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Avatar n tn THERE IS NO WAY TO DIAGNOSE YOU WITHOUT AN EXAMINATION BY A DOCTOR. What do you mean by a lump? Do you mean swollen ankles? When you press there with your finger does it leave an indention there? This could be many things from water imbalance, heart problems causing edema, diabetes causing burning in feet, neurological, bone injury. It is impossible to know without testing and examination by a doctor. ONLY A DOCTOR CAN DIAGNOSE YOU.
Avatar n tn usually when my feet and ankles swell its from retaining water.
1293887 tn?1332706447 I was just wandering if I can't see my ankles being those round balls on the side of your feet, does that mean my feet are swollen. I only just noticed it today and I really hope I am not swelling because I haven't had it with my other kiddies. I will take a picture and try and load it up. How can I make the swelling go down??
1392168 tn?1280078008 My doctors thought I had the first signs of heart failure because my ankles/feet were swollen. Thankfully that wasn't the problem. They were so swollen I couldn't put my special compression support hose over them. I had to go without for several months. My doctors kept giving me water pills to decrease the swelling but they didn't work. I had those two conditions at once and that confused the doctors.
214607 tn?1287681159 Before it happened once and a while, but now its more of everyday. What can I do to stop this? Does this mean I am going to deliver early? Is this a bad thing? My dr says to check my blood pressure if I can or I have to go in. He said to elavate my feet and drink water..
Avatar f tn Anyone have severe puffiness around feet and ankles? I mean standing up all day is not a great idea for anyone but this was painful. just wondered about liver function and dependent edema.
205230 tn?1237408793 I am going to see the my doc. on Monday for my blood test. Any idea what that is for and what does it look for? Also do you know anyone who had great quality eggs graded 1 and did not get pregnant. That is the only thing I really have going for me I think is that all the eggs they retrieved were all grade1 quality eggs, but Im curious what other peoples experience has been with grade 1 quality eggs transferred and their success rates, any idea?
Avatar f tn My ankles and calves have been swollen every day and my heart rate has been between 125-135 at rest. This has been going on for a few weeks. A couple of days ago, I went to see my GP to check on a case of Shingles, which I've had for about 3 weeks. He was very concerned about my fast heart rate and ankles. I was also having quite a bit of trouble breathing (I do have severe asthma and spent 10 days in the hospital last month with asthmatic/bronchitis.).
214607 tn?1287681159 Is this normal? What do I do to stop it and should I call my dr? I am getting nervous as they are getting worse, so can someone please let me know more about this. I didn't have this with my first.
Avatar f tn The potassium makes me drink tons of water, I don't take it everyday as prescribed as I've been swelling for a long time and I have to make too many pit stops, if you know what I mean. My doctor said at my age sometimes ppl retain sodium, although this is definitely connected to my HepC. Could be your hubs Gastro wasn't alarmed b/c alot of ppl have swelling of their ankles. At least that's what my old doctor from the methadone clinic says.
287246 tn?1318573663 Anyway, yesterday I noticed a lot of swelling in my feet and ankles. I mean, they look like I'm 80 years old!!! I know that some swelling at this point and in this hot Texas summer can be very normal. It's never happened to me before delivery. With 2, I have had some after delivery but not before. I try elevating my feet as much as I can but it's hard with so many kids to take care of. I still have things that have to be done.
Avatar n tn My ankles and feet were swollen alot, because I had alot of fluid retention due to liver damage. I doubt you have the extent of damage I have, but suggest you cut out all salt, and maybe talk to your doc about a water pill that leaves the potassium in your system. The one I took was Aldactate. LOL means laugh out loud or laugh on line, whichever you prefer. Good luck to you.
652671 tn?1353715765 I was wondering if anyone else had severe swelling and still had to work, and what you did to relieve a little of it. It's pretty bad, I mean, it looks like both of my ankles are broken. any advice??
Avatar f tn I had swelling last night just outta the blue. I have never seen my ankles/feet look like this other than when I was in labor with my first son. i looked like I was smuggling a baseball where my ankle bone is SUPPOSED to be sticking out. i felt like my face was swollen more than usual...i had a headache off and on but didnt think anything of it because it wasnt really bad....Is this just water retention?? Call the doctor?
Avatar f tn I will definitely discuss all your points with my dr. Thanks. My ankles stay swollen and painful 24/7, lasix did nothing. Have you heard of arnica?
Avatar f tn I think I have a bad thyroid. My hair comes out in handfuls, my skin is very dry no matter what I do. My skin will crack open without bleeding for no reason. I am way past exhausted no matter how much I sleep. If I sit down for more then a few minutes I will fall asleep. My mom also had both arteries in her neck done as they were blocked. If I try to reach above my head when I am standing I start to pass out.
Avatar n tn on june 22nd , 2010 i did a routine urine test with fever where albumin was "TRACE" on july 10th i did a routine urine test where albumin was "NIL" on july 26th i did a routine urine test where albumin was "FAINT". I have to travel for atleast 1hour to my destination & at the end of the day my ankles are swollen which gradually disappear after rest. on august 28th i woke up in the morning to find my feet,ankles, face & palms swollen.
Avatar f tn Also, most recently I have been having arthritis in my ankles and my left ankle was a little swollen at the joint. I am just not sure what I should do at this point. I feel as though maybe I should see another rheumatologist for a second opinion. Everything that I have had is almost the exact same way that my sister had it when she was originally diagnosed. I am 26 and I know that many of the things that have happened and that I have had are not normal. I am just looking for suggestions.
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor because my feet and ankles are very swollen, especially the left ones. I also had concerns about the fact that I have real bad fatigue. These symptoms have never happen to me before. My doctoe was too busy and concentrated on a whole other problem and said she only had time for one issue. I did, however, tell her my symptoms anyway and she was very unconcerned and wants to send me for a sleep test. She did no tests and didnt even look at my ankles and feet.
Avatar f tn Sorry - I just realized I had forgotten about the inflammation on your spine. I didn't mean to dismiss that. I do also have DDD - so than can be a separate dx. I certainly don't mean you shouldn't investigate it though.
Avatar n tn what do these symptoms sound like? Could they mean ALS? Could the twitching be related to my autoimmune hypothyroidism? What may the high IGG count suggest? What would be a reasonable next step to take if the emg and ncs are normal but the symptoms persist? I would really appreciate your feedback.
Avatar m tn Also good that you are close to finishing. I did not have swollen ankles but have had that metallic taste just about the entire tx. Knew it was related to anemia and also to excess stomach acid but never considered it a big deal really. Tough to find a balance in terms of reacting to sides - thats what makes this such a rough trip.
Avatar f tn My feet & ankles are swollen, hot and reddish color. I have high blood pressure, lupus, asthma, back problems, diabetic, fibromyalgia, and Padgett disease, an enlarged heart, and enlarged thymus gland. I've been waking up in the middle of the night with leg cramps, tremors, shortness of breath and my hair & night gown soaked from sweat. Please advise what could be happening? My doctor sent me to the hospital. They did blood test, x rays, cat scan with injected dye, Doppler tests.
Avatar n tn I felt lousy for about two years, then fine for about 5, and now for the last year I feel lousy again. What I mean by lousy is, I often experience shortness of breath, and a "heaviness" I guess you could call it in my chest. When I feel poorly, its as though I can feel my heart sitting in my chest, and often I feel as though I need to belch or something to relieve pressure. Isn't that odd?
Avatar n tn I felt lousy for about two years, then fine for about 5, and now for the last year I feel lousy again. What I mean by lousy is, I often experience shortness of breath, and a "heaviness" I guess you could call it in my chest. When I feel poorly, its as though I can feel my heart sitting in my chest, and often I feel as though I need to belch or something to relieve pressure. Isn't that odd?
Avatar f tn My father has this prob also. His stomech has been swollen and looking easily. i want to know what i should do?? I am worries about that?? mr.
Avatar n tn Yeah, here too. I've had this problem for years, except the past few years it's gotten a lot worse. I use to be able to wear tang tops sleeveless tops at least. I would cover my embarrassing excuse for legs but at least I was proud to reveal my flawless smooth tanned skinned arms and whatever else I could show off without getting ticketed for public indecent exposure.
Avatar n tn The tops of my feet are raised up swollen and my ankles and calves are swollen severely. Needless to say they hurt like crazy. I became very worried about the swelling as everyone was telling me there were serious reasons feet and legs can swell, so I finally decided to go to the ER and find out what was going on.
Avatar f tn I mean eating not reading hehe