What does coughing blood up mean

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Avatar n tn What does all this mean? I don't think I can wait 3 months to have some idea of what I might be dealing with.
Avatar n tn He does basically what you do. He uses them until everything seems under control then he quits. (He does have an emergency one he can use if he gets into trouble) Then, he will do well for 4 to 6 weeks and then have to start back on the daily sprays for awhile. I am not sure but I think he uses them for about two weeks on and 4 to 6 weeks off with the emergency one available to him if needed. They are two different medications. It seems to be helping but I would sure love to find a cure.
Avatar m tn By the time we were leaving, he was 100% better, stopped coughing, and the medicine (both he gave him right away) immediately fixed him up from dying to healthy. A week past and it went away mostly but he'd cough every now and then. We ran out of the antibiotics and continued with the asthma medicine but it seemed to come back. We went back to the vet to get more antibiotics and are giving him that, but it isn't helping and it seems to be getting worse.
Avatar n tn I am on some meds now to clear up my airways etc. Any home remedies or meds to stop coughing, and to make breathing a little easier to speed up and simplify my recovery?
Avatar f tn SO, the ideas that I am throwing at you are exactly what I plan on doing with my problem(also coughing up clear mucus). Sorry, if I worried you about getting your heart checked out. When you are dealing with sob, that is also where you look. Some tests to consider are an EKG(they put leads on the chest and measure the electrical activity of the heart) and an echo(heart ultrasound), and they can check for heart rhythm abnormalities. There are also metabolic causes of sob, as well-ex.
Avatar n tn What does it mean if i have a pain on my upper left side of my head, it feels like that headband pain when you wear a headband and it leaves this really bad pain. when i push my finger on that spot it hurts. i also get these weird stomach problems where my stomach petrutes out like im pregnant and it hurts and no im pregnant and theres no chance that i might be. my doctor asked me that allready:) I'm only 16 and i dont know why these things are happening...!!!!!
Avatar f tn I guess he must experience a sudden drop in blood pressure brought on by coughing, if they are calling it coughing syncope. Usually a sudden drop in blood pressure is brought on by standing up, and the heart isn't able to compensate quick enough.
Avatar n tn He could easily have some sort of nasty infection. Does he cough anything up when he coughs? I personally experience severe coughing, vomiting as well as the headaches whenever I get a severe chest infection, particularly pneumonia. Is he running any fevers? In any case, a doctor would be his best bet, he or she will be better able to diagnose him...Lung infections can be treated, but if they aren't, sometimes the infection can become systemic, a far worse scenario.
Avatar n tn This past week she began coughing up blood. We can't get her surgeon or oncologist to return any calls. What does the blood mean? Has the cancer spread to the inside of her lungs? Originally the tumor was on the outside of her lungs pressing against a major nerve. Now it has taken over that nerve and possibly spread to the inside of her lungs......right? She currently attends The James in Columbus, Ohio.
390388 tn?1279639813 Thank you for your reply. Do you mean an ear, nose and throat doctor? What are you thinking? I don't even know how to make an appt. for this one. lol Gee doc I'm vomiting mucus and not sick, coughing, yet don't have a cold. No fever, sore everywhere, stomach feels bloated and ovaries sore, BP and sugar rates are fluctuating, yet I don't feel sick, body is swollen, vision is blurred at times, IBS is acting up, muscle spasms, headaches and just really blah...
1416390 tn?1333905204 I have a 16 year old picapoo and she has been coughing and sounds like she has a hairball but she cant get it up but she only does it during the morning and in the evening Can you give me some pointer to what it might be
Avatar n tn Streaming nose, which I have to blow while coughing Coughing up loads of watery phelgm Occasionally retching and vomiting Streaming eyes which go blood shot Extremely itchy tickly throat Gasping for air between coughs I am now into the sixth month of this coughing. And although it is not as bad as it was a few months back it is still a major problem for me and makes me feel so down . Also I think my children need a break from rushing to grab me some water everytime I start to cough! lol ...
Avatar m tn She did not have any more white foamy substance being thrown up. -Month 5 – The coughing is still very violent. She still licks her lips followed by couching/hacking when excited and waking from calm state. She now began to throw up and regurgitate after eating and drinking. Sometimes this happens directly after she ingests food or water, and other times it may happen 30 minutes to an hour afterward. Cleaned any dust around the house, etc.
Avatar f tn HI I have a almost 14 yr old pug doing these symptoms of gagging and coughing and vomiting her food up and I don't know what to do I love her so much and we took her to dr a few months ago for her legs she has had arthritis in them she is my little best friend and I hate to see it is something bad , please give me advice ill take her in but do you all think its serious ? and she is already vaccinated and upto date on shots !
Avatar n tn So glad to read this and hope my little bit of experience can help someone. I am an asthmatic and never had this happen until after I started using products like Advair (powdered inhalers)...at one point I had read online that these can cause that side effect in some people. I stopped using it, and the spasms stopped. When I suffered with them the only thing that would help was sucking on a cough drop, candy immediately...it would make the spasm subside. Hope this helps someone....
Avatar n tn Did I seriously mess up my lungs? Should I see a doctor? What should I do? What does the blood mean? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have talked with all my smoker friends and none have them have experienced this.
495284 tn?1333897642 What colour is this? White? or yellowish? Is she gagging, coughing? Hacking up? That could be kennel cough. If not, is she showing any signs of being unwell? Apart from obviously being disoriented by the situation, and probably tired? If she keeps vomiting, shows any unwell signs or symptoms, refuses food, or eats, and that comes up too, then I wouldn't hesitate to take her to be checked over at the vet's ASAP.
485028 tn?1222133202 I am just ready to throw my hands up in the air and give up. I was dx with hypothyroidism in jan or feb of 08 then hashimotos then a nodule then cancer surgery for a total thyroidectomy by may RAI in June and here I am still with the horrible symptom that made me so persistant in the first place. Since about january I have had a feeling like someone was holding there index and middle finger and firmly pressing on my trachea area it does not worsten or get better with anything.
Avatar f tn The pediatrician referred my parents to a specialist but for some reason we never followed up with them. I guess I understand why we didn't. I mean, I've never had any symptoms of immunodeficiency, and I don't get sick more often than most people... I have slight allergy symptoms like a bit of coughing and needing to clear my throat often, but no one has ever figured out what I'm allergic to. Other than that, I feel pretty normal.
Avatar n tn i can taste infection when i swallow and i keep coughing up mucus that has blood in it, what does blood in my mucus mean?
Avatar n tn For about the last month whenever phlegm comes up there is blood in it. It ranges from quite a bit to just streaks. I know this sounds silly but i have a phobia of going to the doctors. I've convinced myself if i go she's just going to tell me i have lung cancer and i would rather not know that!! Does anyone know if blood in phlegm can mean anything else but cancer?? I am pretty worried, but too chicken to get my butt to the doctors. Any comments would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn The pediatrician referred my parents to a specialist but for some reason we never followed up with them. I guess I understand why we didn't. I mean, I've never had any symptoms of immunodeficiency, and I don't get sick more often than most people... I have slight allergy symptoms like a bit of coughing and needing to clear my throat often, but no one has ever figured out what I'm allergic to. Other than that, I feel pretty normal.
128725 tn?1207861017 Try to relax (if it is possible) and take it easy! Remember, even if you worry, it will not help! Regarding your dr., what kind of a Dr. is he if he does not deal with bleeding? That is rediculous!!! Unexceptable for me...I would be calling my insurance and checking things out if he tells me such a thing!
Avatar f tn Not very motivated today either, but I need to get that way because I only have 2 more hours here at work to do what I need to do! My aunt came to pick up my oldest 2 daughters today to take them to lunch. I am sure they enjoyed that. I guess I will hear all about that when I get home :) Oh, and the day before yesterday, my 3 year old daughter hit my 5 year old daughter in the head so hard with the remote that her head had blood streaming down. It was at like 1:00 a.m. It was just awful.
Avatar n tn p initially sent me to a+e due to the blood- they did a full blood test set and an x-ray- nothing showed up. So i was referred to the gastro doctor. He put it down to irritable bowel syndrome- which i thought explained my irregular bowel movements e.g one day soft, next day constipated. I changed my diet- more fruit, less fizz, some of those pre/probiotic drinks etc etc.
325477 tn?1250554909 maria, i am not real sure what you mean by "when the doctor would suggest on early labor"... i would assume that even if i go into labor early, that unless my water has broke, it will be stopped before 37 wks... which is only a week and a half away. 37 weeks is considered full term, although some babies do still have breathing issues... but i know a few babies that were due may/june.. and were between 33-38 wks and they were all fine. i guess it just depends on baby.
Avatar f tn EF 77% and diastolic dysfunction. What does this mean? Is this condition temporary? Can it be cured? Do I have to take meds for the rest of my life? While at hospital stay I was given: Injections tid of heparin, 81mg bayer aspirin, vasotec 2.5mg, hctz 25 mg. I have had episodes of coughing, tight chest, tight throat, asthma worsened, still they kept me on these meds. I was treated for asthma with nebulizer @ 6 hours, and used my inhaler often.