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Avatar n tn does nonreactive test mean negative. i had my test done in one of the free testing places that do anonymous hiv testing. what kind of tests do they run and is it conclusive after 3 months. They drew my blood and i got the result in 35 mins.
Avatar n tn they told Igm is negative and igg is positive so what does those mean that i have hiv or what !! i am so scared please answer me dr.
Avatar n tn What does Equivocal test result means? I am with my gf for a yr or so. Recently she is diagnose with virginal yeast infection.We had protected sex. For for safety precaution i took HIV and STD test aft one wk. When i got my lab report everything were under the range of negative in antibody status but the chlamydia is under equivocal with the rating of 1.01. The antibody status were 1.09.
Avatar m tn We just have to deal with our emotions and worries gradually and hopefully come out better people. Take care and prayers to you all Does anyone know how long an HIV test can take to come back?
Avatar n tn It means he is/she is negative for HIV. In simple terms, your friend does not have HIV.
Avatar m tn what does hiv ab, hiv-1, wb negative hiv-1 ab, western blot inderterminate p24 means positive or negative?
Avatar m tn hello doctors how are you i wana know what does the patient value means on hiv duo test.. i tested with 4th generation at 13 days my rate was .24 non reactive then on 17th days te rate jumped up to .
Avatar m tn HIV cannot be created, its only transmitted from an infected person to other.
Avatar n tn and before we got married i had shamefully many unprotected partners so thats why i am so scared and this july of 08 he came down with tb and all the chest xray sputnum and afbs were negative and the tb skin test was to so after 1 month they finally found out what he had i was lost from this i knew that 'tb and hiv are hand in hand' and what made it even worse is they checked him for hep abc all were negative and they only problem he had was elevated liver enzymes so he is doing better with
Avatar m tn NONREACTIVE,'''WHAT THIS MEANS?I HAVE HIV? I had physical for job,no one said anything but what this means on my medical report? ON MY MEDICAL REPORT IT SAYS,HIV 1/2 EIA AB SCREEN...NONREACTIVE,WHAT THIS MEANS?I HAVE HIV? IT ALSO says , a non reactive hiv antibody result does not exclude hiv infection since the time frame for seroconversion is variable.if acute hiv infection is suspected,antibody retesting and nucleic acid amplication (hiv/RNA) testing is recommended.
Avatar m tn 1. does it mean that a positive person would come out negative on an antibody test? I am a bit confused.
Avatar n tn Dear Sirs, can you please assure me what does a negative 0.34 result of an Hiv Combi Test mean. Is it true that the person is HIV negative and is this kind of test reliable.
Avatar f tn 25 The doctor says that means it's negative. I got tested at least 7 weeks after the exposure. Remember I had sex with her august 18th and got tested on October 10th. Am I completely negative now or should I get tested again in the future? What's the chances that my test results changing from negative.
Avatar n tn The lady told me not to worried since she is a working lady and does this only 2 times in a week, what are my chances of getting HIV? Can i get tested after 25 days or should i wait for 3months.. The CDC wedsite said even a 25days result accurate, is this true?
Avatar m tn At the end of 6 months, if I go for a HIV AB/AG test and if the results are negative means... There are not HIV related antibodies or antigens right? 3 months back, I have taken Flushot (I live is USA), does it delay in producing antibodies or antigens in the body? Would it take more than 6 months for Antigens or Antibodies to develop? Please advise.
Avatar m tn meaning you don't have HIV. I don't think you need another test, but if you can't move on, then take a third. What was your exposure?
Avatar n tn You had PROTECTED sex and hence, Protected sex means NO risk. You dont need any testing .
Avatar f tn ELISA HIV P24 Ag + Ab Non-Reactive And the report has a sign called ISO-9001 Please can i move on from HIV and what is ISO ?
Avatar m tn Thanks for the reply. But what does it mean value 0.80 in ECLIA test? Lab is also prescribing me to do the test again within next 2 days. I am totally stressed.
Avatar m tn I wish to add - I had 2 CBCs - (i) end June (does not include HIV testing) - no irregularities; and (ii) 5 Nov 11 (together with the Elisa test) - all normal except lymphocites slightly high at 49% (normal = 20 to 45) Together with my late Nov rashes, I also had diarrhea (together with sore throat, mild fever (which went away after a day with medication), cough and flu).
Avatar n tn Anyway, I was tested at 4 weeks and it came back negative, but given that I am having many symptoms commonly associated with HIV, what do you think the accuracy of the negative result is? I will be tested again next week (at 8 weeks) and am wondering if that result also comes back negative, do you think I can relax or should I retest at 12 weeks? Thanks!
Avatar f tn Didn't sleep the last two nights. Am I infected? What is the risk? What should I do? Please help.
Avatar n tn Not marijuana or any other drug, nothing. Your negative test result at 7 weeks means you are not infected with HIV. Most women in the US, even the most promiscuous, are not HIV positive. Of course you should use condoms: why take even a small risk of a deadly outcome? But your risk of getting HIV probably was pretty low.
Avatar m tn Doctors have calculated the risk from what you describe to be less than that of being hit by a meteor, therefore no one will get HIV from what you did in the next 40 years of your life either. The above HIV science is 40 years old and very well established, so no detail that you can add to your encounter will change it from zero risk. You need to stop poking your jaw and irritating it, then pretending you became a doctor and found a disease.
Avatar m tn I had tested HSV1 positive and HIV negative after two weeks of possible exposure. After 11 weeks i tested HIV is negative. Since 5 week of exposure i'm having burning sensation and tingling over my body, it continues even after i took treatment. Past one week i am feeling tightness and shooting pain also on my chest. now its 12week over after possible exposure. HSV Lesion on my genital area becoming more painful everyday. Since 2nd week to 5th week i had diarrhea, neck pain, fatigue.