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Avatar f tn Sounds like you had a TIA with a residual effect unfortunately. My father had the same thing happen to him. All the best with OT.
Avatar n tn She has chronic edema in both lower legs, and is now using comp stockings, and has NOT been active or walking at all for more than that year. Does the impression #1 mean she's had a mini-stroke, or has MS, or that there is something progressive that's responsible for her heavy, weak leg/foot? Is there a treatment for what she has and if so, is this something that's worsen? HISTORY: Patient with slowly progressive leftsided weakness.
378112 tn?1199897215 If we keep her stress and blood pressure lower she does better. She refuses to have a shunt because according to her doctor there is a 40% chance success rate. I have a shunt myself, and was born with hydrocephalus. I can tell you that i dont even notice the shunt. After 27 years you forget you have it.
Avatar f tn I think it means since you have had a mini stroke(s) you are at risk for a stroke! TIA's temporarily interrupt the blood flow to certain parts of the brain but doesn't destroy brain cells or cause permanent damage. I would seek out advice from your PCP. If you are having any symptoms of a TIA go to ED immediately or call 911!!!!!!! I pray you never have a full blown stroke!! Take care!!!!
Avatar n tn Hence CTHead With/Without contrast - what does this mean. I cannot have an MRI which is what was wanted as I have a sacral nrve stimulator inside me. Ifthe worsse happens I will have to have this out, have the scan and then the stimulator put back. I really do not want. this. What could be causing the continual sensations I am having. I can control the arm and hand although it feels as if it is floating. I can also still carry anything that I was at the time of the attack.
Avatar f tn These FLAIR hyperintensities are strictly nonspecific but could reflect changes of small vessel ischemic changes. What does this mean? Should I schedule an appointment with a Stroke Neurologist? Does this show early signs of MS or any other disorder?
Avatar f tn Hi Udkas--it must be very frustrating to not know whether your neuro symptoms are caused by migraine, stroke, or MS, because they can mimic each other. What do you do in a situation like that? Hard to know. I've been discussing my theory with my (good new) PCP that my longtime dizziness is migraine-related. He does not seem convinced (but then neither am I--but still I can't stop wondering). Have you tried seeing a neurologist specializing in migraine?
Avatar n tn life is definitely not the same. so you had a stroke because of your pills? what kind of pills? how are you now? what kind of problems did this cause you? its nice to have someone to relate to. let me know.
Avatar n tn the doctors have said that it may turn into a ischaemic stroke. What does that mean???? I feel completly usless all i can think of doing is to pray for his recovery and comfort. Im not a strict church goer ut it's all i can think of. My girlfriend is understandably upset and i have know idea of what to say or do. she has asked me not to come up as she needs to deal with this with her family - which i completly understand and respect - but i feel that i should be helping in someway.
Avatar n tn A stroke secondary to carotid dissection is a loss of brain function due to a stroke caused by a tear in the lining of the carotid artery (a major artery in the neck which supplies blood to the front of the brain). I basically have no blood flow to my brain except through my vertebral arteries. My carotid arteries are almost completely closed.
Avatar n tn Every single meal she has eaten for the last 18 months has been logged by the aides, and we have a long list of exactly what she likes and does not like. I give her daily gentle massage,. but not with an electric massager. Do not use these as they can dislodge clots and cause a stroke. Also never massage the carotid arteries, as this may also cause a stroke. Every person is different and I have no answers for everything.
Avatar n tn I survived a stroke 2 and a half years ago at age 32, no cause discovered. I had 2 healthy pregnancies prior and have 2 precious daughters. I would also like to become pregnant, as my only "career goal" in my life was to mother and raise 3 or 4 children. I very much enjoyed being pregnant and don't really want to consider adoption. I can't seem to get any of my doctors to say if I it would be okay or not...
Avatar n tn Hi, I have been reading your posts, and my husband is currently on a trach, after his stroke 7 wks ago. Can you give me more info about what type of swallow test and trachea tests were done on him. My husband's right side is completely affected, and he too, can not really stick out his tongue when asked. Can your brother in law now stick out his tongue? My husband's stroke was also a bleed, deep in his brain. Thanks for any info you can supply. I am glad your brother in law is improving. Thanks.
1470343 tn?1316642224 Dear Mark, HELP!!! Undiagnosed for 23 years, suffering!! What does it mean when I have TPO Thyroid antibodies of 200 (Australian Lab)?? My TSH is 0.8 and dr states T3 & T4 are normal. I am losing my hair, eyebrows, eyelashes. I constantly feel unwell, suffer panic attacks, IBS, depression. Wake up feeling like I've been hit by a truck. Aches and pains in joints, puffy face especially my eye lids. Menstral problems. Food allergies.
Avatar n tn But, a good day means that he's pretty alert and can answer most questions, laugh at jokes, recognize people in pictures, etc. A bad day being he doesn't remember my mom's name, but he does recognize her. On good days, he has pretty good strength to stand up and walk with a walker. He has a tendency to fall backward though, so someone is always by his side. On bad days, he has no energy and can barely get out of bed let alone walk more than a few steps. He has been on Razedyne (sp?).
Avatar n tn I was certain I had cancer, a huge blood clot,mini strokes,was heading for a huge stroke(still worried about that one),a heart attack..I mean it's very scary. I wish I had an answer for everyone, but I keep seeing the same symptoms and nobody knows what the hell it is about. The best thing you can do is remain calm.
Avatar f tn HI..welcome to the Chiari forum. I am so sorry ur dr is giving u the royal chiari treatment...that is the fact that most drs do not have a clue and we the patient gets frustrated....u need to find a chiari specialist to get someone to take u and ur condition seriously. Were u in a MVA that u have a loss of ur cervical lordosis?....this can be helped with PT and massage, but be sure they know chiari and do not manipulate ur neck...
1318483 tn?1318350782 What a nightmare. I recently got into a neurologist here in Washington after waiting 3 months. The original doctor I saw wasn't even my regular PCP. I went in because my arms had been falling asleep while I was sleeping at night or even just doing regular everyday things. I feel as if the first Doc sent me to the neuro just to get me out of the office. They both just focused mainly on my arms. I feel like they could see past just that.
451975 tn?1372332199 I even went to John Hopkins Hospital for testing. Finally, I had a brain MRI that showed that I'd had a stroke. I was sent to a Neurologist who, fortunately for me, knew exactly what was going on when he looked at my brain MRI. He looked at me and said, "you should be dead, we usually see this on autopsy". I was stunned! He asked how it happened. I told him that I had been in police training where I got my neck jerked and was hit in the head at the same time.
Avatar f tn The fact that Im sitting here, posting a comment on a stroke survivor page speaks volumes of what is, and of what could had been. Will I ever be back to 100%....no most likly not. However, I am leaps and bounds beyond my starting point, and even if I didnt improve at all, I still gave my recovery my best...refused to give up. no matter what. A lot of those days weren't pretty, stuck up on a physical or mental plateau but thats life right? Make the best out of what you've got!
147426 tn?1317269232 Yes, I selected my own therapy. What I learned from the medical studies does not agree with your doc's Black and White asessment of the side effect profiles. Also a big deciding factor for me was the incidence of developing neutralizing antibodies against each of the drugs and the implication that had for further options if the one you are on quits being effective. In the end, I'm not sure it will matter for me.
147426 tn?1317269232 Very few use the Poser scale today. I agree as to being a stranger in a strange land,its a learning process as to what is a MS symptom and what is attributed to something else.Heck I didn't know the UTI is attributed to my MS,heck I hadn't had a UTI for 20 years prior to this last one. Learning when to call your neuro or especially when to go to the ER,because one side is paralized.That was my March attack.I waited it out maybe to long(had to see son's wrestling meet)last one of the season.
1570981 tn?1295834955 Below I have cut and pasted a brief paper by Dr.Sharma regarding the similarities of panic and heart attacks. Please keep in mind that almost all of us who suffer with anxiety or panic attacks believe we are having heart attacks. In my 50+ years of living with panic, I'd guess that I've had no fewer than 400 heart attacks! I very recently had my cardiac enzymes checked and I have NEVER had a heart attack.
Avatar n tn I had a stroke when I was 24 (pretty massive one, left side of brain, and a few TIAs(mini-strokes) afterwards, and am 29 now. A long latency period between stroke and the on set of post-stroke pain snydrome threw myself and family and my local hospital for a loop. There is very little information about this syndrome. The doctors here looked at me as a "drug-seeker" when Id show up to the ER with 8-10 pain levels and no visable physical damage to the areas I was in pain in.
97676 tn?1340408973 I take a childrens vitamin and mineral way less expensive and does what it is supposed to take an extra vitamin d and natural calm by peter gillham is a lifesaver the stuff really worked go to ebay or choicenutritionals.com to get it at a great price this stuff is better than taking any pill and is natural.Please don't waste your money on those things if you ever take advice take this you have the power to change your life it is all up to you.
Avatar n tn In December 2010 I had what I thought symptoms of a stroke. My vision was distorted, light headed and a tingling on my left side. My husband drove me directly to the ER where every test under the sun was performed (CT, CTA, MRI, MRA). Said it might have been a TIA or brain seisure. All tests were negative, but was admitted for further review. While there an ECO cardiagram showed a growth on my mitral valve, possibly due to an infected tooth I had a few months prior to.
476834 tn?1228402309 The 2nd Nuro (1st wouldn't even look into it) did some tests came out fine now he is sending me to some Neuro's downtown to try to determine if it was a mini stroke or possibly MS. It sounds like you are already seeing a doctor so I am sure they are trying to find the answers for you. I have the same worried feeling as you do but I try (not easy) to worry about it. I just turned 40 in March.
Avatar n tn Sometime that night or early Sunday morning she seems to have lost the ability to function. The neurologist told us today that he thinks either she had a series of mini strokes or lack of oxygen has caused brain damage. I believe another ekg (?) will be performed again on Tues 27th. When you say her name or talk to her, she opens her eyes but isn't there....... Can anyone enlighten me or give me some sort of explanation or anything?? Thanks and I wish our situation on no one.....
Avatar n tn In short, what should we be looking for, what should we expect and what does it all mean? My mother has gone to some pains to have a healthy middle age and now it seems that she is being confronted with something we cannot combat or control. Thank you for your time. If yoy need more info I sure I can get another copy of the missing echocardiogram results for more specifics.