What does gum infection look like

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Avatar n tn whats a lesion culture ?
Avatar n tn Hi megs222726, I just read your comments. First of all I wouldn't push on the outside of your gum. If you think there is a possible infection, I think I would get yourself an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. Infections in the mouth can get quite serious. You should be seen by your dentist asap, i.e. some time within the next 2 - 3 days if not sooner. An acquaintance of our family passed away as a result of a tooth infection. He was faily elderly and had other issues.
Avatar f tn Does this look like herpes? It started out as one open blister looking thing and three days later I have more. Please look at the pictures and let me know. I also have pink eye and was told it is a symptom of herpes. Thanks https://www.medhelp.org/user_photos/list/20901169?
Avatar f tn s possible that they could still appear on the tongue. Does this look like herpes/cold sore? The sores do not hurt unless I bite or touch them with my teeth. They've been there for about a week now. My other thought is that it might be a canker sore or something.
Avatar f tn I am just wondering how long it is safe to leave an infection like this, as I would like to continue trying to shift it myself (as it does seem to be getting a little better), but don't want to risk it spreading. Also, should I consider getting a second opinion on the tooth - admittedly the tooth in question has an extremely large filling and has had to be built up at the back (don't ever get your tongue pierced, by the way, that ruined my teeth!
Avatar m tn I have been tested for the standard ones named below and came back negative. What scary is I have urine infection as does my ex girlfriend and my new partner but I was told urine infections cant be passed on from person to person. Perhaps I have passed n something to my new girlfriend but my tests came back negative. Should I pay a private clinic to get tested for the ones named above since GUM clinic do not test for them. Its strange how two girls have same including me have urine infection.
Avatar n tn What does it look like and what to use to treat it with over the counter treatments? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/240266'>boils</a>.
Avatar f tn What does it look like to loose ur mucus plug? Im 32 weeks and i have a lot of green mucusy discharge and when i went pee white stuff was dripping out like i was peeing milk. Tmi but i was just curious it looks like.