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672475 tn?1227796766 Last Halloween, about a month ago, i went to a party and drank for about the 5th time in my life, i started with beer, and ended up taking shots (More ilight>likeilight> mouth-fulls...) of hard ilight>alcoholilight> out of a glass... not even a shot glass... A few minutes later, i puked on the table i was sitting at, stumbled to the bathroom and continued to puke for hours on end... i didn't pass, and i could walk (barley, but could indeed walk), but was obviously very drunk and my only thought was if i was going to die.
Avatar n tn Oh my God. i have memory problems that started from an early age, but have been getting worse over the years. But i was so scared it was because of my drinking. i have been sober for half a year, maybe more. But i'm only 16. i know i'm stupid for that, i know. But one day be and my ex were drinking and i didn't realize how much i drank until i threw up and it was black. i threw up for three days straight after that. But that was more than a year ago.
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1344144 tn?1276297997 8 a raw piece of chicken straight out of the package in the fridge. i had food ilight>poisoningilight> for ilight>likeilight> a wk its not drinking rubbing alcohol but none the less disturbing? Do you only do that with the R.A? Or do other smells trigger you?
Avatar n tn i would ilight>likeilight> to know why i have very bad shaking fits while drinking ilight>alcoholilight> i have been a big drinker for many years,i used to drink larger but since my hernia operation i cannot drink anything fizzy so now i drink whiskey and have done so for many years,my vision also goes and i also have blackouts.
Avatar m tn //www.bupa.co.uk/individuals/health-information/directory/a/alcohol-effects-of Alcohol dilates blood vessels and brings more blood to smaller vessels. if tingling is caused by circulation problems alcohol might help temporarily (before it goes into destruct mode). Alcohol slows nerve signals. Tingling can come from too much repeated firing of nerve signals. When those signals are temporarily inhibited by alcohol the tingling might stop (but chronic alcohol use can cause permanent numbness.
Avatar f tn She eats TONS of bread and other gluten products so i ruled that out - she hasnt taken any new meds, changed her diet or anything ilight>likeilight> that. from ilight>whatilight> shes told me its ONLY ilight>alcoholilight> thats been making her sick, no foods or other drinks. also her only symptom is nausea and sometimes a headache in the morning similar to a hangover. any suggestions?
Avatar n tn This may sound strange but it snaps me out of whatever anguish i'm experiencing and i ilight>feelilight> ilight>likeilight> going on with life. no pill that i know of has this effect on me. Thanks for listening!
363682 tn?1299492962 from the yeast dying, which is described by flu-like symptoms and most notable a headache. not sure how the ilight>alcoholilight> comes into play, although ilight>alcoholilight> ilight>doesilight> further lower blood sugar. When i drink more sugary drinks i don't get much of the headache. Have you been on lots of antibiotics? Those folks are at higher risk for more yeast issues.
498656 tn?1213450519 i believe ilight>alcoholilight> increases mania for me...it ilight>doesilight> not calm me down. i ilight>feelilight> a freedom of the horrible inhibitions i have, enjoy the euphoria of the first few drink and although i know i cannot drink...i still do at times. i've been in AA and in treatment.
401095 tn?1351395370 if i drank much more than a few drinks i am lucky in that it would make me feel ilight>likeilight> ****. ilight>Alcoholilight> makes my problems ilight>feelilight> bigger so i don't worry about abusing it. Even at parties i usually have iced tea as i just don't like alcohol anymore. i'm the same with benzos. Have them all the time and only take 1 sometimes if i have strong anxiety or stress. if i take 1 it takes away my anxiety and i feel better but if i took 2 i would feel depressed.
Avatar n tn Has anyone ever heard of this sort of treatment before? At least the doc seemed to know ilight>whatilight> i ilight>feelilight> ilight>likeilight> as he said its how junior doctors ilight>feelilight> after a 72 hour shift and no sleep?!
Avatar m tn 9) joint pain - like flu but also only on the first two days of episode i was admitted to the hospital one time in my worst episode, they diagnosed it as food poisoning (in The Bahamas) but another doctor later said i probably had ilight>alcoholilight> ilight>poisoningilight>. is this ilight>alcoholilight> or food ilight>poisoningilight>? i do drink a lot and i eat a lot of seafood. i live in The Bahamas and in the Dominican Republic.
Avatar m tn You say She goes through serious withdrawals that land Her in the hospital. She could die from ilight>alcoholilight> ilight>poisoningilight> with that amount. That is a LOT of ilight>alcoholilight> for anyone. in my opinion this Woman needs serious intervention. How long has She been doing this?
457617 tn?1254484677 and we all know ilight>whatilight> that did to unborn babies. The liver is your chemical factory, not only ilight>doesilight> it process toxins out of your blood stream but it also makes chemicals that help our bodies to function properly. one of those funtions is to regulate blood and clotting control. my liver started to go wrong as soon as i started to take artificial sweetners, not only in my tea in the form of canderel, but also in other food stuff like angel delight and sugar free chewing gum.
Avatar m tn We need to figure out a solution to her anxiety and why it is she relies on ilight>alcoholilight> when it gets bad. is this a common issue? ilight>Doesilight> anyone know of any solutions?
6456665 tn?1381458345 Drinking alcohol tends to cause the swollen lymph nodes to become painful. if you've noticed this and ilight>feelilight> ilight>likeilight> it's unrelated, you may want to mention that as well.
Avatar f tn i drank vodka in excess to pass out from anxiety and to sleep. This was so stupid of me. i now know i caused ilight>alcoholilight> ilight>poisoningilight> which i researched. it has been 4 months and i now have liver pain, loss of appetite, nausea,as of late, stomach has swelled. i'm exausted. The front part of my liver below breastbone always feels bruised like. When i first brought this to my Drs (Gastrointerologist) attention after stopping 4 months ago he did all the tests i asked for and all was good.
Avatar n tn we dont use drugs, we don't do the Hindu practice, we have no lesion so it can't be Morgellons Disease. But it ilight>doesilight> ilight>feelilight> ilight>likeilight> whatever it is doesn't come out in a colder weather. We had a better time over the winter, but then it came back when the weather warms up. Thanks!
Avatar m tn Your GP has been correct about everything she/he has said about liver disease. Cirrhosis vs temporary reversible liver damage. So that says something about their knowledge at least in this area. Twenty percent to 30% of the general population in the western world suffer from (NAFLD) non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. A form of fatty liver disease not caused by alcohol but with the same result of fatty build up in the liver.
503727 tn?1210442710 ilight>doesilight> anyone ever ilight>feelilight> ilight>likeilight> they are not there? ilight>likeilight> you respond to all your friends questions, normal conversation and all, but you feel like your head is spinning?
Avatar m tn in another thread, "yobuck" stated that he consumed an average of 4 light beers daily for four years and wondered if this was sufficient to have caused his neuropathy symptoms. He also asked, "How long does it take one to get alcohol neuropathy?" The response seemed to indicate that this was a sufficient amount and duration to cause his symptoms but a specific answer for the other question was not given.
Avatar f tn i would drink a liter of booze in a 24 hr period and drank myself into ilight>alcoholilight> ilight>poisoningilight> and yet another addiction. DON'T EVER DO THAT!!!! Anyway, i'm at a point that i just can't do it anymore. i'm afraid that if i don't start taking care of myself right now, i'm going to die before i hit 40 (i'm 34). On 4/26/2010 , i ran out of tramadol early... again. i found myself performing my usual tricks. i was pharmacy shopping.
Avatar n tn and i think even a few more ilight>likeilight> Butral) i am EXTREMELY FRiGHTENED to go back on one once again. i ilight>feelilight> ilight>likeilight> i'm back at square one all over again. no one has been able to help me at all. Bottom line is, i don't feel depressed, i just feel really fatiqued all the time and mostly sick to my stomach. i have been tested for just about everything including Chronic Fatique syndrome, Epstein bar, liver, kidney, etc.
Avatar n tn it feels unfair not being able to drink ilight>alcoholilight> anymore! Maybe its just ilight>whatilight> happens to people who ilight>likeilight> to drink when we get into our thirties! lol Good Luck.
Avatar n tn it ilight>doesilight> sound ilight>likeilight> the whey protein supplement is messing with your digestive symptom. You could have a food allergy to something in the supplements that your Gi system can't handle. Or, it could be contaminated with something that tests just didn't find. not everyone's digestion is the same. Something that worked for someone else will not automatically work for you. Once your gut is messed up that much, it can take a couple weeks, or even many weeks for it to heal.
Avatar n tn i get headaches, sore throat, swollen glands, exhaustion and ilight>whatilight> feels ilight>likeilight> a low-grade fever. My Dr. just shook is head when i said i ilight>feelilight> sick 12 to 24 hours after exercising. i'll try eating before i work out watching my water intake to see if that makes a difference. i already eat a good amount of yogurt. Please report back if you figure anything out.
Avatar m tn About 3 weeks ago i was having a lot of joint pain in the knees and ankles from running so i took three aspirin. The next day i didn't ilight>feelilight> ilight>likeilight> eating and got the dry heaves. Then all of a sudden my stomach felt full and i puked up about a quart of congealed blood and 2 hours later crapped about 2 cups of digested black blood. Dizzy, black spots, etc.. After the third day i was no longer passing blood. My life insurance is way higher than my med deductible ($10K) so i didn't go in.
Avatar f tn i feel edgy all the time i have lost interest in my daily activities and i ilight>feelilight> ilight>likeilight> i am numb and am trembling all the time... i often ilight>feelilight> ilight>likeilight> i am going crazy... guess i'm not alone... i came online in search of an answer to your very same question. i also have the fear that i am dying because of this very same feeling it really freaks me out...i am so scared too...i have gone to the ER many times...