What does a percocet 10 look like

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Avatar n tn sometimes it is good to reread what we wrote, because it does not always come out like we wanted it to. we sure are a sensitive lot. peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn I got home and I counted all My Pills and Wrote down exactly what i have and lets just say I feel Like such a Pill *****! I wonder what My kidneys and Liver look like? have I damaged them? I Know the percs have Acetametaphene 325Mg in each pill. What is the maxium a body can take before it is damaged? This is a long post I Know . Its all the thoughts that have been going through my head since I posted yesterday. This Message board is gonna be my new place I need all your help.
Avatar m tn I started out taking Morphine 30 mg 3 times a day, percocet 10/325 3 times a day and Valium 10 mg, After being on all that for 2 years the insurance company got a doctor to say I didn't need any pain medication and now they wont pay for any type of pain pill. I don't know how Liberty Mutual could get a doctor I never seen to say I don't need pain pills,but it's a workers comp thing to get out of paying any money out,but I have life time medical.
1764145 tn?1315979228 hey there just read your post and It was like reading a page from my past ones. I too was taking same meds just 10 to 15 a day no matter how many how high the miligrams its all ADDICTION...I too end of may first week of june of 2010 went cold turkey after almost 16 months of everyday use and almost died and I too after 21 days felt like crap, depressed, felt like my nerves were shot to H3LL ...
Avatar f tn Hi, im on day 10 detoxing from percocet. 8-12 10mgs pills a day. I tapered down and finally quit. Its the hardest thing ive ever done and it ***** bad for the first 5 days at least for me. Physically and mostly mentally now. Anyway, my runs stopped finally today...dont know if there gone for good but we will see? Anyway, hang in there..it gets better everyday. Im so gratefull I found this site....
Avatar m tn walking and fresh air really does help, you are not alone,keep posting, have a look at the health page on here ,there is some good things to take that will help you, its a bit quiet on here at weekend, but you will get help and encouragement.
Avatar n tn notmenow knows her stuff it is true you cannot call in a schedule two drug.....and it sounds like she is very close to a pharmacy..... I think she is calling in phoney scripts as well and is doing them by fraud...... She is an addict and if her drug using habit don't get her into hot water the fraud is going to get her nailed and into the judicial process.........
Avatar m tn My mom has fybro so I know the pain it can cause but I would look for alternative ways to deal with it. Pills are a downward cycle...how many people do you see post that they are happy to be on the pills...even the ones with severe pain they want off. If you have gone 5 days I wouldn't think of turning to the pills. Just my thoughts...
Avatar n tn I'm trying to find out, and withcout asking a Doctor, maybe someone in this forum can answer. Is Percocet 10/650 stronger than Lortba 10/650 ? What is the diffence between Oxycodone and Hydorcodone? If you know the answer please put a posting, these are presecribed to me for the pain of Migraines and I'd like to know which one is stronger for the pain.
1750887 tn?1313102891 I wish all of u the best I. Your own sobriety as well. Cause I know this is a *****! Md. Btw. What does imodium do for you? I've heard alot boutit...
Avatar n tn And alot of those people were or are still in the same boat I was in. I was up to taking anywhere between 10-20 percocet 10mg a day, depending on what I could get that day, I did quit for a few weeks, using saboxens, but I ended up in the same boat again. So this time, I am trying to do it by myself, I keep denying that it was a problem. Someone HELP!!!
Avatar n tn Thank you for all your advice, we talked this morning and she claimed she has only recently started snorting them. She still takes them orally as well, she said she started because one of her "new" friends who obviously likes to get high, turned her on to that. Sharing her pain pills is also a problem but what do you do when "friends" who like them know you have them.................. Just say no? LOL I get all that, it is tough.
Avatar f tn I'm hoping these morphine ER tabs don't make me too drowsey, if so I will need to go back to the Vicodin or Percocet. One more quick question, my Dr. says a 10 mg perc is the same as a 10 mg vicodin but the percs seem stronger to me. What's your opinion on that? Thanks again for the help.
Avatar m tn How much longer does this last? I feel like I am in a losing battle at times.
Avatar f tn I have all the other syptoms,I wont list them you know what they are. At first I took 20-25 a day/I used suboxone and cleaned up. Recently I find my self taking between 10 and 12 one weekend night. Here comes the withdrawl all over again. Not only did i drop this but marijuana, subboxone, xanax, and alchol,were all also dropped yesterday as well. Its day 2 and i barley made it through work. Will this last long, and will it get worse.Any help would be appreciated. I work 12 houra day.
216878 tn?1196041120 Now you see the control the percs had on you and i hope you see that YOU are now beating THem and in a few days you will better and things will clear up and you will look back to see what a great thing you are doing at this time by kicking them. just take it day by day..take hot baths and have hubby back run for ya =) those seemed to get me some relaxed. I feel for you..this isnt a walk in the park but weel worth the walk it is. good luck and im here if you need me k.
Avatar m tn A little physical activity. No matter how simple or how hard. Change your sheets. Walk around the block. Get your body moving and help those natural endorphins that have been laying dormant for so long start to kick back in. Nourish yourself. Not just liquids but protein. If you're not ready to chow down yet, Ensure Boost is my savior. I'm still taking it every morning because I was never a breakfast person preferring chasing my coffee with pills. You are doing so great!
Avatar f tn endometriosis is painful/for most it is not a 10 on the pain scale but uncomfortable for sure....I had it and didnt know what it was until they did surgery...I was eaten up with it but never even offered a pain pill for it previously? This was before my addiction for a neck issue that ended up causing me to have surgery for metal plates placed in my neck I am not sure your gyno is handling this correctly but if it is endometriosis, surgery will cure it or Depo-provera to stop your periods.
Avatar n tn if you stay on it than you really give yourself no shot what-so-ever, sorry I'm preaching it's just that I know we have all either gone through hell or are about to step into the fire and I just want to say instead of dreading it and fearing it lets all look at it as a small price to pay (allbit a very painful price) for what you deserve to have or want!
1510084 tn?1291828540 Or 4 nights.. What a test for you to walk into a place that's holding the very demon your fighting. Be proud of yourself. Be proud of how you're handling things.
Avatar f tn I do plan on drinking plenty of coffee to try and keep me moving, as I'm a manager at a fast food restaurant, my job is pretty strenuous and fast pace, I really don't have the time to sit down and relax, but I'm taking that is for the better. I'm a working a split shift today, 10-2, to pick my daughter from school, than 5-12am. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE GIVEN ME THEIR SUPPORT! I know I'm not completely out of the woods yet, but each day is getting better!
Avatar f tn I was really experiencing back pain and still do on a daily basis so I went to a back specialist and they prescribed me Percocet 10 mg 4 a day,I dont know if they make my problems worse or better? They do give me back injections but now I realize I have an addication,Im out of my meds and withdraweling badly how long do they last?
Avatar f tn Got to the point where I was taking 30 mgs twice a day, sometimes three times a day. Recently I went about 6 days taking between 10-30 mg/day. I am now almost 72 hours into withdrawals. I've got the hot/cold flashes, uncontrollable sneezes, extreme stomach pains. What can I expect? How long will this last?
Avatar f tn You can ease wds w/ the items on the list, but no matter what wds blow so expect to feel like crap for a while. There's no free lunch when it comes to wd. Anyone can get off opiates as you know. It's the STAYING off that's the work. You don't want to come back in another few months w/ the same problem. Once we addicts remove the drugs, we are left w/ our addict brains. There is a reason why you took 24 pills a day just to function. And you won't cure yourself w/ your own brain.
Avatar f tn bare with me. I have been taking percocet 10 for a little over a year now. It IS prescribed to me, but I no longer need it.I feel like its taking over my life. I live with my boyfriend who has no idea i even take it, he is against any drugs in general.. i am prescribed 120 a month, and find myself running out a week sometimes two before my next prescription. i go into panic mode and begin to look for them every and anywhere. My boyfriend noticed a drastic change in my mood.
Avatar n tn I am looking for advice on what to use when coming off percocet. I would really appreciate your help understanding what it out there to minimize the withdraw affects because I know is not very nice coming off this stuff and that is saying is nicely. There are a few medications I have researched and the one that looks promising is called suboxone. Again, any help or similar experiences would be greatly appreciated. Take care and thank you...
Avatar n tn I am trying to take only 10 percocet a day and survive. WHat does 10 percocet equate to in terms of ES vicodin? I am having some pretty nasty nausea at night and heart palpitations and nausea dizzyness. I have cut down overnight from 14 to 15 pills daily to 10 pills daily and it is causing me some of the nastiest withdrawal I have ever had yet from it. I think I tried to taper off to quick, but in the past I have never had to taper like this.
374225 tn?1269902862 It really does an amazing job for the pain so long as I'm sedentary. But with a healthy wife and 3 healthy kids plus a dog who can be sedentary. Plus I'm self-employed and to be honest sitting around just doesn't appeal. I want to live. So my GP has been giving me Oxycodone 10/325 for going on 2+ years. At first they worked okay and now I really try to avoid taking them to protect their effectiveness which seems to diminish every time I take it. She's written so that I can take up to 8 a day.
Avatar f tn I've got so much judgement from me taking these medications that it made me feel like a bad mommy, when I know I'm not.. Just remember you have to look out for yourself too! Baby will be ok. I can promise you that.. All these medications are, are Tylenol on steroids as the girl above said. You're doing the right thing by choosing to be pain free, I applaud you for that because in the end it benefits you and baby by being out of pain, less stress on baby!!
Avatar n tn I have 2 kids and I feel like when I take the percocet I am a better and more fun more. I like the buzz and like to do more fun things with them. I am really afraid that when I am clean I will not feel that same way. I guess I am just looking for some reassurance with all of this. Can I get through this? Can I deal with the aftermath? Please help me!