What does hiv negative means

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Avatar n tn they told Igm is negative and igg is positive so what does those mean that i have hiv or what !! i am so scared please answer me dr.
Avatar m tn 1. does it mean that a positive person would come out negative on an antibody test? I am a bit confused.
Avatar n tn What does chronic fever means?Chronic fever and fatigue is the sypmtom of hiv/hpv.Is there any difference between fever and chronic fever?
Avatar n tn does nonreactive test mean negative. i had my test done in one of the free testing places that do anonymous hiv testing. what kind of tests do they run and is it conclusive after 3 months. They drew my blood and i got the result in 35 mins.
Avatar n tn Negative...conclusive. You don't have HIV.
1332431 tn?1275399430 Welcome to the HIV forum. One of the most common themes in the 6+ years this forum has been underway is that as long as HIV testing is done sufficiently long after the last possible exposure -- usually 6+ weeks, sometimes as long a 3 months -- that the test results always outweigh symptoms in judging whether or not someone has a new HIV infection. Always, no exceptions ever. Therefore, based on your opening comments, HIV is not a possible cause of the symptoms you report.
Avatar m tn Thanks for the reply. But what does it mean value 0.80 in ECLIA test? Lab is also prescribing me to do the test again within next 2 days. I am totally stressed.
Avatar m tn Hy Guys Sorry, some say 12 weeks, some say 3 month. But 3 month are 90 days, 12 weeks are 84! I've tested after 87 days after passive oral sex. But I didn't know the girl, it was at holiday, and there are some people in this world, who wants infect people by injuring themselves. Sounds mad, but that's fact! Thx for your answer!
Avatar m tn I do not know what this means??!! Did the body fight it off by producing antibodies that got used killing the low virus so it came back negative and with less antibodies? I am so mad that I have to go through this because of lazy practitioners and managers.
Avatar m tn About a month and a half ago I had sex with a few women after my last HIV test came back negative. As I stated I always used a condom for vaginal sex but not for oral. Earlier this week I noticed that I had a burning sensation and cloudy discharge. I went to a patient first and was prescribed antibiotics a few days ago. They took a urine test for chlamydia an gonna rhea. I should receive those results back tomorrow or Tuesday.
Avatar m tn If you are referring to HIV, CDC does not have data on a specific percentage for this. It is extremely rare. More than 95 percent of persons develop antibodies within 3 months. A few cases of persons who have not developed antibodies until 6 months have been reported; this is most common in persons who have taken antiretrovirals for post-exposure prophylaxis after an occupational exposure to HIV (e.g., a needle stick) but seroconversion in these circumstances is also extremely rare.
Avatar n tn Don't you know what negative means? It means you don't have HIV.
Avatar m tn by 105 days you will definitely have antibodies if you have the hiv virus. you were negative which means no antibodies which means no hiv. i hope you can move on with your life.