take citalopram for major depression and anxiety which has helped my depression and anxiety significantly, I am on 2 types of insulin for type one diabetes, I am on Levothyroxin for autoimmune attacked thyroid/hypothyroidism like my pancreas, I am on lisinipril to protect my kidneys and lovastatin to keep my cholesterol in check.
599170 tn?1300977493 Boy, do I ever. Don't know what happened. I was being treated for anxiety attacks. Paxil helped, but when the side effects interfered with my writing, I had my psychiatrist take me off it. He tapered me off, but never told me about withdrawal, even when I started crumbling. For the last three years I've been morbidly depressed, suffer constant anxiety, lost most of my sense of humor, lost some memory, feel tired and disoriented much of the time, and guess what?
Avatar f tn I have tried over the counter medications and they do not help at all. There is no specific time of day that I itch. It does not take on the appearance of a rash but more like a mesquito bite type of form. I have itched myself raw on some places of my arm due to me itching during the night as well. What more is there for me to do?
469720 tn?1388149949 Most of all, remember that a health lifestyle specifically a low fat diet can reverse many of these issues. What can cause high cholesterol? Elevated cholesterol levels can be caused by several factors, including heredity, poor diet, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, age, and gender (premenopausal women have lower cholesterol levels than men.) Of these causative factors, only heredity, age and gender cannot be controlled.
Avatar n tn Seems to be right things are getting a lot better. However, the Doctors have said the disection will repair..... over time. What does that mean? They monitor my progess with CT and all the new tech ..... I still have blood flow on both sides of the disection, and they had trouble telling which side was the true "lumen" and which was the false "lumen" I was given a tread mill test, but I took my blood pressure meds as normal---- I went 10 Min.
Avatar f tn If yes, what are they? Has anyone experienced severe muscle pain due to the drug? If you did, what did you do? What are my other choices besides Statin? I am also experiencing PVCs lately and it really scares me. I wonder if PVCs are due to my high cholesterol. I hope someone out there can help me. Thank you very much.
Avatar n tn 2651-2662). These study results pose two questions for us. The first is what will women do? And the second is why didn't we have this information earlier, before tens of thousands of women had been harmed by using unproven drugs? Now that we have the information, women will weigh it in light of their individual health needs and histories and will make the best decisions they can for themselves.
446474 tn?1446351282 While I do think statins may be indicated in several situations and for some patients, I do think the statins are over prescribed. For doctors it is an easy fix and for the patients it seems easy too. Just take a pill and no diet , weight or smoking modifications are needed. I think diet modification and exercise should be tried first. (If one smokes, that should stop.) A doctor wanted to put me on statins about 3 years ago.
Avatar m tn we know simvastatin lowers the whole virions, hbvdna, but they didn t study effect on hbsag only lovastatin from red yeast rice has been shown to reduce hbsag, but not the synthetic type of lovastatin i think simvastatin has an effect for sure but not potent enough monotherpy, anyway nobody made the trials yet so one has to try.
Avatar m tn My mother has a numb toe too and has Hashimoto's thyroiditis (most common cause of hypothyroidism). She did try my thyroid medication for a short period of time and said she noted an improvement in her numb toe. She has normal TSH, free T3 and free T4 therefore no doctor will prescribe her thyroid medication. She has plenty of symptoms including the most obvious..a third of her eyebrows are missing.
Avatar m tn com/health_articles_c/Cfs_fm-statins_as_possible_new_treatment_for_chronic_fatigue_syndrome.html i do suggest to use red yeast rice instead of statins because it has almost no sides effects.the content of monacolins in red yeast rice must be at least 6mg. alt/ast and cpk must be monitored monthly during the use of anticholesterol drugs and coq10 supplements 200-400mg mut be used.
2097421 tn?1333546984 It is a bit more complicated than fixing my avnrt was and there is a higher incidence of reoccurance and it is super expensive in the US to do but if it is an option it might help cure you of the episodes though not everyone is a candidate depending on where your afib is. This all said, it really would do you good to quit smoking. From what I understand smoking does something to the blood vessels and could be what is helping to contribute to your afib episodes.
Avatar n tn i DO have significant heart disease in my moms side, both my gpa and great gpa dying at about 40 from heart attacks. what can i do to improve this?? which numbers need improving?? would treatment be recommended for ldl of 129?? i live in a small town, the doctors here dont take me seriously cus of my age. im moving back to san diego in two weeks, then im going to ask for another cholestorol test.
Avatar f tn I wish *I* could find a way to do that... What type of meds are you on? Do you have health related issues that cause weight gain/inability to lose - such as thyroid, PCOS, insulin resistance, etc? If so, any of those conditions can make if very difficult and frustrating to lose. Trust me, I have hypothyroidism/Hashimoto's and I'm certainly having a tough time. You don't mention the types and amounts of food you eat or whether or not you do any other type of exercise.
Avatar m tn I strongly suggest you ask your doctor to prescribe Lovastatin, it is a $4.00 a month drug at most big pharmas. See if that helps, I'll bet it does. You sound really strong, maybe the P90X program would work for you. I know two younger guys using it and the results are astounding, but isn't it pretty expensive? I can tell you it's incredibly intense. I'd just mix in a heart healthy diet, take the $4.00 statin and exercise as normal for awhile and see what happens.
Avatar m tn Hi Ginger, you need to have your b12 and vitamin D levels checked! And do your own research as to what type of symptoms are related to each deficiency, such as the tingling sensations and shortness of breath. You also need to be aware that Metformin is linked to severe b12 deficiency and lisinopril also has some serious warning symptoms and interactions.
Avatar n tn I stopped Lipitor, continued with the Enalapril and believe my eyebrow loss has stopped again. But my eyebrows have not grown back. Does it appear my problem is the Lipitor? Do you think my eyebrows will regain their hair loss?
Avatar n tn You have to do your part with exercise, and dietary changes to decrease the absorbed contribution of the cholesterol: eat less saturated fats and cholesterol containing foods for lowering of cholesterol and decrease the amount of starches to decrease the triglyceride levels. There are other medications which may be useful: crestor which is a cousing of the lovastatin but which is significantly stronger in its ability to reduce LDL and in fact actually raises the hdl.