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Avatar f tn What does it look like to loose ur mucus plug? Im 32 weeks and i have a lot of green mucusy discharge and when i went pee white stuff was dripping out like i was peeing milk. Tmi but i was just curious it looks like.
Avatar f tn However about starting abot two or three weeks ago me and my girlfriend started having sex(with a condom every time though) and yesterday and having sex the night before I woke up with this rash on my abdomen with one or two of the blisters or bumps in my pubic hair. I'm going to try and go to the doctor as soon as possible but I would just like to know what to expect when I go in.
Avatar f tn We aren't sure what they are, but thinking back about the cold sore, I could have given it to him. Anyways, the bumps don't look like the pictures I see online. They looked like small bug bites to start with, but my boyfriend squeezed it thinking it was a pimple and now it has a scab on it. They never turned into ulcers or lesions and are going away now. They never burned or anything and he said they barely itched. Anyways, it's been about 5 days and the bump looks more like a scab now.
Avatar n tn Yes, it does look like a genital wart. If you see a dermatologist, he or she can have it off you in a couple of seconds. Tretinoin is not likely to help. Some genital warts are contracted from non-sexual exposures. It's really impossible to say where you got them, and not very important. All I advise you to do is to get the wart off. Take care. Dr.
12000002 tn?1422747557 You having same symtoms befire having sex means this wasnt acuired sexaully but no one can know what this is before a visualexam by. A proffessional. You should seek care from your urologist, gyno or ask your gp.
Avatar n tn I would like to know how genital warts look like.
Avatar f tn I told my husband they should put the bands that allow men to feel what it's like to be in labor on first time mom's so we know what to look for and what we should be feeling lol
Avatar m tn 2) should i trust his diagnosis? i have been having sex with my gf and she does not have anything that is same as what i have, she is also very carefull of her health. 3) can it be folliculitis? most of the bumps have hair and a bit of discoloration in the follicle. 4) can it be friction burns?
Avatar f tn Hi Ana, Looks normal to me, and I cant see what the troulbe is, there just seems to be some spare flesh and thats all, are you having trouble with sex, if not the then things look good and clean. Mind you its a male looking at it, but think it could wait for your doctor to have a look at it.
Avatar n tn http://img375.imageshack.us/i/photo2af.
Avatar n tn He enjoys receiving oral sex and ejaculating, but does not like to provide sex in any form i.e. does not like to provide oral sex or intercourse. We are both close to 30 years. In every other aspect of our relationship he is very caring, and also likes to cuddle and kiss. But there seems to be a block when it comes to "giving". He realises that it's a problem but does not know what to do about it.
Avatar n tn My wife is from Beijing. She is 39, and lived through the cultural revolution in Beijing. During that period, many were taught that sex is "dirty", and not good for "ying, and yang." She has NEVER liked sex in her lifetime, but she disagrees.(Like of course, is subjective.) She complains that before, and after sex, tired. Before we were married in 2000 she promised she would "change" after we married. We married. In four years she, and I had sex FOUR times.
Avatar m tn They kind of look like zits (white heads). What does this sound like? I was hoping it was something like chlamydia that can be cured, but now that I have those 2 spots I am worried. I am going to get tested sometime this week.
Avatar f tn I was wondering what a female orgasm feels like I have had sex plenty of times but never had one so can some one tell me what happens and what they feel. I need details.
Avatar n tn 1) is it common for genital HSV 1 to look nothing like a cold sore or genital herpes? Does this mean I have a different strain? 2) Because I haven't had oral sex in over a year (besides March), is it likely that I am showing symptoms from an old infection? Seems strange that I'm having another outbreak so soon if the infection is more than a year old. 3) Because the symptoms are barely noticable, I have been checking with mirror every day to see if it had come back since the last outbreak.
Avatar f tn For those who have vaginal cuts/tears associated with HSV, what do they look like and how do they feel? I don't know if I have them because although the skin looks uneven, it feels smooth and doesn't bleed. Also, how long do they last? :( Terrified.
Avatar f tn (sorry if this is too much infromation, I just need answers), *** was in my pants ofcourse, but there was also slimy red stuff, that looks like ***, was on my underwear, what possible answers will help me understand on what is going on?
Avatar f tn You are a teacher, as you say, so I will not try to tell you that I know what your job is like other than having homeschooled my own children for a period of time. That, too, I am sure you will have something smug to comment on but I suggest you don't. One day, you too will be the parent of a teenager. When you reach that point may you never be disappointed in your angel. Until then I suggest you not comment on something you "think" you know something about.
Avatar m tn My GF and me have read, asked and get informed on this topic and we would like to start having sex soon but we are not sure. She says she has read enough to understand chances are she WILL get infected, so she has pretty much accepted she will eventually get the virus. Questions: 1. Why and how much better is to wait till the warts disappear knowing my first treatment failed and my GF has already given up on the chances of NOT getting infected?